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King Philip Regional High School 

201 Franklin St. 

Wrentham, Ma 02093 

(508) 384-1000 

Vol. 34 

Enrollment — 822 

♦ m 

Photo by: Joe Geoff r 

■ ♦ 

♦ ft 


ft>£ X08 Od 

* avoynvaNVboti 

This is our yearbook, a great yearbook. It has a hard cover and 
212 pages. Inside we have crammed pictures and words we hope will 
forever capture the Class of 1991 in its senior year of glory. 

It would be ridiculous to hope that all of our pictures and words 
could together preserve more than part of our senior year. Twenty 
years from now our fashions will be dated and our names unfamiliar; 
even our legacy will fade, if we let it. 

When we leave King Philip High School, we must not leave the 
Class of 1991. After all this is our class, and our book. 

— Enjoy the yearbook! 


— 10 

Student Life 

— 60 


— 78 



Clubs & Activities 







Are you really photographers from Playgirl? 

Can you see the resemblance? 

Superfriends in the Hall of Justice 

Hey guys, don't you wish you were me! 

4 Candids 

Don't doubt us, we've got the winning smiles 


C'mon baby! let's do the twist. 


A face only a mother could love. 


In desperate need of Nair. 

Diane Nelson 



"Aren't we cute!!", Leah Calleaux and Kristie Lucas 

"Hey! What are you lookin' at?" Nina Hallet 


Brian Atkinson, Kim Hamwey 



'Eat your heart out!" Ali Caiazza 


12 Seniors 

39 Superlatives 

45 Baby Pictures 

49 Candids 

50 Prophecy 
54 History 
56 Will 

58 Signatures 

■ 11 '^ 



T ' A . •*■ , , ^ .. * • 

^ •'«--, ,»„.*..» .<-.,* 


% # - 

• -r 

-*»<* j ■*•- '•»'" ~ 


v- ».-.•■., - 

' " 

I ^ 


' 4 

■ * • ♦ ♦ • * ♦ 

♦ ♦ • ♦ * • .♦. ♦ ♦ 

" - * • * * ■ t. ♦ 

•♦*."♦. ♦:*•♦ _♦ ♦ 



Keri Lynne Alsworth 


31 Broad St., Plainville 

LIKES: Matt, 2:30, OJ, red, KOA, 
yellow roses, camper, romance, being 
protected by big bro. DISLIKES: Fights, 
mud and the big log, being pushed across 
RT 1, GB beach. FAVORITE MEM- 
ORY: Apr. 28, Cape Cod, May 18, 1990, 
2/17/90, Aug 9, FP foot steps, 9/16/90, 
my pink rose. FOUND: With MK, ME, 
Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Cheer 3,4; Soc 
2,3,4. AMBITION: Simply to be happy. 
Matt." OTHER: Thanx M & D, MK. 
Good luck to everyone. Never 4-get! 

Braden Andrews 

Dr., Hands 
1766 West St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Baseball, most sports, motor- 
cycles. DISLIKES: R.I. drivers, slow 
drivers. FAVORITE MEMORY: Work 
summer of '90. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 
1,2,3,4. FOUND: Under the hood or on 
the playing field. AMBITION: Prove the 
doubters wrong, and enjoy life. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: "Hit it to heaven". 

Lisa Aniserswicz 
11 Walnut St., Plainville 

LIKES: The beach, Stevie Nicks, week- 
ends, good friends. DISLIKES: Fake 
people, having no money, cliques. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Summer of '90, all 
the good times with friends, 3/10/90, II 
14/90. FOUND: Hanging around or at 
the Pineapple Inn. AMBITION: To get a 
good job, own a horse, and live a happy 
way!", "I'm only kidding!" OTHER: 
Good luck to D.R. , L.H. , R.J. , and A.K. 
Thanks for the memories guys — luv ya! 

Christopher L. Arado 

Chris, Grit 
5 StandishRd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Speed boats, A.T.V.s, getting 
even, Mustangs, water sports, getting 
away, money, no rules. DISLIKES: No 
money, blue lights, smiling, cops, 
crashin', working, snobs, Monday, get- 
ting caught, laws. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer '90, Raz's math 
class, Senior year! FOUND: Boating, 
driving an A.T.V. on the FL. beaches. 
AMBITION: To be a millionaire by the 
time I'm 20, and live on a boat with my 
wife and 4 kids. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"I don't know?", "Are we being fol- 
lowed?" OTHER: Thanks Mom and 
Dad. Good luck class of '91. 

Andrew Arnold 

Rug, Rugrat 
343 East St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Baseball hats, skiing, rubarb, 
cellulite. DISLIKES: Questions, Senior 
profile packets. FAVORITE MEM- 
ORY: Trips w/Unter and Rick, Prom 
night '90. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 
1,2,3,4; basketball 1; football 1,2,3,4. 
FOUND: On the floor. AWARDS: Var- 
sity letter and jacket, captain baseball. 
AMBITION: To be ruler of the world. 
. . . nooo!" "Jeeperscrow", "Sing it to 
me". OTHER: Thanks Jenny Palos for 
filling this out! 



Brian Joseph Atkinson 

Chet, Chetimal, Overachiever 
8 RidgefieldRd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Kim, overachievers, Mai van, 
winning. DISLIKES: Hopedale cops, 
herniated discs, hypocrites. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Prom '90, 2/15/88, Mai van, 
the Boat, Mans. win. ACTIVITIES: 
Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; 
HNS 3,4. FOUND: With Kim. 
AWARDS: Varsity letters and jacket. 
AMBITION: To not get another herniat- 
ed disc. FAVORITE SAYING: ' It's not 
like I just had back surgery". OTHER: 
Thanx to everyone for the great mem- 

Sarah Austin 

Archer St., Wrentham 

Heather Baker 

39 Mirror Lake Av., Norfolk 

LIKES: Weekends, shopping, pp, being 
w/friends. DISLIKES: No $, flat tires, 
sprints, pool hoppin, the smell. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: KOA "151", Prom 
'89, Fla. w/TG, the Dead, April vac. 
L.C.'s. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1,2,3,4; 
Softball 1,2,3,4; DECA, Pres. 4. 
FOUND: On the floor. AWARDS: Un- 
sung hero soccer; Varsity letter and 
jacket. AMBITION: Stay awake 5th 
period, and meet Mr. Right. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "I've fallen and I can't get 
up.", "Hey chicky-Mama!", "Dude." 
BB, — I luv you guys! 





\ jkvy 



Greg Banks 

563 Dedham St., Wrentham 

Joan Barry 
165 West Bacon St., Plainville 

John Beaulieu 
57 Haig Av., Seekonk 

Abby Bender 

Ab, Abbs, Abster, Abskies 
434 East St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Large green vehicles, fire, free- 
dom, music, happy socks, children, 
sincerity, a stage. DISLIKES: Scream- 
ing, toilets, bigotry, the pox, wasted edu- 
cation, boundaries. FAVORITE MEM- 
ORY: AOK 151, The Cure '89, inter- 
national relations, sun splash. FOUND: 
Still searching in a padded room and a 
thousand blank sheets. AMBITION: To 
find and abolish all boundaries. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: Never took one lesson. 
OTHER: Thanks family and all you other 
good people out there, have the courage to 
stick out your tongue, to change, and then 
to fly. 

Kirk Bogardus 
332 South St., Wrentham 

.IKES: Running. DISLIKES: Foxboro. 
iCTIVITIES: Cross country 2,3,4; win- 
:r and spring track 2,3,4. FOUND: In 
le group (posse). AWARDS: Cross- 
ountry-champs. AMBITION: To be 
ich. FAVORITE SAYING: "Oh Yea!" 

Daniel D. Boone 

Boona, Kahuna 
229 Main St., Norfolk 

LIKES: MX-racing, JB's-PD's, The 
Dice man. DISLIKES: Iraq, makin' 
weight, losing, hypocrites. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Partying in the Nuch and Mai 
vans. ACTIVITIES: Wrestling 2,3,4 
Capt. 3,4. FOUND: At the races. 
AWARDS: Jacket and letter, MVP, Sun 
Chron. all-star. AMBITION: To become 
an engineer. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"No, it's a mirage!", "Andale!" 
OTHER: Good luck to the posse' of '91 . 

Karolyn Marie Bourne 
44 Woodland Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Paul, laughing, PP, gymn., 
Friends, DEC A, "shopping" w/Taraand 
Knuts. DISLIKES: Skin, being aimless, 
goodbyes, broken china, work. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: 7/3/90, Newport w/ 
Paul, Summer '89, Seaton Hall w.DG. 
ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4 
(Capt.); DECA 3,4; yrbk 1,2. FOUND: 
Not at Wool worths. AWARDS: 1st at 
DECA Dist., varsity letter and jacket. 
AMBITION: To have a fun and happy 
life. FAVORITE SAYING: "I don't 
know and I don't care." OTHER: Thanx 
PW, TG, JS, TP, KH, SG, MC, Mom — 
I luv u guys! 

Veronica M. Boyle 

Vern, VB, Verno 
2 Blueberry Ln., Norfolk 

LIKES: Winning, omens, going out w/ 
friends, roll and pickles. DISLIKES: 
Mushrooms, curfews, LM's feet, fight- 
ing. FAVORITE MEMORY: "Girl's 
night out", Cape Code, lunch crew, 
summer '90. ACTIVITIES: Field 
hockey 2,3,4; gymn. 1; track 2; tennis 
1,2,3&4 (capt.); yrbk 3,4; SADD 
1,2,3,4; WKPH 4. FOUND: W/ the 
gang, eating. AWARDS: Varsity letter, 
jacket, tennis capt. (3&4). AMBITION: 
To succeed in college and have a life full 
of adventure. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"I'm so hungry!", "You would not be- 
lieve it." OTHER: Good luck to CM. 
CN, LM, NM, JC. Thanks Mom and Dad 
— I love you. 



Karl Bremilst 

84 North St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Hockey, AMX, javelin. DIS- 
LIKES: School, history, snobs. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Lunch, hanging 
out with the guys. ACTIVITIES: Peer- 
leadership 1,2,3,4; SADD; VICA 
1,2,3,4. AMBITION: To be the best I 
can be. 

John Brennick 

3 State St., Plainville 

LIKES: Good times, Pink Floyd, AMP. 
MEMORY: Slugs, Vocational, 7/25/90, 
9/90. FOUND: Blacktracks. AMBI- 
TION: To own an electrical business. 

Amanda Elizabeth Brown 

Browner, Amy, Brownie, Ames, 


296 Bennett St., Wrentham 

LIKES: JM, anchovies, uniqueness, 
children, food. DISLIKES: Materialism, 
selfishness, phone bills. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Florida '88, freshman yr., 
times w/TN, 8/8/90. FOUND: At work, 
w/JM, driving my wally wagon, eating. 
AWARDS: Rookie of the year '86, states 
Hist. Day, NESBA champs '88, Hock, 
champt, X-Country '89. AMBITION: 
To marry the man of my dreams and be- 
come a teacher. FAVORITE SAYING: 
' ' Ya whatever. ' ' OTHER: Love to Mom, 
Dad, John, JM, a special thanks to Mrs. 
D. Tower and good luck to all my friends. 

Robert Buchanan 

131 Boardman St., Norfolk 

LIKES: good music, fast cars. D/S-j 
LIKES: boring classes. FAVORITE\ 
MEMORY: First bought a car. FOUND: I 
Around home, going to trade school. 
AMBITION: To be a Mechanic. 

Thomas Buckley 


42 Rock wood Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Hockey, winning, weekends. 
DISLIKES: Early practice, losing, get- 
ting caught. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
JB's PD's, Whalom Park day 5/90. AC- 
TIVITIES: Hockey 1,2,3,4. 

Mike Burns 
157 Beech St., Wrentham 

Alison F. Caiazza 

Ali, Al, Ollie, Glenny 
36 Ridge Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: True love, summer, CC, orange, 
hats, beach at mid., 4X1, Cape, green 
eyes, Jed notes, Rio, B.E.G., Pooh 
Corner. DISLIKES: LGP, numbers, the 
end moods, cheesy art, politics. FAV. 
MEMORY: KOA151, CC '90, Cure '89, 
Sun. Riv, Russian spy, JV hock. Meet 
'88, Marco Isl., Les Mis, LTD concerts. 
ACTIVITIES: Track — capt. , Cheering, 
Art C, PromCom, sachem-c. artED., 
amnes., unicef, St.Cl.-c. sec, Pr Lr., 
drama C. FOUND: Daydreaming. 
AWARDS: Var. Jack&pins, Girls State, 
NHD. AMBITION: To find my Wesley 
& be happy. FAV. SAYING: ' 'With eyes 
like the sea after a storm ..." OTHER: 
Thank you guys, I'll never forget. 

Leah Calleaux 

LC, Biscuit, Lee 

LIKES: Good X's w/good friends, party- 
in w/the gang, OB. DISLIKES: Mud, 
Superplace, 9/87 w/AN, The TAB on. 
Dumer '90 w/ the Band, B-52's, AB's, 
Micasa, pool hoppin. ACTIVITIES: \ 
Gymnastics 2,4. FOUND: Barefoot w/ 
KL, OB, in the Vette, Sunoco, w/ my 
buds. AWARDS: MVP, All-star. 
AMBITION: Make it happily through 
"Dennnny!" OTHER: M + D, DI, and 
all who believe in me. 



James M. Campbell 

Soup, Soupy 

145 Eastside Rd., Wrentham 

JKES: Graduation, sports. DISLIKES: 
•lew Kids on The Block, Physics, Tri- 
>oro. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer 
90. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2,3; Peer- 
eadership 2,3,4. FOUND: Hangin' with 
he Posse. AWARDS: Boys State 2nd in 
tate Hist. day. AMBITION: To live a 
ong, happy life. FAVORITE SAYING: 
'What color's the sky in your world?" 

Michael Christopher Carr 

Mike, Mickey Voiture 
655 Madison St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Billiards, TV. DISLIKES: 

Snobs, chauvinists, getting up at 6 a.m. 
year, Whalom park Mav '90. AC- 
TIVITIES: Peer leadership 1,2,3,4; 
video club 1 ,2,3,4; S.I.C. 2,3; News line 
producer 4. AMBITION: To make my 
way through the world of television pro- 
duction. OTHER: Good luck class 

Joanna Carter 

Jo, Jolse 
55 Desert Brook Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Jamie, sports, Cape, chocolate, 
laughing, having fun. DISLIKES: RC's 
hand shakes, rain, feet, losing, grouches. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Dry bowling, 
4/20/90, summer 89-90. ACTIVITIES: 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Soft 1,2; tennis 3; peer 
leader 2,3,4. FOUND: Eating w/Jenny, 
Kim and Kelly. AWARDS: Fresh Semi 
Court, varsity letter and jacket, Home- 
coming court '90. AMBITION: The find 
Jen a job, to prove to Kevin that it's purple 
and not varsity, and to be happy in life. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "That's wicked 
awesome". OTHER: Thanx Mom, Dad, 
and all my friends — I love you! 

Richard A. Castelo 

Rick, Young Boy 
47 George St. , Plainville 

IKES: #23, the Clan, turtles, JC's 
ana. OJ parties. DISLIKES: Rug and 
i-ball. TM's driving, quotes, liars, SL's 
ar whispers, HO's. FAVORITE 
1 EMORY: Europe w/ DC, CC, trips 
ith Unter and Rug, Mai van, Florida '90 
fCH ACTIVITIES: Basketball l ; foot- 
all 2. FOUND: A swamp. AMBI- 
ION: To prove to Jen that RAF is the 
est. FAVORITE SAYING: "What's up 
ude?", "No, we were just sitting there 
id uh . . . " OTHER: Thanks Mom and 
•ad, Dan. 

Rick Chamberlain 

5 OlerleaRd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Hanging out w/ Vic, Dave, JH, 
BG, VB, CM. DISLIKES: Dave's driv- 
ing, posers, potatoes from a box. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Slamming into 
vans with Dave's Volvo. ACTIVITIES: 
Skating, dancing. FOUND: On the 
phone telling Dave it can't drive him. 
AMBITION: To progress and success in 
anything I do, as far as I can. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Woko Say Chow". 
OTHER: Dave, You'll get your $70 
bucks, I swear! 

Jason Chianca 
200 Walnut Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Parties, women. Guns 'n' Roses, 
weekends, friends. DISLIKES: Sen. 
Skip day at station, football camp, in- 
house. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ski trip 
'89, Toronto '90 w/AH, MU, BT, FR, 
'91 trip. ACTIVITIES: Football 1,4; 
DECA 3,4; tennis 4; FOUND: Eastside 
Rd . , or at a party . A WARDS: Varsity let- 
ter and jacket, DECA cert. AMBITION: 
To enjoy life. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"That's cool" OTHER: Thanks Mom 
and Dad. Good luck FR, MU, BT, TL, 
MV, MC. 

Gina Louise Casamenti 


17 Colonial Way, Plainville 

LIKES: AL, laughin', rain, blue eyes, 
bears, classic rock, green partyin', road 
trips, feet. DISLIKES: D.F.'s curbs, 
pigs, fighting, tears, mops. FAV. 
MEMORY: The Dead + 3-day itch w/ 
Sarah '90 running w/ F.R., V2 days w/ 
S.G., D.F., S.A., frosh gym class. AC- 
TIVITIES: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,3. 
FOUND: "Carryin on" w/ Sarah in CID, 
lookin' for a party. AWARDS: Varsity 
letters and jacket. AMBITION: To travel 
the world w/ the man of my dreams. 
FAV. SAYING: "Hey Frankie, ya 
wanna run?" OTHER: To my 3-best 
buddies — it wasn't wasted time. Thanx 
M & D — I love you. 

Dennis M. Collins 

Dee, Stich, Beaker 
8 Park Av., Plainville 

LIKES: Sand, "yes", rap. Jolt, SF. 
49ers, cool ray, 1 boats. DISLIKES: 
Sudam Hussein, New Kids, goons. FA- 
J. A., study '89-90, rental car w/ S.G., 
J.E. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 3,4; Basket- 
ball 3,4. FOUND: Taco Bell w/John, 
Scott, Brian, Jeff and Tom. AMBITION: 
To find my hat! FAVORITE SAYING: 
" 'Yes', I just might". "Ycahwhoo". 
OTHER: Good luck: TC. BG, JD, AC, 
MJ, DM, JP, Pops JA, BW. 

Seniors H 

Keith Eric Collins 

155 Winter St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Chevy s, graphic arts, Stacie, 
Led Zep. DISLIKES: Fords, red lights, 
rap, homework. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer 1990 with B.R., 
S.E., D.P., K.P., S.S. and C.C. 
FOUND: At work, sleeping, or out. 
AMBITION: To become successful in 
Graphic Arts. 

Keith Conley 

Wafer, Paco 
35 King James Way, Wrentham 

LIKES: WBRU, Oakley, driving the 
B200,000, doritos. DISLIKES: Speed- 
ing tickets, socks, no money, feet. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Summer '90 w/ 
SW, BS, MV, TH, GH, PT, TT. Prom w/ 
SW. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1 ,2,3; spring 
track 1; DECA 3,4. FOUND: In the 
B200,000, with Sandy, at Hotel Bill with 
M.V. and B.S. AWARDS: DECA state 
winner. AMBITION: To live on a boat in 
"Poopsie", "Sure", "Ya whatever". 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad and Sandy 
for everything you've done, I love you 

Craig Connolly 
103LelandRd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Hockey, Aerosmith, weekends, 
having money. DISLIKES: Not having 
money or gas, PD's attitude, morning 
hockey practices, working. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Weekends with AS, TB, JS, 
1,3,4. FOUND: At Sloper's house or 
driving. AMBITION: To live life to it's 
fullest. FAVORITE SAYING: "Who 
has gas money?" 

Manuel R. Costa 

17 Priscilla Ave., Norfolk 

LIKES: Gail, HD1, Taking walks, NH 
DMB. DISLIKES: Tara's moot 
changes, making decisions, Thorp, look 
ing for Nintendo games in closets. FA 
VORITE MEMORY: Prom '90, Easte 
'90, 2/15/90, Air6, WWI w/GH 
FOUND: With Gail. AWARDS: Varsif 
letter and jacket. AMBITION: To bf 
happy. OTHER: Thanks Gail, Mr. an« 
Mrs. G. 

Heather Coulsey 

Carrie Ann Crehan 

Ca, C hooch 
180 West St., Wrentham 

LIKES: JA, chatter, pizza, art, warm 
spring days, T. DISLIKES: Riding, 
focus, roses, purple wagons, boots, video 
stores, waiting at the station, cold. AC- 
TIVITIES: Color guard 3, 4 (captain); 
yrbk 4; riding. FOUND: At the stable or 
the station. AWARDS: History Day, 
DMA. AMBITION: To get through col- 
lege alive. FAVORITE SAYING: "I 
don't know, ask Heatha!" OTHER: 
Thanks JA, MA, BH, AB, HC, JV, JK, 
KD, for helping me out. Good luck '91. 

Jennifer Cress 

418 South St., Plainville 

LIKES: Dancing, food, Rap, sociables, 
positive people, Steve. DISLIKES: 
Seafood, fake people, being sick, slow 
drivers. FAVORITE MEMORY: Lunch 
crew, IH w/VB & CN, Summer '90 w/ 
JH, 5/24 w/Steve, Jen and ? AC- 
TIVITIES: Yearbook 4; volleyball 1; 
Freshman group, gym., dance. FOUND: 
In Rosl. Boston @ Conley w/Steve, jam- 
ming. AWARDS: Dance scholarship. 
AMBITION: Prove dad wrong — be- 
come successful in what I want to do. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "I'm clueless", 
"Don't be disin' me", "My belly is 
hurted" OTHER: Thanx Mom, Dad, 
Time, friends — Love you, Steve — XO 
4 eva! 

Heidi Michelle Curtis 

10 Daisy Drive, Norfolk 

LIKES: O.S., ketchup, cats, X-mas, The 
South, T. Bears. DISLIKES: Bees& 
wasps, winter, left wingers. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Max, N.E. Champions '88 
long stemmed, roses. ACTIVITIES: P 
2-4; tennis & band 1-4; NHS & Yrbk 3,4 
Mod. Sen. FOUND: country road 
AWARDS: PSAT commend Ten-Mos 
IMP, Var. letters, NHD. AMBITION: 
To work for the CIA, to travel to England 
& Scotland to trace my roots. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: To go wrong in one's own 
way is better than to go right in someone 
else's. OTHER: Good luck T.R., G.D., 
R.L., J.Y., Thanks Mummie & Daddy. 




Kimberly Ann Deschamps 

Kimba-fu, Kimma 
310 Spring St., Wrentham 

i LIKES: The Police, Bowie, Autumn, the 
pursuit, rain. DISLIKES: Mimicry, 
stress, res, double, standards, bugs. 

i FAVORITE MEMORY: I luvs you! Fla 
'88, VA. beach '90, rush, DB '90. AC- 
TIVITIES: 4H; SADD; peer leadership; 
band; video; AI. FOUND: Elsewhere. 
AWARDS: S.E. MA concert band, Band 
letter, M.S.H.B., team. AMBITION: To 
stop warring about things over which I 
have no control. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Excuse me, but have you recently un- 
dergone a lobotomy?" 

Amy Joan DesJardins 

Amy D., Amy Des 
30 Heather Ln., Wrentham 

LIKES: Friends, BMX, hot fudge sun- 
days, cats, clothes, shopping, neatness. 
DISLIKES: Cliques, crowded malls, 
rudeness, pessimism. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Germantown TN, 1990 
Japan trip, Wells, ME. ACTIVITIES: 
BMX 7 years; Softball 3,4; NHS 3,4 
(President); student council 4; peer lead- 
ership 3,4; yrbk 3,4; French club 1,2. 
FOUND: Traveling to a BMX race, 
shopping. AWARDS: Excellence in 
Word Processing, softball — most spir- 
ited. AMBITION: To become success- 
ful, and get my 300ZX. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Y,A11 ". OTHER: Thanks to 
everyone for a great time at KP! 

Heather Anne Dixon 

Dix, Dixie, Doodle 
42 Grove St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Orange, Pooh & Tigger, 
puddles, Tickle spots, Woofy. DIS- 
LIKES: Moods, TL's wedges 4 & Chi., 
goodbyes. FAV. MEMORY: Branford, 
sunsplash '90, Cure 9/23, Petty & 
seacrest, dry-bowling, hoppin', 5/10/90, 
PFLS. ACT.: Gym., ten., cheerlead. 
FOUND: At the layaway dept. in TJ 
Maxx. AWARDS: Gymn. MVP, hock 
— all star, Var. Jackt. , ltr. AMBITION: 
To be always amused & amusing. FAV. 
SAYING: 1 '. . . some of its magic, some 
of its tragic, but I had a good life on the 
way ..." OTHER: My friends you'll 
never know how much you mean — I'll 
always remember. Thanks for a great 4 yrs. 

Christina Noelle Down 

Tina, T, TD, Chris, Ed, Tiffany 
400 Park St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Red roses, music, concerts, mov- 
ies, mall. DISLIKES: Lies, tests, diet 
drinks, Steve Erkil, Star. FAV. MEM.: 
Cape Cod trip w/Westwood & Rob, DW, 
KH, SG. ACT.: Chorale 1-3; Drama 1-4; 
SADD 1-4; Guard 1-3; Vol. 1-4. FOUND: 
On the phone, shopping w/friends, WW. 
AWARDS: WHS, Guard — Rookie of the 
yr. '88 & '89. AMB.: Graduate; college; a 
clinic teaching deaf & hearing impaired 
children how to use speech, & have a fam. 
FAV. SAYING: "I always knew that 
looking back on my crying would make me 
laugh, but I never knew looking back on 
my laughing would make me cry. OTHER: 
Thanx Mom, Dad, Nana, Scott & Jason! 

Heather Elizabeth Drake 

Heath, Duckie 
20 Treasure Island Rd., Plainville 

LIKES: R.L., Dancing, roses, long 
walks, being with my friends, skiing. 
DISLIKES: 1/4/89, goodbyes, having no 
money, FAVORITE MEMORY: 8/18- 
20/89, 3/89, 6/21/88. FOUND: With 
R.L. or with friends. AMBITION: To be 
successful and happy in whatever I do! 
later". OTHER: Thanx for all your love 
and support: R.L., D.L., S.L., V.N., 
P.M., A.L., C.H., D.F., J.L., D.K., 
C.H., family. I love you all!! 

Gila Dratman 

17 Bretts Farm Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Pop-up books, magic middle 
cookies, marigolds, golf. DISLIKES: 
Physics labs, dwarfed plants, deadlines. 
TIVITIES: Drama 2,3,4; UNICEF 
2,3,4; math league 3,4; NHS 3,4; 
FOUND: On the golf course, designing 
buildings. AMBITION: To be happy and 
successful at whatever I choose to do. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Reach for the 
stars. OTHER: Thanks mommy and 
daddy, good luck K.G., H.C. 

Steven E. Droste 

Drostman, Drost, Drostimal 
105 West Bacon St., Plainville 

LIKES: Free time, winning. DISLIKES: 
Stress, not starting, losing. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Mansfield game 9/28/90, 
LL's party spr. '90. ACTIVITIES: Bball 
1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Peer- 
leader 3,4. FOUND: Somewhere in or 
around K.P. AWARDS: Excellence in 
chemistry, Jacket and letter. AMBI- 
TION: To do something important that I 
"Welcome to the jungle". OTHER: 
Thanx Mom and Dad. Good luck Class of 

Becky-Jo Dwelley 

P.O. Box 854, Wrentham 



Monica Ely 

Moni, Boner 
21 Lafayette Ln., Norfolk 

LIKES: Talks w/Boobsie, yard sales, $5 
shoes, the Beatles, "hats", Kool-aid, the 
Legend. DIS.: Wed. FAV. MEMORY: 
Reggae, Sunsplash, Jt, Les Mis, ride to 
Sunday River w/JL, AN, JD, RF, steam 
rollers at Kev's, sailing wknd on the 
Wildcat w/KF, BA, JH, SLTP w/Joe, 
concerts in the LTD w/DG, AC, URI w/ 
DG, BM, Germany, J.V. Track Hoc. 
champs, winning relay, Riverside, the 
Camper, Sox's w/Ali, Friendlies runs w/ 
Nuch. ACT.: Cheer, Gymn, track — 
capt-4, S.C-Prs. UNICEF, Pre-med, 
Peerldr. AWARDS: Var. Let. & Jack; 
Germ. FAV. SAYING: "I'm Wein 1st 
Wahrheit!" OTHER: I luv U guys, 

Jeffrey Fallon 

Jeff, Jeffster 
2 Tucker Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Mimi, weekends, summer, good 
times. DISLIKES: Cops, court, being 
busted, inhouse, fines. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: GD with MS, JD, DH, 
nights with MM, moto X. ACTIVITIES. 
Nothing with school. FOUND 
Somewhere away from here. AWARDS 
none. AMBITION: To succeed with 
what ever I do. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"No, we're not on a death wish!" 
OTHER: Thanks to Mr. Fitzsimmons for 
all the IH's. 

Jeffrey Famolle 

Kenny Fecteau 
9 Kennedy Rd. , Bellingham 

Deborah Ann Ferrone 

Debbie, D., Doddles 
4 Robin St., Plainville 

LIKES: Dancing, camping, Mis- 
quamicut R.I., the beach, sunsets, being 
with friends, S.C.S. DISLIKES: Snobs, 
fake people. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Camping '87 w/A.G., C.S; 89 w/A.L., 
H.B., H.C., C.H.; '90 w/A.L., H.B.; 4/ 
8/89 w/H.D., and gang; 6/21/88 w/H.D.; 
2/11/88. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 3,4; 
Amnesty 4. FOUND: Mall, or dancing. 
AMBITION: To be a dance choreogra- 
pher. FAVORITE SAYING: "What? ", 
"Heather shut up!" OTHER: Thank you 
Mom, Dad, and Tom for being there! 

Debbie S. Figurelli 

Figgs, Figgy 
6 Standish Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: True friends, guys, 11:11 sun- 
sets. DISLIKES: curbs, curfew, being 
grounded, guys w/ big egos. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Cape w/ SG, SR, house w/ 
SG, GP, redron w/ BT, SG. AC- 
TIVITIES: Soccer 1,2,3,4; peer leader- 
ship 2,3,4. FOUND: Grounded or with 
the gang. AWARDS: Varsity letter and 
jacket. AMBITION: to get off ground, 
become a lawyer and find a way to get rid 
of my curfew. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"Sit on my big toe.", "P. B.", 
"Buthead". OTHER: Thanx Mom and 
Dad love you! Thanks SG, BT, GC, SA, 

Kelly Anne Flynn 

Flynndoy, Kim 
18 Beaverbrook Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Soccer, Plaid, the summer, good 
friends. DISLIKES: Socks, pink, driving 
Kim, foul shot, jumpin'. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: The boat '89, GNO w/ K.H. , 
J. P., E.G., J.S., Kim's accident, 
American Legion. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 
1,2,3,4; basketball 1,2,3,4; softball 
1,2,3,4; peer leadership 2,3,4; R.A.S.C. 
4; treasurer 2. FOUND: Running on 
empty. AWARDS: 7 Varsity letters and 
jacket. HOBY ambassador '89, prom 
court '90. AMBITION: To have a full 
tank of gas. FAVORITE SAYING: 
'O.K. Kim". OTHER: Thanks to Mom 
and Dad, BA, KH, JC, JH, JP, ME, GP. 

Derek Franklin 

108 Hawkins St., Plainville 



Joseph Frey 
6 Garfield St., Plainville 

Tara Marie Gallagher 
17 Priscilla Av., Norfolk 

LIKES: Being with friends, shopping, 
weekends, PP. DISLIKES: HB's driv- 
ing, getting caught, lies, breaking-up. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer of 89, 
The Dead, April vacation 90, Florida, 5/ 
10/89 DPO. ACTIVITIES: Softball 
1,2,4; basketball 2. AMBITION: to get 
my 11:11! FAVORITE SAYING: "Ya 
think?" OTHER: HB, DG, KB, DO, 
SM, TL, MM, MVG, MC — thanks for 
all the good times I love you guys! 

Vicke Lynne Gardner 

45 Cee-Jay Terrace, Wrentham 

LIKES: John, horses, laughing, being 
obnoxious with friends, money. DIS- 
LIKES: Class of '91 , having to be quiet, 
waiting, boring rainy days. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Mets, trying to get my car 
out of Quinn's driveway. ACTIVITIES: 
Soccer 1,2; Softball 2. FOUND: With 
John or with Scarlett. AMBITION: To 
have a happy life and family with John. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "Not one bush, 
not two bushes, but three bushes!" 
(camping '89). OTHER: Thanks Scarlett 
and John for being my best friends! I love 
ya'z both!. 

Susan Elizabeth Genovese 

Sue, Buthead, Dude 
3 Naugatuck Ave., Norfolk 

LIKES: Glen, pink roses, laughing, all 
the memories. DISLIKES: Fake friends, 
fighting w/ G.P., snow, D.F.'s bladder 
problem. FAVORITE MEMORY: May 
21, 1989, Cape '90, freshman year, P. 
nite, Sun. at Cape. FOUND: Out w/ 
G.P., K.P. bathroom finding ride to 
school, in sun. AWARDS: Semi court 
'89, prom court '90. AMBITION: To 
help the needy, to be successful and 
happy at whatever I do, to own my own 
car & marry rich!. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: "Oh ... My God!", "I think I'm 
sick!". OTHER: Thanks Mom & Dad. 
Good luck class of '91. I love U dude! 

Ashapuma Ghosh 

45 Warren Dr., Wrentham 

3G starts the day, DG in the way, LC and 
sing, for an onion ring, w/HD on the 
rain, w/JK I go insane, w/RP To MIT, to 
^JH stability, a pen to BA, w/AB I share a 
lay, to J A tape a day, dirty look to JC, for 
vIO a gummy, BI thanks to KC, laugh 
v/LK, fight w/LS, a desk to MS, to SW 
ntus! In my heart all memories. Love U 
-M, LL, Anna, Mom and Dad. AMBI- 
TION: To reach the state of Yo. FA- 
VORITE SA YING: ' ' What ! ' ' 

William Gibson 

50 Noon Hill Ave., Norfolk 

LIKES: Carrie, fishing, surfing, the 
Cape, water skiing. DISLIKES: Soccer 
doubles, accidents w/trees, The 800, 
wind. FAVORITE MEMORY: 1/20/89, 
surf w/Craig 6/20, the cape w/ CN, w. 
skiing w/ BRY and AL. ACTIVITIES: 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; W. Track 3,4; S. Track 
3,4; peerleadership 1 ,2,3,4. FOUND: At 
the Cape enjoying myself. AWARDS: 
Varsity letter and jacket. To survive col- 
lege and be successful in the future. FA- 
OTHER: Thanx Mom, Dad, Bry, and 
Carrie for putting up w/me. 

Daniel Gill 

Dan, Danimal 
14 Millbrook Dr. Plainville 

LIKES: Football, winning, fag-days, 
friends, PD's. DISLIKES: Casco, knees, 
losing, fake people. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 10/13/89; Mai van; Petty; 
Q.C. w/SB, JM; clan. ACTIVITIES: 
Football 1,2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4; 
NHS 3,4; Peerleadership 1,2,3,4. 
FOUND: Making a T.B. run w/Mal or in 
the van. AWARDS: Capt-football 4, 
Track 4, jacket, Call A.S. AMBITION: 
To be successful and own a Taco Bell 
"Leisure first". OTHER: Thanx-Mom, 
Dad, Michelle, friends, coaches. 

James E. Giovannucci 

Jim, Nuch 
12 Event St., Norfolk 

LIKES: The Van, Skiing, being w/ 
friends, nutterbutters. DISLIKES: Get- 
ting caught, blue lights, scrubs SID! 
90, New Hampshire w/CK, JD, AN, HD, 
KN, Sunday River 90. ACTIVITIES: 
Hockey 1,2; peerleader 1,2; UNICEF 
2,3,4; ski club 3,4. AMBITION: To go 
to college and survive it. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Kellsy, you blowing us off 
again", "Taken it uts" OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Dad, TL, LC, CK, AN, HD, 
AB, AC, ME. 

Seniors Ls 

Ellen Margaret Grady 

Smellin, Elan, EL 
184 Franklin St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Prudence, ice cream, beaches, 
summer, the original crew, REM, Jr. En- 
glish w/JB, talks w/NH SS. DISLIKES: 
Labor day weekend, authority, decisions. 
FAV. MEMORY: 6/9/90, Billy Joel, 8/ 
18/90, AOK 151, GNO, summer '88. 
ACTIVITIES: B-Ball 1-4; Soccer 1-3; 
Pres. jr. year; Peerleader. FOUND: Lis- 
tening to music. AWARDS: Var. letters, 
Capt. B-Ball. AMBITION: Do some- 
thing I love, and will never get sick of it, 
to make people develop peace w/in 
themselves. OTHER: Good luck to AB, 
JS, AC, LC, KL, JP, KH, DG, TL, LS, 
KF, SG, KA, SM, & all my other 

Tracey Graham 

Schnappa, Gagga 

20 Berry St., Plainville 

LIKES: Bob's car, sunsets, french fries, 
friends. DISLIKES: Q-tip At 6am, good- 
byes, falling off, curbs. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 8/22/90, NE and FB w/RJ, 
driving w/ TM, IP's w/ LH. AC- 
TIVITIES: DEC A 3,4; Peerleadership 
3,4. FOUND: With my friends. AMBI- 
TION: To get married and become a suc- 
cessful business woman. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "What??", "Kaboom". 
BH, JK, SM, DS, MP — I luv you guys! 

David Grecho 

25 High St., Plainville 

LIKES: Cartoons, black traxs, SDA, 
money, California. DISLIKES: PPD, 
lameness, blues, big people, WSS, 
and STFD. with JAP, slug fest, electrical. 
AMBITION: To study in Biological war- 
fare. OTHER: Thanx Mom and Dad. 
Good luck SG, JA, LG. 

Kathryn Mary Griswold 

Griz, Happy, Beemer 
16 Valerie Dr., Plainville 

LIKES: Softball, soccer, cartons, 2JK., 
DISLIKES: Negative people, any mcp,j 
fighting w/anyone. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: SB w/Carrie, 7/29/90, 8/1/ i 
90, nerc. ACTIVITIES: Prld 1,2,3,4; 
drama 1,2,3,4; soccer 1,2,3,4; BB 1; 
track 2,3,4; softball 1,2,3,4,C; Mathj 
league 2,3,4; FOUND: School, trying to j 
make plane w/Jen, always w/a smile, i 
AWARDS: Softball all-star, various! 
math awards, varsity letters. AMBI- 
TION: To go to Annapolis and become a 
pilot. FAVORITE SAYING: "Why?",] 
' 'It can only get better' ' OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad, 2 pg, & even JW! Good luck 
JK, MC, JC, & TK. 

Stacee Kathleen Grote 

Tracy, Blondie, Max 
12 Lantern Ln., Norfolk 

LIKES: Bob, soccer, Earth day, my cats, 
raiding, peach. DISLIKES: Mornings, 
sqigglies, sprints, those GMO, Ambu- 
lances. FAV. MEMORY: Jeep w/JZ, 
BD, TM, 5/6/88, 6/22/90, 10/8/90, Prom 
'90. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1,2,3,4; 
Track 2; peer ldrshp. FOUND: At X w/ 
TM, NH, MS, and TM, with Bob and the 
list. AWARDS: Varsity letters & jacket. 
AMBITION: To go any length of time 
not being in an ambulance! FAV. SAY- 
ING: "It's earth Day Y'know", "Shut 
up. Bob!", "My name is Stacee, not 
Tracy! ' ' OTHER: To my friends — I luv 
U guys! Good Luck! 

Michele Grzenda 

CF, Shell 
28 Redcoat Ln., Plainville 

LIKES: Warm days, tanning, puppies, 
peanut butter cups. DISLIKES: Making 
decisions, sprained ankles, SAT's, finals. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Billy Joel con- 
cert 90 with JM, BM, and HW, CC camp 
'90. ACTIVITIES: Softball 1,2,3,4; X- 
country 2,3,4 capt; Track 2,3,4. 
AWARDS: History Day, varsity letters, 
CC league champs. AMBITION: To help 
change the environment for the better. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jeff for 
putting up with me. 

Diana Lynne Gulino 

Di, Diazy 
25 Melanie Ln., Wrentham 

LIKES: Having fun w/friends, PP, week- 
ends, "honesty". DISLIKES: Being 
grounded, curfews, Rt. 1,3/9/90, Rod's 
BR & D & D w/KB, TG's advice, 4/1. 
FAV. MEMORY: Summer '90, Cape, 
the Dead, J.B., good times with friends, 
S.H. weekends w/KB. ACTIVITIES: 
Field hockey 3,4; Peerleader 2,3,4; yrbk 
2,3,4. FOUND: Grounded, not at my 
house, w/Aunt Mary. AWARDS: Var. 
letter & jac. AMBITION: Go to college 
and have the best 4 yrs. of my life, to 
become Pres. of IBM making millions! 
FAV. SAYING: "You're next to be 
creeked." "I love you!" OTHER: 
Thanx TG, KB, AF, KH, NH, Trevor & 
M&D — I luv U guys! 

Neil Hagerty 

Hags, Bob 

4 Redcoat Ln., Plainville 

LIKES: The Sox, days off, jokin with 
J.N. , JK. , L.K. , A.G. DISLIKES: Root 
beer out the nose, J.N's movie taste, 
michelel, Todd, FCIS. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Aerosmith and Billy Joel 
with Smitty. ACTIVITIES: Cross 
country 1,2; NHS 3,4; peer leadership 
2,3,4; math team 1,3,4; boys state 3; ac- 
ademic council 1,2. AMBITION: To be 
successful and happy. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: "!@#*?! I aint eatin' it". 
OTHER: Thanks all who made me feel 
welcomed. You know who you are! 




Tara Nguyen Hall 
42 High St., Plainville 

LIKES: U2, color red, perfume, flowers, 
raveling. DISLIKES: Color white, 
lomework, tests, intolerance. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Europe, April '90, 
ichool dances. ACTIVITIES: UNICEF 
i,2,3,4; yearbook 3,4; peer leadership 
1,2. FOUND: with Nicole or traveling. 
AMBITION: To be excruciatingly happy 
n my life. OTHER: Best of luck to 
: very one. 

William Hall 

Nezz, W Ulster, Distill, Swillster 
95 Park St., Norfolk 

LIKES: PP'S at JB's, Snoopy, KX's em- 
ployment. DISLIKES: Having no 
money, holes in my shoes, dust. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Super-Cross, 
Camping. ACTIVITIES: Riding, Wres- 
tling. AMBITION: To lead a long happy, 
healthy, (wealthy), prosperous life. 
OTHER: way 

Lisa Hallett 

W.M., Mama Madrit 
70 East Bacon St., Plainville 

LIKES: Dave, Drakkar, to party, shop- 
ping, JB's class. DISLIKES: 5/12/90, 
Vivrin, the day after, working. FA- 
2/23/90 w/RJ, 7/30/90 w/ Dave. AC- 
TIVITIES: Softball 1; field hockey 3; 
FOUND: Dave's house. AMBITION: 
To marry someone rich and never have to 
workattheP.I. again. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: "Whatever!", "Ray right". 
OTHER: Good luck to D.R., R.J., L.A., 

Nina Hallett 

9, Nena 
99 West Bacon St., Plainville 

LIKES: PD, soccer, B.B.V.W., Having 
$, S.L. w/SM, driveway talks w/ T.M., 
driving. DISLIKES: Not enough sleep, 
running late, authority, curfews. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: 10/7/88, 5/15/90 
all the good times w/ PD and 
friends ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1,2,3,4; 
peer leadership 1 ,2,3,4. FOUND: Work- 
ing or w/ PD. AWARDS: Varsity soccer 
2,3,4. AMBITION: To have a happy and 
successful life, to get into the Game 
(S.M.) OTHER: All the success to the 
class of 1991. 

Steve Hamilton 
438 South St., Plainville 

Championship beating Foxboro. AC- 
r IVITIES: Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2; 
(-Country 1.2,3,4. 

Kimberly Ann Hamwey 

84Medway St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Brian, soccer, hugs, surprises, 
laughing w/J.C. DISLIKES: Pink, deci- 
sions, rights, GNR, recklessness, K.F's 
driving. FAV. MEMORY: 12/15/88, 
The Boat '89, Prom '90, GNO w/KF, JP, 
EG, JS, JB'S, PD'S, KF'S, FS. AC- 
TIVITIES: Soccer 1,2,3, capt. 4; BBall 
1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; UNICEF 2; 
peer leader 3,4. FOUND: Laughing at 
my own jokes. AWARDS: 9 Varsity let- 
ters and jacket, homecoming court '90. 
AMBITION: To star in "Airplane III". 
FAV. SAYING: "I don't know.", "I 
don't care.", "I forget." OTHER: 
Thank to BA, KF, Mom & Dad, good 
luck class of '91. 

Chris Harcovitz 
89 Park St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Dances, being with good friends, 
roses. DISLIKES: Snobs, cliques. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Normandy Farms 
July '89, dancing in rain. FOUND: Mall. 
AMBITION: To live a good and happy 
life. OTHER: Thanks to all my friends I 
love you all! 

Jennifer Harrington 
62 Hamilton Rd., Wrentham 



Christian Hazel 

Nut, Christ 
386 Thurston St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Jammin at Matt's Simpson's, 
daily insults to K.H., M.H. DISLIKES: 
Casco, Mondays, broken fingers, Red 
Wrentham Common w/ M.K., P.D., 
K.C., and D.E. 9/17/90. ACTIVITIES: 
Football 3,4. FOUND: In front of an 
amplifier or police car. AMBITION: To 
be the best guitarist anyone has ever seen. 
it!", "Man, How come?" OTHER: 
Luck to Droste to fill gaps and Bon to 
avoid poles. 

Mia Hazlett 

151 Union St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Mike, 3rd period w/ Dm, Pizza 
Hut w/Em, Ch's hellos, shoppin' w/ Jea- 
nine. DISLIKES: Car accidents, driving, 
fake people, being bored, Jeanine and her 
"what not", filling out accident reports. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Stephen Carol, 
8/27/90, 8/22/90, 1 1/25/89, MC Hammer 
concert w/JE. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 
2. FOUND: ON the phone, out with 
Jeanine, walking. AMBITION: to have 
enough time to do everything I want. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "I heard that, 
girl!" OTHER: good luck class '91, 
good luck Mike and Darin. 

Amy Lee Healy 

Ames, Ace 
15 Indian Head Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: The Dead, partying, high times, 
sunsets, N20, smiles, roses, dozes, trips. 
DISLIKES: The laughing man, NAPD 
w/JS & KH, hangovers, the harshness of 
reality. FAVORITE MEMORY: 7/14/90 
— Dead "trip" w/Jen, Mike, Rick, 8/25/ 
90, 8/18/90, summer '87. AMBITION: 
Leagalize spiritual discovery. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: "Nothing left to do 
but smile, smile, smile. OTHER: Love 
and thanx to JS, RL, MC, KS, RS. 

Kimberly Ann Hender 

Kim, Kimmie 
215 South St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Eyes, aimlessness, all the mem- 
ories, parties. DISLIKES: Feet, getting 
caught, curfews, running out of gas, 
N.A.P.D. w/J.S. and A.H. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: All the times with TP, KB, 
LS, JS; BA w/ KB; 6/28/90. AC- 
TIVITIES: Yearbook 1,2,3,4 (Editor In 
Chief). FOUND: Being "aimless" with 
TP; working at the store. AMBITION: 
To survive college and live life to the full- 
est. FAVORITE SAYING: "No way 
man!", "Oh, ya think so!" OTHER: 
Thanx Mom and Dad, TP, KB, JS, LS — 
I love you guys! ! Also thanks to Ron and 
Diane — you guys will always be " 1 st" . 

Elise Kathryn Herman 

95 Messenger St., Plain ville 

LIKES: Good friends, parties, NJ shore, 
argyles, hats. DISLIKES: Trespassing, 
NG, responsibility, spelling. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Summers in NJ w/ 
JP, Senior year. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2; 
yearbook 4. FOUND: W/ JP, BT, CS, 
KK, or Ocean Beach unit I. AMBITION: 
To be a sportscaster and live a happy life. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "Holly sheep 
shanks" OTHER: Thanks JP, BT, KK, 
CS, DF, DJ — you guys are great! Good 
luck class of 91! 

Gail Patricia Holland 

31 Priscilla Av., Norfolk 

LIKES: Being with friends, weekends, 
my Geo, Mass pike w/LS, road trips w/ 
LS. DISLIKES: Making decisions, 
stubborn people, waiting, arguing w/MC. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: 2/15/90, Semi 
'89, Prom '90, summer of 89, NY w/LS, 
WWI w/MC, AIR6, CP w/MC, Easter 
'90. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2; 
Yearbook 3. FOUND: Out w/ Laura or 
Manny. AMBITION: To be rich, happy 
and successful. FAVORITE SAYING: 
' 'Whatever' ' , ' 'It's up to you' ' . OTHER: 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Laura and Manny — 
I love you guys. Good luck class of 91. 

Stacey Holland 

Face, Woody 
87 Medway St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Kris, being w/ MS & RF, parties, 
weekends, true friends. DISLIKES: 
Snobs, "peanut butter", goodbyes, K.C. 
leaving. FAVORITE MEMORY: 7/27/ 
89, long trips to Florida w/Patti, Jeff and 
FOUND: Trax w/ the ' 'crue' ' driving w/ 
Shell, Rob,and Rich. AWARDS: DECA 
district winner. AMBITION: To be 
happy in what ever I do! FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Enough" OTHER: Thanx 
Shell & Rob for always being there — I 
love you guys. I love you Kris 

Rebecca Ann Holster 

Becky, Beck, Becka, Beckster 
2000 West St., Wrentham 

LIKES: New England, seasons, ocean, 
traveling, Big Apple, color guard, Little 
Mermaid. DISLIKES: R.I. drivers, 
pushy people, no car, video stores, I 
seafood. FAVORITE MEMORY :\ 
"Huggies", Florida '88, VA. '90, NH/ ! 
VT w/T.G. ACTIVITIES: Yrbk 2,4; 
band 2,3; BB 1; student council 1; peer] 
leader 2,4; FOUND: New England, : 
Traveling. AWARDS: Rookie of the year 
'88-band; letterband; history day '90. 
AMBITION: To work w/troubled teens 
in VT. FAVORITE SAYING: "I need a 
Huggie" OTHER: Thanx Mom & Dad. 
Best of luck: Carrie, Amy, Laura, Amy 
The band. 



Jamison P. Horton 

Hon, Horty, Jame 
11 Main St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Joanna, sailing, GTI, basketball, 
#27, calvin, hobbies. DISLIKES: 
Attitudes, broken GTI, collarbones. 
Boat 6/13-16/89, Prom '90. AC- 
TIVITIES: Football 1,2,3,4; basketball 
1,2,3,4; track 2. FOUND: With Kevin 
and at Joanna's. AWARDS: Letter and 
jacket. AMBITION: to answer the ques- 
:ion why?. FAVORITE SAYING: 

"Not", "Hey, what's up?" OTHER: 
rhanks Mom & Dad. Good luck class of 


Marcus Houstan 

37 High St., Plainville 

LIKES: Biccomomics, BTP, billiards. 
DISLIKES: Wise freshman, PPD, 
broken windshield. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer '88. AC- 
TIVITIES: Hockey. FOUND: Crusing 
with Echo, D.H., Jap, Gus; BTP's. 
AWARDS: #1. Bicco, most miles in a 
day in Plainville. FAVORITE SAYING: 

Christine Hovey 

30 Barnstable Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Happiness, excitement, cities, 
BK, work, Erma. DISLIKES: Scholl, 
rain, depression, phonies, prejudice. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: All the good 
times. FOUND: Anywhere but here. 
AMBITION: To make a difference. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "I was at the 
Nurse's office." OTHER: To Mrs. 
Villard, Denise, Amy, Paul and Mom and 
Dad — I love you. 

Raymond Hughes 

386 Thurston St., Wrentham 

Nicole Jacob 
Jacob Ln., Milford 

Denise Lynn Jacobson 
20 Joshua Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Parties, R & C, Applebees, Key 
chains, OJ, St. Louis, NFF. DISLIKES: 
Useless stop signs, the price of gas, no 
gas, no money. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Beach w/ CH, BT, CS, Feb. vacation, 
dropping key in sewer, wrong car, BT's 
porch. FOUND: Around, at BT's house, 
working, w/CH. AMBITION: To decide 
on what to do with my life. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Whoosh!", "Not." 
OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad. Good 
luck everyone! 

Douglas Johnston 

Doug, Dougie 
8 Johnston Way, Norfolk 

LIKES: Money, the Bruins, hockey, Poi- 
son. DISLIKES: Work, mornings, Mon- 
day, rain, waking up. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Radz's class, "J hockey" 
brawl. ACTIVITIES: Float 1,2,3,4. 
FOUND: Uxbridge w/CA watching the 
B's. AMBITION: To own the Boston 
Bruins. FAVORITE SAYING: "Fergad 
sake's", "Hey, Homey". OTHER: 
Thanx Mom & Dad, GL, KJ. I am outta 

Renee Joly 

Nae, R.G., Stain 
234 Green St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Eric, being w/ Eric, friends, 
Maine, camping, M.L. w/ E. DIS- 
LIKES: J.H., T.M. "Hold my hand! 
won't fall!" FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Jan. 21st, 1988, DECA con. '89-'91, 
FOUND: At E's driving around 
Franklin, "By the fire." AWARDS: 
DECA districts 2nd, states certificate. 
AMBITION: To be happily married to 
Eric FOREVER! To be successful and 
have lots of money so I can buy a house & 
have lots of kids & animals. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Urn, I think not!", "Calm 
your Roids!", "What-ever you do, 
DON'T knock over the cup!" "I won the 
official Nobel P. Prize!" 

Seniors 2*3 

Jennifer Marie Keilen 

Jen, CF, Keilsey 

LIKES: NKOTB, Goofy, #8, cities, 
values, Marty B, CMNSTR. DISLIKES: 
Quitters, hyprocrisy, bugs, the bus, red, 
flying. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cal '89, 
Su '90, 2/25/88, 12/29/89, 7/29/90, 8/1/ 
90. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2,3; basketball 
2; Softball 2,3,4; cross country 4; winter 
track 3, captain 4; peer leadership 3,4. 
AWARDS: Who's Who 2,3; OHS 2; 
AMBITION: To be more than a success. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "Yeah right.", 
"I'm serious". OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad! Thanks Aimee. Good luck class of 
'91 — We're the future! 

Lisa Marie Kenney 
9 Colonial Way, Plainville 

LIKES: To laugh, being w/friends, being 
obnoxious, cows, to run. DISLIKES: 
My job!, stress. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Countless times w/JK, JN, 
CC 2,3,4; W/S track 1,2,3; capt. 4; NHS 
3,4; Prldr. 2,3,4; drama 4; unicef 2; med 
club 2,3. AWARDS: Girls state, varsity 
letters and jacket. AMBITION: To be 
successful in whatever I do and live 
through it! FAVORITE SAYING: ' 'Isn't 
that a hoot!" OTHER: Thanks to my 
family and friends. I love you! 

Jennifer Ann Kettell 

Vera, Cettel Tosk, Mom, Yen 
67E Bacon St., Plainville 

LIKES: Intense moments, Dad's Guitar, 
Reading, drawing, dancing, peace. DIS- 
LIKES: "Slushes", LK, spitting, Dem 
mas party , NYC , tea club , Cape w/ S . W . , 
singing w/ A.G., Chinese food. AC- 
TIVITIES: Cross country 1; UNICEF, 
drama, peer leadership, math. FOUND: 
Calculating tide at Lake Pearl. AMBI- 
TION: To try just about everything and, 
of course, be happy. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: "The fish swims through the but- 
tonhole under the table at midnight". 
OTHER: Sweet family, and friends, 
Thank U — I love you. 

Christopher Killian 

9 Valentine Dr., Norfolk 

LIKES: Hockey, being with friends 
Orange Julius, sleeping, J.B. — P.D.'s 
DISLIKES: 5 a.m. hockey practices, no 
having J.B. senior year. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Feb. 3rd & tipping the canoe 
with A.B., N.H. '89 with T.L., H.D. 
A.N., J.G., K.N., J.D. FOUND: A 
O.J. 's arguing with Sid. AWARDS: Var 
sity letter and jacket, Capt. 4, Treasure) 
student council 4. AMBITION: To be 
just like Sid. FAVORITE SAYING 
"I'm not blowing you off!" OTHER 
Thank you mom, dad, and especially 
Dave for helping me through high school 

Amy Knowles 

Knowles, Aim 
8 Masconemet Av., Norfolk 

LIKES: Sunsets, cruising, hugs, stars, 
music, poetry. DISLIKES: Snobs, liars, 
gossips, Mondays, cloudy days. FAV- 
ORITE MEMORY: Dead show w/LA in 
"90", flattening JM 1990. FOUND: At 
the Living Room, staring into space. 
AMBITION: To finally pull down all the 
pans in the kitchen instead of just talking 
about it. FAVORITE SAYING: "Easy 
there, killer." OTHER: Thanks to JB, 
RJ, CH, DW, DW, JT, and Flapper. 
Thanks Mom for being there. The same 
lunch table for four years!! 

Tim Konowitz 

252 Park St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Money, being with S.B., J.D., 
M.K., AS., K.C. DISLIKES: School, 
working Saturdays. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: January and February 1990. 
FOUND: At work or BM's. AMBI- 
TION: To own a construction company 
and become rich. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: "How do you like it?" 
OTHER: Best wishes to Mom and Dad. 
S.B., M.K., J.D., A.S., K.C, and my 

Dana Kozak 

2035 West St., Wrentham 

Scott Kramer 

Krame, Kramedog 
291 Madison St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Winning, JB's Pd's. DIS- 
LIKES: Losing, gym class injuries, 10, 
10, and 10. FAVORITE MEMORY: t 
When JF left, McGolf w/ DR. AC-\ 
TIVITIES: X-C 2,3,4; winter, spring i 
track 2,3 capt. 4. FOUND: On the track. 
AWARDS: Varsity letter and jacket, 2 
league X-C championships. AMBI- 
TION: To succeed at whatever I do. i 
FAVORITE SAYING: "I have a theory 
about that." 



Karen Arlene Kuza 

Kooz, Little Kooz 
11 Millbrook Dr., Plainville 

LIKES: Funny people, Airplane!, 
Purple, Z.A.A.F., mt. choc, chips, 5-10 
lies. DISLIKES: faulty left ears, airborne 
pumpkins, "LMT", blinkers, Sun. 
mom. polkas, sour candy brows. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: New York 1/9/88, 
3/29/88, 12/21/89. ACTIVITIES: S. 
Track 1; Basketball 1,2; peer leadership 
2,3; student council 2; NHS 3,4. 
FOUND: At the tower with bruised 
oiees. AMBITION: To hear it the first 
ime. FAVORITE SAYING: "What?" 

Rachel Honor Lawry 

Rachie, Rach 
20 Boardman St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Card decks, yellow, Star Trek: 
The Next Generation. DISLIKES: 
tralia, Bon Aire, Friendship Maine. AC- 
TIVITIES: Swimming, NHS, Prime 
Time, Video club, ATM. FOUND: Over 
something basic. AWARDS: S.E.E.D. 
(Triple S). AMBITION: To find excel- 

Thomas J. Lazay 

Tom, Lazer 
37 Freedom Trail, Norfolk 

LIKES: The ocean, white astros, TGIF, 
phys. w/DB. DISLIKES: Dbl. sessions, 
arguments, Chris and his women. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Branford w/HD, 
Sunday river, stinky wrinkles, cafe days. 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1,2,3,4; tennis 
1,2,3,4; hockey 1,2; St. Council 3,4. 
FOUND: Blowing my nose. AWARDS: 
Capt., unsung hero, soccer and tennis. 
AMBITION: To own a building #19 
9 /io. FAVORITE SAYING: "I don't 
know!" OTHER: Thanks HD, AN, JD, 
JG, CK, AB for 4 great years. 

Susan Beth Lockwood 

16 Myrtle St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Anthony, Karate, New Hamp- 
shire, Italians, little socks, AF's 
eyebrows. DISLIKES: MS touching my 
bangs, Hyundais, not having a memory. 
'90, The Canal, NH '90, NY '88. AC- 
ing for big "A". AMBITION: To live 
forever with all of my friends on a para- 
dise earth serving God. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Big yeah on that one!", 
"Just kiddin." OTHER: Thanks APF, 
SLG, my friends and my family for your 
love and support. 

Kristie M. Lucas 

81 King St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Late nights, barefoot, "hats", 
lanis Joplin. DISLIKES: Meat, mos- 
quitos, narrow minded people, blue 
ights, L.C.'s car in mud, running in the 
!:30 at L.C., summer in Cali w/L.C, 
352'S w/L.C, H.B., S.M., buying w/ 
E.G. FOUND: With L.C. at a creve. 
\MBlTION: To never be dependent on 
"Fully!" OTHER: Good luck L.C, 
LB., S.M., K.A., E.G., J.S., B.T., 
\R., DO., M.V. 

Jarrod Luke 

3 Bobwhite Ln., Norfolk 

LIKES: Sports, T.V., R & B music. 
DISLIKES: Stress, homework, final 
debut for KP sports. ACTIVITIES: 
NHS, peer leadership, video club. 
AWARDS: Varsity letter and jacket. 
AMBITION: To have success and fun 
with my potential sportscasting career. 

Aimee Lunn 

275 Berry St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Honesty, true friends, beach life, 
traveling, tigers, Goofy, flying, music. 
DISLIKES: Users, ungreatfulness. 
July '82, Oct. 5 90. ACTIVITIES: Year- 
book 3,4; amnesty 4. FOUND: W/ DW, 
DW, JK, DF, and friends. AMBITION: 
To always be happy and healthy. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: "Seriously." 
OTHER: Thanks to Mom, Dad, and 
friends for making life so far great! 

John Lufty 

25 Freedom Trail, Norfolk 



Keith MacDonald 

83 Medway St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Reliable cars, CR, true friends. 
DISLIKES: Blue lights, radar. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Junior and Senior 
year. ACTIVITIES: X-Country, wres- 
tling. FOUND: Plainville or driving my 
new car. AWARDS: Carpentry student 
of the year '90. AMBITION: to make lots 
of $. FAVORITE SAYING: "That's 
awesome." OTHER: Thanks to MA, 
Dad, SH, MS, SG, Good luck all! 

Shannon Mahady 

44 Ames Av., Wrentham 

LIKES: Blue eyes, James Taylor, 
Beaches, good friends, hugs, Bruins, 
roses, Laura's hair. DISLIKES: Fight- 
ing, rainy days, being alone, lying. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Summer '90, 4/19/ 
90. FOUND: At KFC w/ AD & TM, W/ 
NM or LM. AMBITION: To become ex- 
tremely successful and be able to make 
those I love as happy as possible. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: "You must chill.'' 
OTHER: Thanks AD, TM, NM, TH, 
KV, CR, TR, TG and especially Mom, 
Dad, Scott, Norm and Laura. I love you 

Jeffrey David Mahoney 

Mojo, Mohomo 
183 Janice Cr., Wrentham 

LIKES: Jeanette, winning, running, Van 
Halen, Nike. DISLIKES: Losing, Fox- 
bora, North, The Cure, Doug's driving. 
Hock, champs, 12/27/89 w/Jeanette.AC- 
TIVITIES: X-C 1,2,3&4 (capt.); W. 
track 1,2,3,4 (capt.); S. track 1,2,3,4. 
FOUND: Running, talking w/ JF, hangin 
w/the posse. AWARDS: 6 Hockomock 
all-stars, 12 varsity letters. AMBITION: 
Win an Olympic gold medal, buy the 
Nike Shoe Co. and be on a Wheaties com- 
mercial. FAVORITE SAYING: "Barf, 
puke whatever.", "Hold the phone." 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Daren, 
Jeanette & the Bouchers. 

Brian Malagrida 

109 Pleasant St., Plainville 

LIKES: Katie, football, fag-day, bruins. j 
cars, winning, TB. DISLIKES: Casco.j 
losing, sled, rain, having no money, j 
tying with Mai Clan 8/2/90, missions w 
Dan. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1; basket j 
ball 1,2; football 1,2,3,4. FOUND 
Making a run for the border with D.G. , oi j 
in the van. AWARDS: Varsity letter anc 
jacket, football, boys state. AMBITION 
To own a Taco Bell with Dan, in Casco 
Maine. FA VORITE SAYING: "Leisun 
first", "lock and load". OTHER 
Thanks Mom and Dad. Good luck to al 
my friends. 

Shawn Malouin 

LIKES: Death metal, moshing headwalk- 
ing, Camel cigarettes, long hair, magic. 
DISLIKES: Nazi skinheads, conformity, 
closeminded people, posers, P.M.R.C., 
religion, being put down or discriminated 
against because of appearance. FA- 
that's the balz". FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer of '89, all the shows 
I've ever gone to. FOUND: The other 


Robert V. Mannering 

Bob, Bobby, Boobsy 
30 Aldis Ln., Wrentham 

LIKES: Stacee, Weekends, The Clan, 
talks w/ Bone, WC. DISLIKES: No gas, 
homework, getting caught, curfews. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: 6/22/90, 10/6/ 
90, all the times w/ the clan. AC- 
TIVITIES: Football 1,2,3,4; B-Ball 1,2; 
Wrestling 3; peer leadership 2,3. 
FOUND: With the clan or with Stacee. 
AMBITION: To marry rich and never 
work a day in my life. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: "Good to go." OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Pop, Good luck class of 91. 

Nicole Manning 

Nick, Nicky, Coca-Cola, Cole 
1 Fales Rd. Extention, Plainville 

LIKES: To shop, K.S. J.V. M.D. T.C. 
T.H. A.D. S.M. V.B. etc., Stnhm, CL. 
DISLIKES: E.E. T.P. A.P. K.L. The 
saying "You like like a rug". FA- 
Sips, R.S., 7/2/88, HD!, 7/14/90. 
FOUND: Stnhm, Mall, Movies, with 
T.H., L.B., CL vi I K.S. T.E. A. AMBI- 
TION: To complete college and find a job 
to work up the ladder in. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "You're so gay", "You're 
queer", "so", "Who cares". OTHER: 
Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle — Who 
knows where I would be if it wasn't for 

Michael Matthews 

23 Fletcher St., Plainville 


Kurt L. Mattila 
520 Franklin St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Jack Nicholson, Beethoven, PS 
and comics. DISLIKES: Being called 
Matt, not having enough room. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: 2 weeks in Oct. 88 
w/M.L., Cape w/T.L., B. AC- 
TIVITIES: Band 2,3,4; drama 3,4; 
amnesty 4; video 2; art 1. FOUND: 
Chillin' with Todd, Liam, Brian, and 
Matt. AWARDS: Musician (Jazz) '89, 
ROY. AMBITION: To be the first fully 
functioning cartoonist/actor/satirist/ 
nusician/world traveler/adventurer/nice 
guy with a good sense of humor. 
OTHER: FM Good. NGAH. Good luck 
o Sean. 

Tracy Ann McDonald 

Trace, D, Macadee, Tracel, "Staeee" 
250 Beech St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Derek, hugs, Jeeps, smiles, 
drive way talks, koala bears. DISLIKES: 
Onions, veggies, being told what to do, 
good-byes, being wrong. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 9/19/87, all the good times 
w/DE, "hunts" w/SG, Fr. Yr. gym, DE, 
GP, JH, DO coming over F.N.R, SG 
drive way — thinking we knew it all, FL. 
'89, P-night. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 
1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Peerldr 1,2,3,4. 
AMBITION: To be successful at any- 
thing that may come my way, and never 
be wrong! FAVORITE SAYING: "Give 
me a 'hug' ", "Just 'smile' ". OTHER: 
Thanx to all my friends & especially, 
Mom, Dad, & KA — I luv you all! 

Michael McGill 

Gillsy, Dr. McGillicutty 
85 Kings James Way, Wrentham 

LIKES: Weekends, my Z28, parties, 
Rolling Stones. DISLIKES: Car ac- 
cidents, getting up early, curfews. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Canada "90" with 
Soccer 3. FOUND: At a party with DO, 
MV, BT. AMBITION: To be successful 
and live a happy life. 

Cara Lea McGrath 

Cawa, Car 

778 South St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Paul, music, winning, my room, 
red, money, '91. DISLIKES: "One 
more time", "last time", Sundays, egos. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Band trips 88- 
90, huggies, 5/7/90, 10/23/88. AC- 
TIVITIES: Marching band 1,2,3,4; Jazz 
band 2; Peer leader 1,2,3,4; HS 3,4. 
FOUND: With Paul, at a rehearsal, or in 
my room. AWARDS: Most improved 
concert band '89, band letter. AMBI- 
TION: To succeed, live life to its fullest, 
and be as happy as I can. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Whatever". OTHER: 
Thanx Mom, Dad, PR, EM, KD, DN, 
Mr. T, I love you! 

Neil McGrath 

1785 West St., Wrentham 

'JKES: Canada, karate, camping, sleep- 
ng, KD Lange. DISLIKES: Doctors, 
nornings, arguments. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Giving Mom to Dad. 
*OUND: Sleeping, eating. AWARDS: 
3est in food service '89. AMBITION: 
-ind myself a rich woman. FAVORITE 
MAYING: "Shut-up, Danielle!!!" 

Laurene Molloy 

156 North St., Norfolk 

LIKES: P, the Dead, Jerry, Neil, Bells, 
Daisies, Rangers, sunsets, spaghetti, 
farms, animals. DISLIKES: Rudeness, 
RM, being cold, deciding, cramps. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Soph, yr., July 
2,14,12 '89, Outword Bound!!. 
FOUND: Alcatraz, anywhere in the US, 
Stephs, Missys. AWARDS: Most Im- 
proved Outward Bound '89. AMBI- 
TION: To name my baby Emperor Tznot 
Philip Cassidy and not have people laugh 
at me. FAVORITE SAYING: "I lost my 
pots!" OTHER: Thank you mom, Steph, 
Phil, Missy and Mr. Ed. 

Patricia M. Molloy 

Trich, Tricia 
298 Taunton St., Wrentham 

LIKES: French Fries, Bob's car, travel- 
ing, Mickey, D.W., Weekends. DIS- 
LIKES: T.G.'s dogs, fighting, work, 
rainy days, NA drivers, goodbyes. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Boston with T.G., 
7/88, C.T. & M.E. W/S.M. & A.D. AC- 
TIVITIES: Yearbook 1,4. FOUND: 
With Tracey, At K.F.C. with SM, AD, 
''What do you think Trace?'', 
"Kaboom", "You must chill." 

Aaron Moniz 
95 Bradley St., Seekonk 

Seniors 2*1 

Colleen Moore 
Taz, Woman, Col, Princess 
10 Gilmore Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Pickles, cats, friends, beaches, 
FH, Tennis, DH. DISLIKES: Pizza Hut, 
fish, LM's feet, math, lies, fights. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: June 14-17 1990, 
NH '90, FH Camp 89-90. ACTIVITIES: 
FH 2,3,4; tennis 2,3,4; Yrbk 3,4; SADD 
1. FOUND: With Vera, Carrie and 
Lynne. AWARDS: Varsity letter and 
jacket— tennis and FH. AMBITION: To 
become a famous actress and appear on 
. . .", "Why do you always pick on 
Me??" OTHER: Good luck to Mike, 
Danielle, Stef, and Nicole. 

Lynne A. Moretti 

30 Rebecca Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Swimming, friends, tans, 
summer days, shopping. DISLIKES: 
Mayo, rainy days, running miles, good- 
byes, ladders. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Cape Cod w/CM, CN, VB, Hawaii '89, 
F.H. camp '89. ACTIVITIES: F. 
Hockey 3,4; S. track 3,4; softball 1,2; 
peer ldr. 2,3,4. FOUND: In the pool or 
w/Colleen, Vern, Carrie. AWARDS: 
Captain Field hockey, varsity letter and 
jacket. AMBITION: To succeed in col- 
lege and live life to its fullest. OTHER: 
Thanx to Mom, and Dad. Luck to all my 

Andrew Morrison 

119 SeekonkSt., Norfolk 

Evangelyn Morse 

Bucks Hill, Wrentham 

LIKES: Laughter, song, rhyme, promise, 
of adventure. DISLIKES: Closed minds, ! 
security under pressure. FAVORITE] 
MEMORY: B. trips, UNH, Any time w/ 
friends. ACTIVITIES: MCJ. Band,: 
Sachem, V.C., peer leader, drama, P.R. 
FOUND: Chasing time with my hand in j 
rich's. AWARDS: Unsung hero, most 
improved. AMBITION: Impossible 
dreams. FAVORITE SAYING: "It de- 
pends on how you look at it." 

Keith Mueller 

Wolf Man, Either, Quiesh 
211 Beech St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Band, cars, nintendo, people, all 
music. DISLIKES: Snobby people, 
drugs, war, not memorized music. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Florida with band 
'88, Virginia Beach '90. ACTIVITIES: 
Band 1,2,3,4; peer leadership 1,2,3,4. 
FOUND: With my friends in the band. 
AWARDS: '87 Most Improved — band; 
'88 Unsung Hero — band; '90 MVP — 
band. AMBITION: To become a world 
class chef, musician and travel the world. 
up?" OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Joy, 
and Mr. T for the fun years. 

Susan Murrell 

Sue-Sun, Su Su, SueBee 
32Noonhill Av., Norfolk 

LIKES: My friends, notes, weekends, 
beaches, good times, dudes. DISLIKES: 
Super Place, pool hoppin, S.O.T.S.L., 
Tick, H.B.'s driving. B.A. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: KOA "151", Leah's, 
H.D.'s, A.N.'s, Sun., April vac. Prom, 
B52's. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2,3,4; 
DEC A 3,4. FOUND: In Cali. AMBI- 
TION: to become a famous writer. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: "Talk to me.", 
"Ya'll". OTHER: Thanks to all my 
friends I love Ya'll. To H.B. Hold on! 

Asha Nadkarni 
340 Franklin St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Jolitude, wandering, certainties, 
sunshine. DISLIKES: 415, anger, ig- 
norance, intolerance, attitudes. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Prom '90, 4/10/ 
90, Cure '89, Puddles w/MD, Ski trip 
'90. FOUND: Poolside w/ BM, MD, 
JM, KN. AMBITION: To find the happy 
are only mortal but being mortal can defy 
our fate. We may by an outside chance 
even win! ' ' OTHER: We will it so and so 
it is past all accident. 

Carolyn Nagle 

Carrie, Ca 
20 King St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Bill, music, beaches, autumn, 
rollercoasters. DISLIKES: Soap operas, 
fighting, headaches, slow drivers. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Cape with Bill and 
girls, lunch crew. ACTIVITIES: Field 
hockey, softball, track, peer leadership, 
Sachem. FOUND: With Bill, the girls, or 
in Hyndia. AWARDS: Varsity letter and 
jacket; captain in field hockey and soft- 
ball. AMBITION: To Successfully finish 
college and to have a happy marriage. 
"Shetep!", "Delicious!" OTHER: 
Thanks: B.G., M and D. I love U. 



Andrew David Neale 

16HolbrookSt., Norfolk 

LIKES: Reggae, Rap, proving a point, 
jlang words. DISLIKES: Authority, 
^rainless dorks w/ no friends. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: 9/26/90, 5/18/91, 
5/14/90, T-ing off, 88. ACTIVITIES: 
Marching band 1,2,3,4; Jazz band 1,2,3. 
^OUND: McD's home, at a long boring 
r ehearsal. AWARDS: Rookie of the year 
$8. OTHER: See ya later. 

Diane Nelson 

58 High St., Plainville 

LIKES: Dave, Italian guys, Corvettes, 
Mexico. DISLIKES: Being confused, 
liars, goodbyes. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 10/6/87 w/ T.K., Time w/ 
D.H., cruise 1990 Sergio. AC- 
Franklin. AMBITION: To become very 
rich and travel everywhere. OTHER: 
Thanx for always being there D . H . , K . S . , 
J.T., S.G. 

Todd Nicodemus 
7 Diamond St., Norfolk 

LIKES: road signs, women, EC, OJ's, 
fender, aycar, PS. DISLIKES: Stop 
lights, Math, yuppies, arguments, neat- 
ness. FAVORITE MEMORY: Chillin' 
out with Brian, Liam, and Kurt. AC- 
TIVITIES: Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Cross 
country 3,4; band 1,2. FOUND: Lost. 
AWARDS: Letter and Jacket. AMBI- 
TION: To live until I die. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "FM Good", "Party on", 
"Gah". OTHER: I just want everyone to 
chill out! 

Deborah Lynn Noble 

Debbie, Weeble 

215 Janice Circle, Wrentham 

LIKES: Dave, band, the group, being ob- 
noxious w/ML. DISLIKES: Goodbyes, 
snobs, one more time, chemistry. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: VB trip, Prom '90 
w/DP, ML, JW, GW, HC, 8/10/88. AC- 
TIVITIES: Marching Band 1 ,2,3,4; Jazz 
3. FOUND: In the band room, on the 
phone w/DP. AWARDS: Most improved 
MB '89, unsung hero CB '90, BL. 
AMBITION: To have a career and family 
and to be successful and happy with both. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "You've got a 
hair disaster!", "I've gotta go!" 
OTHER: Thanx Mom for always being 
there, I luv U. 

Joanne Marie Noble 

Jo, Yo-Yo, Utah 
1 Ridge Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: WBRU, fireworks, sad movies, 
>eing obnoxious w/JK, AG, LK, NH, to 
augh and cry at the same time. DIS- 
LIKES: SOBL, circles, slushes, deceit, 
•VS101, ignorance, repetition, stan- 
Jardized testing. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: The Cure '89, Monet, 3am 
valk, Sinead, Sunday river. AC- 
TIVITIES: Drama 1,2,3,4; UNICEF 
-,3,4; NHS 3,4; amnesty, peer leader. 
\MBlTlON: Be truly happy for the rest 
)f my life, to have no regrets and to do all 
hose things I said I'd do one day. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: "Is it okay?" 
'We're in R.I.?" OTHER: "You only 
tave to look and it will all come true" — 
fhe Cure 

Doug Noonan 

283 Shear St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Corvettes, drawing, loud music. 
DISLIKES: Computers, stupid ques- 
tions. FOUND: Some place far away. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "That's cool". 

Dennis O'Brien 

Denny, O.B. 
30 Alderbrook Ct., Wrentham 

LIKES: LC, KP, all nighters, the usual 
weekends. DISLIKES: Boredom, Pin- 
zellies, last sips, the TAB off. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY : Summer '89, 4/13/ 
89, the good times w/L.C. AC- 
TIVITIES: Soc-er 3,4. FOUND: 
Wrentham, Plain e, or Norfolk w/ 
everyone else. A\. lRDS: Varsity letter 
and jacket. AMBITION: To do it all!! 
FAVORITE SAYING: "This is crazy." 
OTHER: Thanx Mom and Dad, sorry for 
the hard times. A special thanks to T.G. 
. . . you're the best! 

Heidi Ostergard 


7 Lincoln Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Lying on the beach, good look- 
ing boys, dancing. DISLIKES: Seafood, 
playing sports, nasty people. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Exchange student 
year in America 1 990-9 1 . ACTIVITIES: 
Band — 4, Yearbook — 4. FOUND: At 
home watching MTV. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "So what!??" OTHER: Mom 
& dad, thank you for this year, I love 



Jenny Rebecca Palos 

Lou, Paloose 
25 Kevin Joe's Way, Wrentham 

LIKES: Bingo, Billy Joel, fire, lollipops, 
hugs, pigs. DISLIKES: Sponges, 
speedos, technical fouls, driving, Sun- 
tourney, Prom '90, KOA 151, girls night 
'90, 8/5/89. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 
1,2,3,4; soccer 1,2,3,4; peer leadership 
2,3,4. FOUND: Arguing w/Mark about 
Foxborough. AWARDS: Captain — 
Basketball and soccer. AMBITION: To 
find an ambition. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"Geeze, Louise!", "You think you're 
hot stuff, 'cause you went to a dance." 
OTHER: Thanx Mom, Keith, Ka, Katie, 
Jo, Mark, Jer, and Nette — I Love You! ! 

Rashmi Pandey 


4Landall Rd., Plainville 

LIKES: Dancing, music, chi-chi's, 
black, kicks, truth. DISLIKES: Lies, ex- 
cuses, busboy award, common sense. 
14, California, Madison Sq. AC- 
TIVITIES: S.C. 1,2; peer; UNICEF; 
drama; NHS — treas. AMBITION: To 
accomplish my goals. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: "Huh?" OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, 'V, R P. — you're the best. 

Richard Payne 


120 West Bacon St., Plainville 

LIKES: Girls, motorcycles, parties, Led 
Zep, M.O.D. DISLIKES: Snobs, gays. 
Black tracks. AMBITION: To be a rich 
electrician. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"Don't believe half of what you see and 
anything that you hear. ' ' 

Jace A. Pearson 

Ace, Space 
405 Chestnut St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Stef, Mustangs, reliable people 
extreme, Golf. DISLIKES: Cheaters 
early morning, no par, big egos. FA 
VORITE MEMORY: 10/21/89. AC 
TIVITIES: Golf 1,2,3,4 (capt.); wres 
tling 2,3,4; peer leader; yrbk. FOUND 
Golf course. AWARDS: Sun Chron. All 
star, unsung hero — wrestling, golf 
AMBITION: To live out a successful anc 
happy life and possibly play golf on a pro 
fessional level. OTHER: Thanks to Mon 
and Dad, the Farrells, and those I forgo 
for giving me the support I needed. 

Ann-Marie Pelletier 

Ann, Anna, Pan Pan 
54 Pleasant St. , Plainville 

LIKES: John, Metallica, MLCLMH, to 
have fun. DISLIKES: Snobs, possers. 
MPKC, CL camper, MLDGDG, TR3D. 
FOUND: With John or ML, CL, MP. 
AMBITION: To be a pathologist. FA- 
Thanx Mom, Bob, Mat, Charlie, Mike — 
Love you all. 

Mat Pelletier 

54 Pleasant St., Plainville 

LIKES: Iron Maiden, Women, food, 
black, Skin Heads. DISLIKES: Snobs, 
P-town, parties that get out of hand. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: The island '87 
FOUND: At my house or in my car. 
AWARDS: Graphic arts student of the 
year 1990. AMBITION: To be the best I 
can be. To own my own Graphic Arts 
printing shop and to earn the most knowl- 
edge in the field. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"Notme", "Gottathing", "Oohbaby." 

Michael K. Pepin 

Mike, Pep 
49 Hamilton Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Sports, JB's Jr. Eng. class, my 
car $. DISLIKES: Eng. Soph, year, 
double, sess. w/Coach C., summ. sch. 
soph. yr. FAVORITE MEMORY: All 4 
years at KP, Jr. lunch w/friends & Mrs. 
Manering. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 
1,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; 
Peer leader 1,2,3,4. FOUND: Not in 
Wrentham, Mahoneys w/DM. 
AWARDS: Jacket, soccer pins, His. Day 
project. AMBITION: To own my own 
fitness center, to have a healthy, happy 
family & to have everything I want! FA- 
VORITE SAYING: "I don't know!", 
"We'll see", "Yea maybe!" OTHER: 
Good luck to all my friends DM. Thanks 
Mom & Dad, Love ya! 

James Perrotti 

1600 West St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Jello, CPT.C, Led-Zep, fas 
bikes, WSS, H.G., darts, money. DIS 
LIKES: PPd, FC, speed limit drivers 
C&S with DG, BT, gatherings, lamenes; 
with park rats. FOUND: With Dave 
Grecho, Lameville. AMBITION: Not t< 
get married. FAVORITE SAYING 
"Cut it out." OTHER: Thanks to DG 
MH, DH, CP, GL, JM, RG, BP, JB, J^ 
for the GOOD TIMES!! 



Kenneth Phillips Jr. 

Ken, "Swamp Rat" 
28 Birch Rd., Norfolk 

UKES: Fast cars, 4x4's, baseball, nice 
ooking girls, Jen. DISLIKES: Cops, 
gnorant drivers, snobs, ignorant people, 
detentions. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
rhe thought of actually getting out of 
lere. ACTIVITIES: Wrentham Aux. 
~ire Dept., SADD 1,4. FOUND: Hang- 
ng out with the "Rats", fire station or 
vith Cindy and Jen. AMBITION: To be- 
:ome a jet fighter pilot for either the Air 
-orce or Navy or become an E.M.T. or 
roth. FAVORITE SAYING: "What's 
lappenin?" OTHER: Thanks to Bill R., 
Jcott E. , Chris C. , Dave P. , and Cindy H. 
or putting up with me. 

Heather Pickett 

154 Thurston St. Wrentham 

LIKES: Parties, Homeplate, sleep, caus- 
ing trouble. DISLIKES: Getting caught, 
W's, morning. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Summer of 1990, Europe trip 1990. 
FOUND: Watching the B's and partying. 
AMBITION: To have fun and be happy. 
OTHER: Good luck to B.D., A.S., J.T., 
L.M., C.B. 

Jennifer Jean Pikarsky 

8 Garrison Dr., Plainville 

LIKES: Steve, good friends, parties, NJ 
shore, weekends. DISLIKES: Trespass- 
ing, decisions, hitting curbs, 6 a.m. 
w/EH, HA, NDS VP w/CS, 5/25/90. AC- 
TIVITIES: Student Council 1 ; peer lead- 
ership 2,3; yearbook 4. FOUND: w/EH, 
BT, CS, DJ, or waiting for SH. 
AWARDS: Who's Who among Amer. 
H.S. students. AMBITION: To be happy 
and successful. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"You're ridiculous.", "That's what I 
was thinking." OTHER: Thanks to EH, 
SH, BT, CS, KK, DJ, for all the good 
times. Good luck to the class of '91. 

Natasha Pollard 

Tasha, Nat 
125 Jenks St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Brendan, aimlessness, Stoney 
Brook, DECA, "Raw". DISLIKES: 
Feet, KPTP, dip, the bus, Town Pizza, 
"sharing". FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Summer '89, 12/1/89, 3/2/90, states '90. 
ACTIVITIES: Fall and Winter cheer- 
leading 1,2,3,4; captain 4; DECA 3,4. 
FOUND: With Brendan, or being 
"aimless". AWARDS: Grand Champs 
'88; Varsity letter and jacket. AMBI- 
TION: To ignore the things that I have no 
control over, and to be the happiest I can 
possibly be. OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, K.H., K.B., L.S., J.S., and Bren I 
love you! 

Dave Powell 

Pizza, Dave 

21 Fletcher St., Plainville 

JKES: SECH, judge CT, shows at the 
\nthrax, arguing. DISLIKES: Drugs, 
acism, hate, bottled violence, RIHC, 
ittitudes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Jude 
veekend '90, The old living room, Jake 
iADD 3; ski club 3,4. FOUND: Doing 
olunteer dentistry work for the river 
«ople or Botswana. AMBITION: To 
vork for DEA or some form of police 
orce. FAVORITE SAYING: "Just say 
to." OTHER: Preach only what you 
now, understand and care about. 

Michael Puccio 

5 Valerie Dr., Plainville 

LIKES: Melissa, working for myself, til- 
ing floors. DISLIKES: A broken car, 
working for my boss. FOUND: Driving 
around somewhere. AMBITION: To be- 
come rich and have people doing my work 
forme. FAVORITE SAYING: "What, I 
didn't hear you" OTHER: Good luck 
DR, JM, JF, MH, and VV. 

Steven Raymond 

606 South St., Wrentham 

Paul Edmund Reinhardt Jr. 

19 Union St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Cara, classic rock, concerts, 
jazz, saxes. DISLIKES: Hypocrites, The 
Cure, violence, psuedopunks. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Huggies, Florida '88, 
Hershey Park '86, Bowie. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3; Mar. Band 
1 ,2,3,4; Band VP '90. FOUND: Doing it 
one more time . . . daydreaming. 
AWARDS: Rookie of the year '85 MB, 
Band letter. AMBITION: To become 
less judgmental about people and take 
school a little more seriously. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: "Let's blow this taco 
stand!" OTHER: Good luck band. You 
are the best! 

Seniors .51 

David M. Ricci 

1 8 Treasure Island Dr. , Plainville 

LIKES: Loud concerts, loud music, my 
friends. DISLIKES: Fat chicks, girls 
who use 4 letter words. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Jaber wocky the Island, DIO 
concert, trips to FLA. FOUND: Over 
Todd's house with John. AMBITION: 
To become successful in the field of Op- 
tometry also happily married. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: "That's what I'm here 
for", "Most grim". 

Mark David Robinson 

55 Sumner Perry Dr. , Wrentham 

LIKES: Winning, goos music, running, 
biking, money. DISLIKES: Losing, hav- 
ing no money, stuck up people. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Hockey Champs '89. 
ACTIVITIES: Band 1,2; track 2,3,4; 
cross country 3,4; Boy's State 3; peer 
leader 3,4. FOUND: Hang'in with the 
posse. AWARDS: Letter, jacket, winter 
track capt. 4. AMBITION: To live a 
happy and successful life. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "What's go'in down?" 
OTHER: Good luck to everyone. 

Todd Matthew Robinson 

Toad, Moose, Tudd 

2 Hillside Rd., Plainville 

LIKES: 300, aces, computers, comics, 
being myself. DISLIKES: Splits, others, 
MEMORY: Nerc, Florida, Aerosmith 
concert w/NH and MH. ACTIVITIES: 
Golf, 2,3,4 (capt.); drama 3,4; bowling 
K-12. FOUND: Bowling alleys, golf 
courses, and at home (not). AWARDS: 
Golf unsung hero: Bowling scholarship. 
AMBITION: to have a BS in Computer 
Science and be on the PBA, PGA before 
"!@#7*, I ain't eatin' it either" 
OTHER: Thanx NH, JY, KG, HC, GD, 
RL, & Hobbes — Good luck. 

Kyle Rockett 

78 Messenger St. , Plainville 

LIKES: A.D., running, winning, sleep 
ing, my Volare. DISLIKES: Losing 
Foxboro, North, my Volare, the Cure 
championships. ACTIVITIES: X 
Country 2,3,4; spring track 1,2,3,4; win 
ter track 2,3,4. FOUND: Running, hang 
ing with the posse. AWARDS: Letter X 
C, S.T., W.T. 2,3,4; unsung X-C 3 
AMBITION: To be able to continu* 
running competitively for many year: 
after high school and college. 

Frank Rose 

Magic, Francis, Fast Franky, Francois 

130 Eastside Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Sports, girls, the grand prix, par- 
tying with the boys. DISLIKES: Having 
no money, 1st period, cold winter morn- 
ings. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ski trip 
'89, Ski trip '91, Canada '90, June 16, 
1989. FOUND: Regional, Eastside road, 
partying. AMBITION: To make a lot of 
money and have fun spending it. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: "What's happen- 
ing?" OTHER: Good luck to J.C., B.T., 
T.L., M.V., M.V., M.M., G.C., K.L. 

Aaron Rousseau 

90 Archer St. , Wrentham 

LIKES: After school football games. 
DISLIKES: School, work. AC- 
TIVITIES: Peer leader 1,2; computer 
team 3,4. FOUND: Hanging with the 
posse. AMBITION: To make a lot of 

Douglas Rowe 


12 Hillside Rd., Plainville 

LIKES: P.F.'s parties, football. DIS- 
LIKES: Being alone. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Jaberwockey. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Spring track 3,4; winter track 4. 
FOUND: Hangin with the posse. AMBI- 
TION: To stay alive long enough to enjoy 
life. FAVORITE SAYING: "Badboy" 

Dannelle Russell 

Danni, Nadelle, Nellie 
33 School St., Plainville 

LIKES: The Doors, Brian, partying, ft 
New York. DISLIKES: Gremlin man, 
being a maid, cops in cemeteries. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: 3/10/89, 3/10/90, 
falling down Diamond Hill w/LH, times|T|j 
w/LA & LH, Newport w/Brian. 
FOUND: Living at 825 Fifth Av. NY; oiL 
at the Pineapple Inn. AMBITION: To get «, 
my license. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"O.K. Bye". OTHER: Good luck to 
LA, LH, JP, EH, CH, BT, CS, MS, DW.foi 



Tommy Andrew Rutherford 

11 Treasure Island Rd., Plainville 

IKES: Winning, sports, money, 
Chinese food, Fag-day. DISLIKES: 

oxboro, North, losing, art, the Cure, 
[reshman football. ACTIVITIES: Foot- 
:all 1 ,2,3,4; winter track 3,4; spring track 

,4. FOUND: Hangin with the posse. 

WARDS: 4 Varsity letters. AMBI- 
TION: To coach a professional football 
jam. FAVORITE SAYING: "Be that 

; it may". 

Jenette Elizabeth Sabbag 

Net, Netty 
63 Walnut St., Plainville 

LIKES: JM, chocolate, snoopy, ice 
cream, roses, Applebees, mail, "Hats", 
sunshine, wkends at ABs, dreams. DIS- 
LIKES: Eng simultaneous thoughts, de- 
cisions, early morns, moods, the bus, los- 
ing things, LC car/mud, distraught. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: 7/8/88, Russian 
spies, post b-ball night, Prudence, Billy 
Joel x2, "Hotel Cali", lake w/JP, strait- 
edge tricks. ACTIVITIES: Soccer; b- 
ball; s-ball; student council, sachem. 
FOUND: Asleep. AWARDS: Var. Ltrs 
& Jkt. AMBITION: Peace, love Happi- 
ness. FAVORITE SAYING: "But Abby 
we're Russian spies." OTHER: Good 
Luck — I'll miss you! 

Michelle Salisbury 

Shell, Shimelle, Sails 
67 River Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Rich, being with Rob, Stacey, 
Rick and Ray. DISLIKES: Boys in blue, 
Egan, getting caught. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: The Cape with Rick and 
Rob, being with Heather Vinson. 
FOUND: With Rick, Stacey, Rob, and 
Rob doing something wrong. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: "Get away from me.", 
"Lets do it". OTHER: Thanx Stacey, 
Rob, Rick, and Ray for everything, I love 

Arinana Schneider 

Ami, Ari 
156 E. Bacon St., Plainville 

LIKES: Kev Connolly, Being with 
friends, all night parties. DISLIKES: 
The big "W", being bored, in-house. 
'90, March 10, 1990. FOUND: Driving 
around or watching hockey with Kev, 
looking for a job. AMBITION: To be 
rich and famous, have fun and be happy. 

Matthew P. Sekula 

253 Park St., Wrentham 

'KES: Porsches w/O, trannys, snoopy, 
ill hill. DISLIKES: W.S.S. Police. 
J, CF. G.D. with SD, DH, JP. ACTIV- 
TES: Spring track 1 ; X-country 2; win- 
• track 2. FOUND: At work or out with 
; guys. AMBITION: To become an ac- 
mplished carpenter and have my own 
Vorst ever." OTHER: Thanks to my 
om and Dad for putting up with me. 

Pr : ' " ^^^H 

^ ^^HI^IB^^^^uHm^^ ^^b 

m. >"*« ■ fifty- ■ ■ 


1 1 

H| **£*'"- //. 


K ] 

K 1 

W' ■ 1 

^^A. . 

Jennifer L. Shore 

Jen, Shorzy 
272 Bennett St., Wrentham 

LIKES: The Dead, blue eyes, high times, 
N20 balloons, partying, Weekends. 
laughing man, feet, rumors, waiting, 16 
14/90 — Dead "trip" w/Amy, Mike and 
Rick, 8/18/90 — Woodstock, 8/25/90 — 
Maine, Summer '89. ACTIVITIES: 
Basketball 2; yearbook 4. FOUND: Par- 
tying at Johnson and Wales. AMBI- 
TION: To go to college and be successful 
at whatever I do. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"Deep down . . .", "Nothin left to do 
but smile, smile, smile!" OTHER: 
Thanks Mom and Dad. Good luck AH, 
KH, TP, LS, KB, RL and MC — I love 
you all. 

Laura Beth Siekman 

Lye, Siek 
85 Woodland Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: "RAW", roses, ML, G.S. boys, 
"LM", VF, being Jill w/T. P., lollypops, 
Billy Joel, NKOTB, true friends, jeeps. 
DISLIKES: Being cold, Norwood w/ 
Jen, waiting, seafood, peanut butter, get- 
ting caught. FAVORITE MEMORY: 4/ 
24/89, Prom '90, NY w/Gail, summer 
'89. ACTIVITIES: YRBK 1,2&3 (edi- 
tor), 4 (Editor-in-Chief); float 2,3,4; peer 
leader 3,4. FOUND: Driving around w/ 
friends, or at Thayer. AMBITION: To 
become a teacher & marry rich. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: "Thank You!!" 
OTHER: Thanx & good luck to Gail, 
Kim, Jen, Tasha, Amy, Beck, Mel, Rod 
& Amy. Thanx Mom, Dad & Coop for 
your help. 

Colleen Silver 

Nut meg, Monte 

LIKES: The Dead, MW, parties, poetry, 
hats. DISLIKES: SH, responsibility, 
wondering. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Wrong car, The Dead w/BT, MV, 
handsup w/JP. FOUND: Partying, 
Homeplate, Campsite with "the guys". 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Keys the who 
"89", SM "90". AMBITION: To save 
the environment. To buy a V.W. van. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "It's a fan- 
tabulous night for a Moondance.", "Ne 
ner, ne ner, ne ner." OTHER: Thanks 
BT for a home. Thanks Mom. Luv "The 



Rocco Silvestri 

Rock Man 
51 School St., Plainville 

LIKES: Chevys, Pontiacs, vacations. 
DISLIKES: Fords, school, committees. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Out to lunch 
with Mike, burn sum the rest of shop. 
FOUND: Working. 

Andrew Sloper 

316 Park St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Mustangs, partying, The 
Beatles. DISLIKES: Arguing with DS, 
driving JS to get butts. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Idaho '90. FOUND: My 
house, or up the street. AMBITION: 
What ever I'm good at. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Stop it.", "Cut it out." 
OTHER: Thanks J. S., P.D., T.B., E.F., 
C.K., M.H., C.C., DJS for being there. 

Michael Smith 

Icky, Opus, Passion Goose, Mickey 
3 Medway Branch, Norfolk 

LIKES: Fighting w/AB, being last 2 
hear, sleep, long hair, waiting till the last 
min. DISLIKES: Exer., sports, class 
ring, bad semi-pictures, per. 1-7. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: 5/29/89, 6/17/89, 
the Cape expe. , fishing w/Mike, VT. w/JZ, 
Queb. FOUND: Waiting for Stacel & 
Tracel, losing money, making eclair cake 
4 Kristen & Katie, the track. AWARDS: 
DEC A Districts. AMBITION: To keep 
all my original body parts. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "I'm a loser", "I can't wait 2 
get out of school". OTHER: Thx. M & 
D, CS, RM, MM, JM, JZ, TM, RY, SG, 
SL, Z, DS, KF, JC, AG, DA, DF, JS, G's, 
KH, ME, Bone. 

Joseph A. Sparks 

Joe, Joey 
79 Pleasant St., Plainville 

LIKES: Water Skiing, pool, being with 
my friends. DISLIKES: Snobs, people 
who act stupid, working. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Spring of 1990, Playing vol- 
leyball at Dean. ACTIVITIES: Winter 
Track 3,4; Spring Track 3,4. FOUND: 
Working on my car, with the Guys, with 
M.D. AWARDS: Winter track letter 3,4; 
spring track 3,4. AMBITION: To make it 
as a guitarist and to graduate from college 
with a masters in engineering. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: "It's Casual". 

Amy St. Martin 

9 Melcher St., Plainville 

Craig Matthew St. Amand 


94 Rockwood Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Soccer, money, having fun. 
DISLIKES: Doubles, school, doctors. 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1 ,2,3; peer leader- 
ship 3,4. FOUND: Working at T.J. Max 
or at Scotter's. AWARDS: Varsity letter. 
SAYING: "No problem . . .Anytime". 

Michael W. St. Pierre 

Mike, Santo 
307 Creek St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Sports, TV, computers, Rex 
Champman, Nike Air. DISLIKES: Trig, 
Bio, Yankees, losing in football card. 
McGolf. FOUND: Hanging with the 
Posse, sleeping, eating. AMBITION: To 
succeed in whatever I choose to do. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: "!@#*? for you." 

Scott Stone 

24 Birch Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: Parties, girls, cruisin, black 
tracks. DISLIKES: Crashes, no parties, 
Toyotas, nerds. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Beating on my car down; 
moon crator. FOUND: In a tent next to a 
party. AWARDS: welding certificate in 
grade 10. AMBITION: To get a full time 
w/lots of money and move down to 
Florida. FAVORITE SAYING: "Outta 
my face punk". 




^IHr ^ i 

B 5§^ -* 


. ."' :::: ' : : '"j- 



fc. v'^^Bi&iu. "'i 

% 'V/ 

Liam Sullivan 

6 Kingsbury St., Norfolk 

Michael A. Sullivan 

Scully, Mikey 
4 West St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Winning, weekends, beating 
Foxboro, running. DISLIKES: English 
tests, loosing to Foxboro, injuries. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Winning League 
Championship cross country '88. AC- 
TIVITIES: Cross country 2,3,4; track 
1,2,3,4; peer leadership 3,4; boys state. 
FOUND: Hanging with the posse. 
AWARDS: MVP cross country '89, all- 
star 2,3,4, Ltrs. Tr. 1,2,3,4, X-C 2,3,4. 
AMBITION: Make lots of money. FA- 
Best of luck to J.M., M.R., S.K., D.R., 
and B.G. 

Sofia Svanholt 

171 Chestnut St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Real friends, sports, sleeping, 
partying, summer. DISLIKES: Getting 
up in the morning, gossip, good-byes. 
My training camps September 29-30 
1990. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey — 4, 
Track — 4. FOUND: Anywhere I'm not 
expected to be found. AMBITION: To 
get well educated enough to chose the job 
I want to have. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"O;!" OTHER: Thanx Mom & Dad for 
this year! My friends: I love U all! 

Derek Swanson 
67 Boardman St. , Norfolk 

LIKES: Golf, The Diceman, sleeping, 
Elio's pizza. DISLIKES: Green fees, 
w/JT, DT, CS. ACTIVITIES: Golf 4. 
FOUND: Golfing, Fun and Games. 
AMBITION: To be extremely wealthy 
and buy happiness. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: "Jeez J.B." 

Lila Swenson 

Steven Sylvester 
4 Medway St., Norfolk 

David Thorp 

Thorp, Frick 
72 King St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Boat shoes, Fr. , Ger. , immaturity, 
2:18 pm M-F. DISLIKES: The "e", 
socks, fish, math, accidents. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Europe 4/90, the past 4 years. 
FOUND: On the phone trying to skeave a 
ride from RC. AWARDS: 3 German. 
AMBITION: To have my cake and eat it 
too, and to get the $70 RC owes me. FAV- 
ORITE SAYING: "Woko Say Chow." 
OTHER: To anyone who has been there 
for me you know who you are — Thanks! 

Brenda Tierney 

MD, Br en 
1 Brewster Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: The Dead, parties, cats, true 
friends. DISLIKES: Driving w/out a des- 
tination, and fake people. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Grateful Dead '90, The Who 
'89, Ger '90, Can. w/EH wrong car, 
Steve Miller w/EH, JP, CS and Keys. 
FOUND: With CS and at the campsite. 
AMBITION: Graduate from college and 
to save the environment w/CS. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: "I'll do it later!", "I 
don't like this.", "I don't think this is a 
very good idea." OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Bob, and Colleen for being 
there. Good luck CS, DJ, CH, EH, JP, 
and DE. Good luck class of 91. 



Anthony J. Tirado 

89 Pond St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Loud obnoxious music, Julie 
alot, my life, WBRU 95.5. DISLIKES: 
Cold's, racism, back slabbers, drunks, 
Johnny Carson. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer '88, 4/25/90, No- 
vember 14 of 87, 5/6/90 w/JM, Sept. 13 
w/Art and Bubbles. ACTIVITIES: 
Wrestling, V.I.C.A. FOUND: By 2006 
sipping Ap in a calatain Hawaii. AMBI- 
TION: To finally grow up! And then have 
a family like the Cosbys. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "For cliff sake". 

Eric Todd 

145 Hamilton Rd., Wrentham 

LIKES: Melissa, EVH, pizza, strats, my 
XT. DISLIKES: Practicing, Saturdays at 
4:30, moods. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
9/12/88, 6/12/88. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 
1,2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Baseball 1. 
FOUND: With Melissa, working. 
AMBITION: To get through college the 
first time. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"You're a butthead!" OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Dad! I love you Melissa! 

Meredith R. Toll 

Merry, Merri, Mez 
9 Pine tree Dr., Plainville 

LIKES: Traveling, gold, true friends, ex- 
ercise, Billy Joel, Paris, spring, honesty. 
DISLIKES: Fakes, spiders, being called 
"Mary", waiting, accident, disappoint- 
ments, ignorance, fighting, snobs. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Europe trips, the 
"H.K.", summer '89 w/C.C, California 
'86, '88, all the parties. ACTIVITIES: 
Unicef 2,3; Yearbook 4. AMBITION: 
To live beyond Plainville and be success- 
ful and happy. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"Are you all set?" OTHER: Good Luck 
D.J., C.H., J.C., K.R., L.H., and C.C. 
Thanks M and D and Amy. 

Robert Trainor 

485 West St., Wrentham 

Brian Treeful 

Treeman, Stick, Truffle 

96 Boardman St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Wrestling, late nights, concerts, 
going out with the boys. DISLIKES: 
Broken up parties, pinners, getting 
caught. FAVORITE MEMORY: Tor- 
onto '90, Jungle '89, and all the concerts 
with the boys. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1 ; 
wrestling 2,3,4; football I. FOUND: At 
the party. AWARDS: Varsity letter and 
jacket, captain of wrestling. AMBI- 
TION: To travel the world. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Trent, 'chill out' ". 
OTHER: Good luck to F.R., J.C., T.L., 
M.V., D.O., M.V., M.M. 

Joanne Troiano 

Jo, Jo-Jo 

1 Spruce Rd., Norfolk 

LIKES: The Homeplate, roses, purple 
Novas, chocolate. DISLIKES: Wander- 
ing aimlessly, w's, fakeness, mornings. 
skipping '90 with Tash, Jr. High, 
graphics. FOUND: Searching for a better 
world than todays, or eating. AMBI- 
TION: To see everything there is to see, 
and understand it. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Stop it! OTHER: Good luck H.P., 
L.M., A.S., B.D., S.W., Thanks 
Tommy, Paul and Rick for being there. 

Michael J. Unterweger 

Wager, Unter 

75 George St., Plainville 

LIKES: Skiing, partying w/the boys, 
MGD, weekends. DISLIKES: Rainy 
days, the boys in blue, mondays. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: 6/16/89 w/BT, JC, 
FR, TL; trips w/Rick and rug. AC- 
TIVITIES: Football 1,2,3; Tennis 4. 
FOUND: Playing ping pong w/the guys. 
AMBITION: To move to Australia and 
hunt crocodiles. FAVORITE SAYING: 
"So, where's the party?" OTHER: good 
luck to class of 1991. 

Mark W. Videto 

15 East Bacon St., Plainville 

LIKES: Bru, Depesche Mode, Cure, reaj j 
friends, VW. DISLIKES: Broken GTI i| 
homework, no money, Sundays on Bru 
w/K.H., beach w/S.M., P.T., T.T. \ 
T.H., B.S., K.H., K.C., & G.H., floaj 
meetings junior year. FOUND: Driving 
aimlessly w/B.S. and K.C., lost w/B.Si 
and K.C. AMBITION: To own a boat ir| 
Florida, rich and single. FAVORITE\ 
SAYING: "Whoa!". OTHER: ThanV 
M&D. Thanx S.M., B.S., K.C, T.T. | 
P.T., S.W., G.H., andK.H. 



Vincent Villano 

Vin Dog 
415 Madison St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Making money, nice cars. DIS- 
LIKES: Police, waiting for Mike in the 
morning. FAVORITE MEMORY: Food 
service '89-'90. FOUND: Working. 

Marc Vitelli 

Vittels, Vito 
485 South St., Wrentham 

LIKES: The Dead, Tull, Fleetwood, 8, 
MEG, HJY, trips, skiing, Great Woods. 
DISLIKES: Mondays, piggers, pinners, 
doubles, butts, Montes. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Fleetwood Mac 7/28/90 w/ 
HD, PF, LL, SW, MV, DO, JD, HD, 
AN, Tom Petty '89. ACTIVITIES: Soc- 
cer 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3. FOUND: 
Partying with the boys, Eastside, lost. 
AMBITION: To be successful at what- 
"Every silver lining has a touch of grey' ' . 
OTHER: Thanks to Mom and Dad for 
everything! Good luck to MV, JC, FR, 
MM, BT, TL, DO, and DV. 

Jeffrey A. Wall 

8 Munroe Dr. , Plainville 

LIKES: Kristie, lifting, The Cove. DIS- 
LIKES: When something goes wrong w/ 
my car. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cin- 
derella concert w/Kl '89, Maine w/RG 
'87. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1; football 
1 ; hockey 1 . FOUND: With Kristie or in 
the weight room. AMBITION: To be 
successful. FAVORITE SAYING: 

Susan M. Wallin 

10 Huntington Ave., Plainville 

LIKES: Cars, gold, my dog, music, 
crusin' around. DISLIKES: Drugs, little 
punks, war. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Automotive 89-90. FOUND: Cruisin' 
for at D&D with Beana. AMBITION: To 
own an excellent convertible 442 and go 
to Australia. FAVORITE SAYING: "I 
can't see it!" OTHER: Thanks mom and 
Mrs. Dire for being there. 

Francis Weaver 

JR, Wayne, Weave 
10 Hillcrest Dr., Plainville 

.IKES: Hockey, running, carpentry, 
/inning, quiet. DISLIKES: AM prac- 
ice, Monday, losing. FAVORITE 
Tockey 1,2,3,4; Track 1. FOUND: 
leeping. AWARDS: Letter and Jacket. 
\MBITION: To do my best at whatever I 
o. FAVORITE SAYING: Poppycock; 
>h #(a!*? not the post again. 

Craig S. Weiss 
68 Pine St., Norfolk 

LIKES: The Cure, golf, RC 10's, Mod. 
tour, surfing. DISLIKES: Posers, 
MEMORY: Surfing w/Bill 6/90. AC- 
TIVITIES: Golf 2,3,4; peerleader 3,4; 
amnesty int. 3,4. AWARDS: Varsity let- 
ter. AMBITION: to graduate from col- 
lege then take it from there. FAVORITE 
SAYING: "Excellent, he shoots, he 
scores". OTHER: Thanks to everyone 
who made it fun. 

David Wiggin 

Wigs, Wig g lin 
6B George St. , Plainville 

LIKES: AC/DC, baseball, Islands. DIS- 
LIKES: Being called Wigglin. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Mirimichi Island w/RG, 
Baseball 2. FOUND: At World War One 
Park, sleeping. AMBITION: To get a 

Deborah L. Wilson 

97 Myrtle St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Sunsets, Billy Idol, Looney 
Tunes, music, snow, Canada, crocodiles, 
Alaska, ocean, rain, planes, Newport, 
Eagles, trucks. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Janet Jackson '90, 7/79/90, 8/13/90. AC- 
MEMORY: New Hampshire w/A.L. 
FOUND: With John and Joanne, work, 
Pizza Hut. AMBITION: To own: 
"Debbie's Big Mother Truck Rental 
"Nasty", "Fine". OTHER: Thanks to 
Mom and Dad for their love and support. 



Denise Wilson 

97 Myrtle St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Penquins, sunsets, NH, Boston, 
jewelry, music. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: April of '90, Janet Jackson 
'90. ACTIVITIES: Amnesty 4; Year- 
book 3,4. FOUND: At work, with Aimee 
in Boston. AMBITION: To become a 
successful interior decorator and someday 
own my own decorations firm. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: "Seriously." OTHER: 
Thanks to all my friends for making these 
four years more than just boring. 

Sandra Ann Wood 

345 Main St., Norfolk 

LIKES: Cries w/Asha, DECA, laughing 
hysterically. DISLIKES: TN's broken 
tooth, fourth place, licenses. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: NH w/AG & KC, prom 
'90 w/KC, Hock champs '90. AC- 
TIVITIES: X-country 1,2,3; winter track 
1,3; spring track 1,3; unicef 1,2,3,4; 
DECA 3,4. FOUND: Always with 
Keith. AWARDS: DECA St. finalist and 
student to term, 7 varsity letters. AMBI- 
TION: To be happily married and have 
twins, own a health and fitness club. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Keith 
— I love you so much! 

Jean C. Yau 

"J", "Jean-o" , Hygiene 
2008 West St., Wrentham 

LIKES: Rain, roses, friends, fantasy, 
laughter. DISLIKES: Injustice, sarcasm, 
lies, fights, mrmal. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: '87, 11/6/88, 2/14/89, CH, 
Band 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Video. 
Sachem 1,2,3,4. FOUND: Wandering 
and searching or at video. Band. 
AWARDS: Varsity letter, Unsung hero 
— jazz, Arch. Award. AMBITION: To 
make a difference and give light to those 
in the dark. OTHER: Thanx and love to 
the PIT, my family, and friends. 

Ted Young 

7997 Senior Favorites 

TEACHER: Mr. Black 
CAR: Mustang 
GROUP: Greatful Dead 
SPORT: Football 
FOOD: Pizza 
TV. SHOW; Simpsons 
SONG: Brown Eyed Girl 
BEACH: Horseneck 

ALBUM: The Wall (Pink Floyd) 

ACTRESS: Julia Roberts 
ACTOR: Mel Gibson 
SINGLE: Do Me (Bell Biv Devoe) 
MOVIE: Ghost 
SODA: Coke 
CANDY: Snickers 



Clumsiest: Todd Robinson, Heidi Curtis 


♦ • 

Hippiest: Shawn Malouin, Laurene Molloy 

# ♦ 


■ ♦ 

Most Scatterbrained: Mike McGill, 
Tracy McDonald 

Shyest: Gila Dratman, Kirk Bogardus 

Class Clowns: Kim Hamwey, Andy Arnold 

Senior Suiperlantfves 

Superlatives *jf 

Best Buddies: Frank Rose, Jason Chianca 

Best Buddies: Stacey Holland, 
Michelle Salisbury 

Friendliest: Frank Rose, Joanna Carter 

Seriicr Suipeirllaitives 

411 Superlatives 

Most Unchanged: Craig St. Amand, 
Kim Deschamps 

Best All Around: Amy DesJardins, 
Jace Pearson 

Senior Superlatives A . 

Superlatives 41 

Class Gossip: Keith Conley, Jen Shore 

Most Musical: Paul Reinhardt, 
Evangelyn Morse 

Most Talkative: Joanne Noble, Jarrod Luke 

Senicr Suiipeirlaitiives 

42 Superlatives 




— ^ " ■ "&>.'.'' M 

Mosf Changed: Abby Bender, Jake Tirado 

Best Looking: Asha Nadakarni, Jace Pearson 

Best Nicknames: Moni Ely, Rob Bucanan 

Dizziest: Karolyn Bourne, Marc Vitelli 

Most Athletic: Dan Gill, Jen Palos 

Senior Superlatives ., 

Superlatives 4,5 

■ * 

Most Likely to Succeed: Brian Atkinson, 
Amy DesJardins 

Most Gullible: Tara Gallagher, Jamie Horton 

« # ■*■■♦• 

Best Personality: Ali Caizza, Mike Smith 

Best Smile: Chirs Killian, Leah Calleaux 

AA Senior SmpeirHaitives 

44 Superlatives 

Baby Pictures 

Keri Alsworth 

Braden Andrews 

Lisa Anisearouicz 

Brian Atkinson 

Sara Austin 

Abby Bender 

Amanda Brown 

Ali Caiazza 

Dan Boone 

Karolyn Bourne 

Joanna Carter 

Leah Calleaux 

Veronica Boyle 

Gina Casamenti 

Jason Chianca 

Carrie Crehan 

Jen Cress 

Elise Herman 

Asha Nadkarni 

Baby Pictures 45 


4f ^ 

• v i 

Heidi Curtis 

Amy Desjardins 

Diana Gulino 

Tara Hall Kim Hamway 

*r* v 

Christian Hazel 

Amy Healy 

Kim Hender 

Jaime Horton 

Becky Holster 

4o Baby Pictures 

1 1~^ fikML'^--- 





Jace Pearson 

Michael Pepin 

Sim Perrotti 

Jen Pikarsky 

Tasha Pollard 

Baby Pictures 47 

Colleen Silver 

Joe Sparks 

David Thorp 

Brenda Tierney 

Eric Todd 

Meredith Toll 

Mike Unterweger 

Vincent Villano 

Marc Vitelli 

Jeff Wall 

Twins Twins!! 

Mat and Ann-Marie Pelletier 

Denise and Debbie Wilson 

4o Baby Pictures 

'We've got sunshine, on a rainy day!" 

Welcome aboard the J & J Cruise Line! 


Mid-year locker clean out — Fun! Not. 

It's like this . . . 




Dear Sr. Ingalls and Miss Towers, 

Isn't it down right amazing — it's been 15 years since we last saw King Philip. We haven't changed too, too much. Well at least some of us 4 
haven't. The people that stuck around didn't change too much. Vinny Villano owns his dad's store, he fixed the place up real nice. Poor Michelle 
Salisbury and Stacey Holland are still waiting for Rob Fitzgerald to graduate. Douglas Rowe told me the other day that he's been teaching Davidi i 
Wiggin in Driver's Ed. As we all expected Frank Rose bought the Sunoco station, managed by Jason Chianca with Marc Vitelli and Trentll 
Liber atore pumping the gas. The other day I saw Scott Stone the other day and he was waiting in line for yet another unemployment check. Joe 
Sparks and Paul Reinhardt were seen together in a small club near Wrentham. I saw J en Shore, Amy Healy, Brenda Tierney, and Colleen Silverk 
— they had just come back from the Grateful Dead's spring tour. They looked great, even their dirty feet. 

We had a couple of people go straight too. Believe it or not Brian Treeful took over his father's job. Brian is now the Chief of Police in Norfolk. 
Tushar Patel and Derek Franklin also took over their father's businesses. Tushar now owns the Neartown Motel. You won't believe it but Dave 
Powell and Brian Malagrida are working for the F.B.I., busting dope heads. Ed Beutler finally became a state trooper. We are also lucky to have 
a few good people in the C. LA., James Perrotti, Marcus Houston, and Heidi Curtis, but I heard Marcus is just "playing cop. " Debbie Wilson is a 
Drill Sergeant and was found "drilling" Ann-Marie Pelletier, who has joined the Marines. We should all be proud of our Admiral Francis 
Weaver, and also Kathy Griswold who is flying fighter jets. 

I got in touch with Keith Conley and Sandy Wood, they own a health and fitness club and are doing well. They live with Jeff Wall and Mark 
Videto on a big house boat. During their travels far and wide, they have reported seeing a few of us "91s." Tracey Graham, Tricia Molloy, and 
Shannon Mahady were floating around the Caribbean. Heather Pickett and Arianna Schneider also stopped therefor just a peek. They dropped 
Joanne Troiano off in Africa where she met up with Dannelle Russell. There they started writing soothing poetry. Merry Toll and her husband 
told me that they saw Laura Siekman over in Europe with her husband. Ali Caiazza owns her own art studio with Liam Sullivan in Paris, where 
Asha Ghosh was found recently on the Riviera reading a book. 

When we last saw Bob Mannering, he was living off of his rich wife's inheritance in Beverly Hills. Also in Beverly Hills lives Colleen Moore 
and Veronica Boyle, who own a Day Care Center. I called Chrissy Hovey on her cellular phone in her BMW and guess what, she was on her way to 
Bloomingdale's. At Bloomingdale's Chrissy ran into Heather Drake, who was advising her on how to apply her cosmetics. Chrissy also saw Tasha 
Pollard in the Lingerie department. Gail Holland is a famous attorney with Kim Hender as her legal secretary also set up in Beverly Hills. 

As you may already know Christian Hazel is the lead guitarist for Phoenix, he lives in his mansion in the Florida Keys, and he will never forget 
Moni. Of course, we are very proud of Debbie Noble who is on the cover of Time for figuring out a way for men to have babies. This article was 
written by Amy Knowles. Amy is still searching for the perfect boyfriend. 

We have a few star athletes from our class as well. In the 2006 Olympics Leah Calleaux won a gold medal in Gymnastics, and J eff Mahoney 
received a gold medal in the marathon. As well as being a gold medalist J eff is also the Vice President of the Nike Shoe Co. under President Kirk 
Bogardus. However, Kirk also has another prof ession, he is a weatherman in his spare time. But, without the support of sponsor Kyle Rockett, who 
is running professionally on the world Circuit, Nike Shoes wouldn't be of the high quality that they are. 

The other day while I was driving I passed Kim Hamwey and her family of four kids. They were driving down a long, secluded, winding road 
trying to find the golden arches. Meanwhile Brian Atkinson and Dan Boone have their own Engineering Firm. Gina Casamenti owns her own 
Chippendale Club with J ace Pearson as the main attraction. J ace is also working with Evangelyn Morse to save the Earth from its environmental 
destruction. Craig St. Amand is developing concepts to make the world a more efficient place to live. The day after graduation Neil Hagerty won 
the lottery and is still living in luxury. 

On the serious side of things Cara McGrath is trying to teach younger kids that life isn't as hard as they say, but still trying to figure it our herself. 
Cara andjese Poirier are counselors at the center for troubled teens owned by Becky Holster, who happily married and living in Vermont. Jen 
Kettell and Christina Down are teaching deaf children. Jen has also enlisted in the Peace Corps with Rachel Lawry. Rachel lives on a small farm 
in Wales. Jenn Cress is an Orthopedic Physical Therapist and is married to Steve. Amanda Brown and Tracey McDonald became special 

so , 2006 2006 2006 


education teachers. Amanda is married to John and has 8 children of her own. Keri Alsworth is a physical therapist and in her free time she tours 
vith the well known band Phoenix. Nicole Manning is happily married and an executive for Tim Konowitz's company. Tim is also happily 
narried with one child. Neil McGrath is living in Canada just like he had hoped to. Heidi Ostergard and Niels Siegumfeldt are quite content now 
because they are living at home again. 

Of course we all know that the Bruins have just won the Stanley Cup, we hvae a few people to thank for that. Chris Killian who has improved 
yreatly took over Andy Moog's position as goalie. The highest paid player in NHL history is Tom Buckley who plays defense. Last but not least we 
nve all of our thanks to the owner Mike Unterweger and Draft Manager Doug Johnston. 

Other people making headlines in the sports world are: Braden Andrews, after an all star year, is preparing for the world series. Mike St. Pierre 
s the first person to ever manage two different professional sports teams. Mike Sullivan is the athletic trainer for the New York Giants. Thanks to 
Tommy Rutherford the New England Patriots have won their first Superbowl in thirty years. At this game was Dennis Collins who witnessed the 
nctory of the Patriot's against the 49'ers at Candlestick Park. Jarrod Luke was also at this game. He was broadcasting for NBC Sports. After the 
lame, Elise Herman was interviewing the Patriot's in their locker room. Carolyn Nagle was just in the paper for her outstanding performance in 
7 ield Hockey. Mike Pepin in still on crutches from his high school injuries. 

Abby Bender, is a struggling, young, single mother of 13, making a living as a performance artist. Recently, Abby took her youngest child, 
"illawfet, to Kenny Pedicure Center and is now suing Lisa Kenneyfor malpractice. Moni Ely, who owns her own practice in a medical field took 
Rashmi Pandey as her apprentice when she graduated from medical school. Steve Droste finally moved out of Norfolk and became a successful 
rrain surgeon. 

Welcome to. the business world of King Philip graduates. To start things off, we have Debbie Figurelli who owns her own law office in Aruba 
md is married to a guy from Australia. Derek Swanson is the owner of his own computer company in Tokyo. James Campbell is the proud owner of 
i major T-shirt industry and is living a very comfortable life. Nina Hallett owns an accounting firm in which she handles the financial affairs of 
msiness tycoons. Craig Connolly has become very wealthy due to his success in the computer business. We couldn't get a hold of Amy Desjardins 
because she is a part of the International Market and was away on business in another country. We picked up a local newspaper and to our 
urprise Keith Mueller was on the front page due to his successful Bakery business. 

Anthony (Jake) Tirado is now the new and improved "Bill Cosby" and he has his own series which is filmed in Hawaii. The series is produced by 
\4ichael Carr who is now happily married to the girl of his dreams. Keith Collins and Matt Pelletier are partners in a sacred printing plant. Carrie 
Zreham almost lost her own riding stable, that caught on fire, but thanks to Fire Chief Ken Philips it was able to be saved without any major 
lamage. Gila Dratman and Jean Yau are both famous engineers. As a matter of fact Gila won the Pulitzer Prize for her book on engineering. 

Ellen Grady was last seen in Cambridge in a studio apartment making tye-dyes with her friends on the weekends. Joanne Noble has just become 
he Vice President of Global SOBL. Kim Deschamps retired from the General Secretary of the U.N. She left Dave Thorp in charge of Foreign 
Relations. Dave still expects to have his cake and eat it too. 

On my venture, I ran into Debbie F err one and Michele Grzenda in Florida, and was quite pleased to find that Debbie finally owns her own 
iance studio and Michelle is now a marine biologist at Seaworld. On the other hand, I was not so pleased to find out that Kelly Flynn's "useless" 
:ard shop had just filed Chapter 1 1 .Jenette Sabbag has found her "golden ticket" which has given her a very optimistic outlook on life and control 
ifHersheys (Willy Wonka) Chocolate Factory. Mike McGill is living in a mansion with his wife and children. Mia Hazlett is still making more 
noney than she ever dreamed of and Denise Wilson has become a famous interior decorator for The Ritz Carlton, in Boston. 

Do you remember Kurt Mattila? Well he is now a world famous, first fully functioning cartoonist, actor, satirist, magician, world traveler, and 
idventurer. And how could you forget Bill Payne and John Brennick? They are now presently the proud owners of an electrical business. 

We also have some King Philip graduates in New York. Heather Baker owns her own hair studio and only works on the "rich and famous. " 
Wext door to Heather's studio, we found Karolyn Bourne who is a buyer for the department store Macy's. Victor Alexandropoulos owns his own 

2006 2006 2006 

Prophecy 3 1 

Dentistry. His clientele consists of a few graduates, which are not very happy with his work. These clients are: Jennifer Harrington, Rocco 
Silvestri, Andy Sloper, and Vicky Gardener. Heather Coulsey is living off of her accumulated wealth and she is quite happy. 

Wouldn't you know it? Rick Costello is a State Trooper and has just busted Andy Arnold cruising in his Impala. Karl Bremilst is racing cars at 
Thompson Speed Way and Robert Buchanan is the head mechanic. I saw Sue Wallin and Christopher Arado racing the other day. Sue was 
driving her Oldsmobile 442 and Chris was driving his Gutenberg '87 Porsche. 

On the sunny side of things, Denisejacobson moved back to Missouri and started a new career. Last we heard, J en Pikarsky was living on the 
shores of New Jersey and relaxing on the beach in front of her house. Susan Murrell and Diane Nelson are living in the Caribbean. Susan is 
sitting on her balcony and waiting for the return of her husband. Diane is married and making lots of money. Susan Genovese is in Florida, 
married to a millionaire, and getting a tan. Lynn Moretti is living in Hawaii with a rich man. Mark Robinson is extremely wealthy and lives down 
the Cape, and has a winter house in Maine. Stacee Grote owns an island in Jamaica and has male slaves to wait on her hand and foot. How ironic! 
Dan Gill is one of Stacee's slaves. 

It's a small world after all . . . Aimee Lunn became a famous pilot. While she was flying from Hawaii she realized that Jim Giovannucci and 
Tom Lazay were on the plane. Also on this flight was Lisa Aniserowicz who was the flight attendant. Jim and Tom were very excited because they 
were on their way to see Jim Davis finally graduate. Rick Chamberlain and Craig Weiss own a successful cruise line, recently they had a boat full 
of old familiar faces: Jeff Famolle, Steve Hamilton, Aaron Rousseau, Chris Harcovitz, Tara Hall, Matt Sekula, and Eric Todd. 

Reneejoly ran into Sofia Svanholt last week. Renee has eight kids and is married to Eric. Renee is still helping Lisa Hallett try to find the stairs 
and the light. Sofia Svanholt has three kids and a rich, loving husband, and she only has to work when she wants to. 

Keith MacDonald who invented a time traveling machine, pointed out a few astonishing facts. When Keith traveled back to '91, he realized that 
Todd Robinson has been doing the same thing since '91 . Keith also found out that David Ricci has been driving the same car without a radio. 

After high school most of us touched base with reality. There are a few of us who still have not seen the light. For example, Diana Gulino is still 
looking for the right college with Karolyn Bourne, and Micheal Puccio continues to search for the right house. 

Susan Lockwood is now living the "real life." but, Todd Nicodemus and Jeff Fallon are just living. While Jennifer Keilen lives on the planet 
Genesis. It seems to me that Bill Gibson is living a wonderful life. Bill just took a break from his job to enjoy his boat with his family. On his vacation 
Bill took his wife to the opera. As the opera opened Bill could not believe his eyes, when he saw that the star was no other than Heather Dixon. Also 
at this opera was Andy Neale who was in the pit playing the Trumpet. Jenny Palos was last seen chopping broccoli in an Italian restaurant in 

We have a few King Philip graduates who have plenty of time on their hands. Will Hall was sent to prison for things we can't say. Dave Grecho 
was also sent to jail for vagrancy because he was living in a cardboard box in New York City. Andy Morrisson is in jail for pan-handling on the 
streets of Buffalo. Rob Trainorwas imprisoned for grand-theft auto. The police are still searching for Becky-Jo Dwelley and Joan Barry who were 
brought up on charges of bigamy. 

John Lutfy and Dana Kozak were last seen cruising Franklin. Mike Smith was working as a comedian at the Improv. One night while he was 
putting on his show, he spotted a few friendly faces in the audience. He found these faces to be: Joanna Carter, Jamie Horton, Asha Nadkarni, 
Vicki Gardner, and Karen Kuza. To this day, Kristie Lucas has led an independent life and Tara Gallagher is still waiting for her 11:11. 

As you may have realized we have not mentioned a few graduates. The reason for this is that they are missing! Just in case you forget them their 
names are listed below and if you have seen them please contact someone. PJ Easterbrooks, Micah Thompson, Steve Sylvester, Scott Kramer, Greg 
Banks, Ray Hughes, Steve Raymond, Blair Phinney, Dennis O'Brien, Keri Ross, Joe Frey, Trevor Petrie, and Doug Noonan. 


Christa Michel is still caught up in Plainville's evil "blue walls" forever dreaming of escape. Laurene "Law" ' Molloy just recently took a short trip 
to a mental institution, where she gets lots of rest. 

^A Prophecy 

2006 2006 2006 

Sr. Ingalls, Lorene Molloy, Mike Smith, Abby Bender, Keri Alsworth, Mrs. T. 

■Cing Philip Regional High School is happy to have had the chance to have three 
exchange students with us for this school year. We admire these students for taking 
he chance to come to a new school in a different country where everyday living is 
drastically different from what they are used to. By having them, the KP students 
earned of the different customs and traditions of these foreign lands. Thank you 
Hfeidi Ostergard, Sofia Svanholt and Niels Siegumfeldt, we will miss you! 

Senior Officers/Foreign Exchange 







As freshmen, the class of 1991, entered King Philip led by 
President — Mike Smith, Vice President — Gina Casamenti, 
Treasurer — Monika Ely and Secretary — Keri Als worth. 
With Mr. Kummer and Mrs. Erickson as advisors, we began 
our venture into the unknown realms of "High School". We 
made a definite attempt to build a winning homecoming float 
with ' 'KP above all" , but we realized that we just might have to 
wait for a victory. Our first Freshman-Sophomore Semi- 
Formal "Wonderful Tonight" was held at Demetris in Fox- 
boro on March 25, 1988. Joanna Carter and Nancy Lomas rep- 
resented our class in the court that evening. 

Sophomore year began with Gina Casamenti as President, 
Jeanine Farrell as Vice President, Keri Als worth again as our 
Secretary and Kelly Flynn as Treasurer. The sophomore float 
"KP Swat Team" was an artistic marvel but was still far from 
being a winner. Even though we couldn't win class events we 
never gave up hope, our primary goal was always to have a 
blast! The Semi-Formal "This is a Time to Remember" was 
held at the Coachman's Lodge in Bellingham on March 31, 
1989. Our queen, Sandy Wood and her court Stacee Grote and 
Susan Genovese were elected even though it gets harder and 
harder to pick three from a class of hot babes. 




Junior year under the leadership of Ellen Grady — President, 
Abby Bender — Vice President, Keri Alsworth — Secretary, and 
Asha Ghosh — Treasurer. Our float "KP Spirit soars to New 
Heights as we walk all over the Knights. ' ' The slogan was finally 
there but the float left much to be desired. Still without a trophy 
we looked forward to our senior year. Our first prom "In your 
Eyes" with a sexy and stunning court Kelly Flynn, Asha 
Nadkarni, and Susan Genovese was held on April 20, 1990 at the 
Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlboro. 

Senior year, a year of victory, was led by Laurene Molloy — 

President, Mike Smith — Vice President, Keri Alsworth 

Treasurer, Abby Bender — Secretary and our new advisors Senor 
Ingalls and Mrs. Towers. We swept spirit week for the first time. 
Our float, our winning float, was a masterpiece with the slogan 

' '\T7'~ ' 

We'll chew 'em up and spit them on the ground cause what goes 
up must come down!!" Senior year is always the best and ours 
was, our class has always been close and always had a great time. 
The Senior Prom held on May 17, 1991 at the Sheraton in Mans- 
field ended our 4 years at KP. Class of '91 your the best! Good 


Mike Smith and Abby Bender 



Keri Alsworth: 3 more yrs. to the little Alsworth. 1 to Vicki and the wag 
tailing (remember Vicki?) To Jenette. those earlv mornings. To Mai the 
neighborhood. To Moni. the camper. To Ali. her Whesley. To Dan. the 
charming fortune cookie. To Ellen & Kristie Joe's. To Leahm a long 
under her car & a glass of FP. To the class of '91. the best 4 yrs. of our 

Lisa Aniserowicz: I leave Dannelle a DP in CF in NA, Lisa H. 1 more 
after the next. Renee a trip to Simeone's & a night to the biggons. 3 
more yrs. to Tracy. & our lunch table to Amy. Debbie. & Denise. 
Chris Arado: I leave a messy locker to the freshman that's going to 
use it the next year. 

Andy Arnold: A tin for Rick. Bob. & Unter. Rick a 1991 Granada. Kristen 
a picture of me. 

Brian Atkinson: A KP. life for Kev. A sailing trip for the Brady Bunch. A 
Beaverbrook sign for the 3 Amigos, 4 Yrs. of hell and happiness to 
Brett. Complaints about my back to Kim. 

Heather Baker: Tara her 11:11 & RW; SOkp to Susan — J.K. Kristie & 
Leah shoes: DG a ride home for Rt. 1: Superplace bankrupt; & TM 
another year. 

Abby Bender: Ali my dreams for her to find it. Ellen an eternally open 
seat next to mine on a blue, shoddy picnic blanket. Jenette big happy 
face. Steve Droste an inexorable argument, and all my hugs due to 
groovy pals and to every underclassman or woman — The time to 
look around you. 

Ed Beutler: Another year to my brother Tim, my dust! My bad name to 
my brother. 

Kirk Bogardus: Mv brother for 3 vears and my parking place. 
Dan Boone: My brain to John C. & Joe D, The Mazda to whoever wants 
it. Tough mat drills to wrestling team. 

Karolyn Bourne: To all my friends, a copy of the Sound of Music for a 
boring Friday night. 3 more years to Kevin. Jen in the woods, and 
Keith a C.C. 

Veronica Boyle: Field Hockey equipment to DB. My Fluorescent FH 
Ball to SC. coming to first on the mile to KF and CS. My winning spirit to 
the tennis team. My "awesome" tennis skills to MZ and SB. the bath- 
room shower to CB. 10 more years to FIB. Memories of all the good 

Karl Bremilst: 2 more yrs. of school to my sister. 
John Brennick: Electrical Shop. 

Amy Brown: Braden & Mike watching love connection; Todd a big 
hug & kiss; Sandy luck with Keith: Laura & Becky saying "I'm going 
mental"; John M. all my love and a couple more pink coats to ruin; Kim 
with the cranberry; Amy D. some microwave popcorn and Chadd my 
locker next year! 

Tom Buckley: All hockey players the early morning practices. 
Leah Calleaux: 1 to Dl: a smile & hug to all my friends; a kiss to OB & 
KM: & a big thanks to mi padre. 

Mike Can: Lots of pain and misery to the under classmen. 
James Campbell: My locker to some unfortunate soon to be Senior 
Joanna Carter: Mike & Mr. Smith the nynex vellow pages; Kim report- 
ing to the office with the quote on legend "Brown Pencil"; Risky a thorn 
bush; Jen to find M.T. in her cellar once more & her choking in Charlies; 
2 more awesome years to Colleen & Jessie & Andy singing in Swahili. 
Gina Casamenti: FR a pair of running shoes; DF a bottle of black dye; 
SG an aardvark and SA a nice big tree. 

Rick Castelo: A tin to Bob & Rug; a pack of gum to Mickey D; 
sideburns to Sue; Joanna — the memories of Horseneck; an empty 2 
liter bottle & her street sign; Rug. Bob. Jo. Jen. & Kel the "infamous" 
library trips; Good luck to Chris, Rug. Bob. Unter. Mai. TM. Jo. Jen. Kate. 
Colls. Jen. Kel: Shris the Granada. Ali 1 year. 
Rick Chamberlain: The potatoes in the box 1 never ate. 
Jason Chianca: Morganelli another year of Regional and Football 

Ali Ciazza: AB a heart full of poems, love, the search for true love & 
one funny-looking baby; ME that moment of energy, a gold 4x1 medal 
& more memories that we could ever hold: CS a room at 36 Ridge: my 
love & everlasting superiority to all the foreverfrosh; & a lifetime of 
love sunshine & monopoly games to my little Jen. 
Denise Collins: To Pops and Jim a pair of Cool Rav sunglasses & to 
Tom. Brian. Jeff ackgoonya. 

Keith Collins: 1 year of highschool to Jana. Tim B. & Jason A. 
Keith Conley: BS 2 years & Cool Ranch Doritos & KK 2 years. Good 
luck guys! 

Craig Connolly: Tim. Jim. Pat & Frog I more year of highschool; 
Locker 507 to a short freshman. & the gang with no ride. 
Manny Costa: 1 year to my sister. 

Heather Coulsey: All the iuck in the world to Gabe, Corey. Kalena & 

Carrie Crehan: Someone else's lock on my locker & a roll of tape to the 

Jenn Cress: CM 2 more years of dances; TE a "friendly" year at KP 
Those new at KP a chance to fit it. JH & MT the perfect guys. JN a solid 
car window. 

Heidi Curtis: A seagull to Kristen Johnson & a ring to Amy Levesque. 
Kim Deschamps: MD a strand of hair. RC my vast vocabulary. ML & SB 
all the gossip. Zooey to D and a longing glance to N. 
Amy Desjardins: All the KFC in the world to SM & TM. 3 vears & lots of 
homework to Gregg, vour dreamdate — BH. a tap on the shoulder to 
Jace. the best of luck to all my friends. 

Heather Dixon: ME — memories of spring flings, pooh parties, & gettin' 
stupid; AC a big clap & the promise to uphold the sacred squad sister 
vow. AN all the hugs, smiles & giggles the world has to offer. KB a KP 
life. TL best of luck and all my love. 

Tina Down: Scott D "energy!", a license & a car with a well working 
horn. Jason D a room & the year 1995!. To: BH, LS, AB, SK, DM. JJ. MP, 
SW. TN. & the whole Senior class, a lot of thanks & luck for the future!! 
Heather Drake: KG & MB 2 more years of H-ll. 
Gila Dratman: My traditional boiogna sandwich & magic middles 
cookies to all who appreciate finer cuisine. 

Steve Droste: My little brother. Brian, to carry on the Droste legend. 
Monlka Ely: Ali Toasta Stroodl — lemonade Pweshus — a shooting 
star: Dan my everlasting friendship, the wonder years tape & a 
brown-eyed girl to sing to: Boobsie a yellow rose, my love: Frl. Fig — 
my love, the Ouija board, after noon dialogue, ein freund. 
Jeff Fallon: A lit cigarette, burning in the boy's bathroom. 
Debbie Ferrone: Cory Coulsey & Jon H. years ahead; Jana Bradlee's & 

Debbie Figurelli: JB his favorite mints; To the girls another time at 
Andy's; to all my friends — the best of luck in whatever you do. 
Kelly Flynn: JC a homecooked Italian dinner; Tk a voice; a great 
Senior year to JG; a box of Ritz Bitz Peanutbutter crackers to Kim; A 
ride to GP & S86 to TK a loud voice and to KH a ride on the roller 

Tara Gallagher: Diana a ride home from Rt. 1; Karolyn a five-finger 
discount; Jamie at Just Right; Heather a ride home on a moped. 
vicki Gardner: SD, JP. JC. VK. KF 1 more fun year! 
Susan Genovese: Dana Pisani 1 more year; JB's mints For Himself. Mr. 
Carneiro our talks at lunch. 

Asha Ghosh: AD 5 O'clock. MD a fun run. BM a back rub, WK a tickle. 
Bill Gibson: Bryan 3 more years of soccer, springs, & maintaining that 

Dan Gill: The team to GF. JD. & JC: 200.000 miles on the Subaru to 
Coach P; a year w/out a TD pass to Coach S; 6 years to Michelle; BM a 
new Van; ME & AC an LTD concert. 

Jim Giovannocci: Endless years to Beth. J. Davis many years to 
Graduate. The stories behind the van to who ever wants to hear them. 
Ellen Grady: AG 2 more years of walking to school; FG anything she 
can find in my room!: CG a large package of Cookie Breaks!: Jes — a 
small German chocolate ice-cream cone: Mr. Smidt — my looks. 
Tracey Graham: LB's to people who deserve it; 1 more after the next 
to LH; A place to CC to RJ. 

Dave Grecho: Dumpster to the electrical shop & Graffitti cleaner to JG. 
Kathy Griswold: PG 2 years, DWs body to JK; JC & TK peace to the 
hip-hop beat; MD my dust in the mile (not); MC my inhaler, & a can of 
tuna to any bored couples. 

Stacee Grote: AG & MW 1 more year. All my love to BT. The Beach to 

Michele Grzenda: A lesson for driving a standard to BE & BM. 
Diana Gulino: AMF: 1 more year & all the good times; CL trying to get 
the lights on in Franklin; Trevor the goal of 24 & a heck of a morning 
after; & Tara everything she deserves & being the best friend 1 could 
ever ask for. 

Neil Hagerty: 1 year to Mike, terrible lunches, a can of tuna, burgers on 
the floor. & a jar of Cheze Whiz. 

Tara Hall: To my sister, Lani. who probably won't read this, 1 leave 
four of the best years of your life — enjoy it while you can. 
William Hall: 1 more year for Tom. Joe. Dave. Chris a wad of dip in the 

Lisa Hallett: DR a room at the Pineapple Inn; LA in front of the fire; RJ 
all our memories & flipping S20 bills; TG w/Cutip & Some good milk; 
MT a clue. 

Nina Hallett: SM & KA a car; PD2 2 more years of fun (enjoy it!): CH all 
the fun I had; TM a MR2: HB a late pass: LG a new car; VK. JC. SD, their 
last yr. of fun! 

Kim Hamwey: Kelly the key to open the park, Kev a KP life. Jill an all 
you can eat Italian dinner, and to Brian — gas money; my g-n-r tape, all 
my love and my tears as we say goodbye. 
Chris Harcovitz: The best of luck to Cindy & John. 
Christian Hazel: Lots of luck to Ryan & Melissa; Casco to anyone 
dumb enough to pay $150 for a week of pain & suffering. 
Mia Hazlett: Nuch some soul; Darin 1 more year! 
Amy Healey. Jen to take Mike home; Genie a date with George: 
Banana Blistero to Jen and Eric; Mf many more Eastside mornings; 
Jen D. Daley on George St. 

Kim Hender: My little Timmy to graduate in the year 2O04; Luck & 
happiness to KH. RH, & TH; A different guy each week to TK; A devil 
dog to Fred; A house in PEI to Dad and a package of Hydrox to Mom. 
Elise Herman: JP all the signs in MA & NJ & a HJB; EM many more "trips 
to the malls": BT stranded on a rock in NS; CS a lighter sweatshirt: DF a 
brush warning; KK a couple more inches. 

Gall Holland: All the people in Syracuse NY the wrong directions. 
Stacey Holland: SG I more year on In-house, breakfast at the home- 
plate & an awesome year of DECA; RF all the memories of Shell & D 
leave behind; MW your in the good hands of Mr. Brennan. 
Becky Holster: Keith 2 more years of strait A's; Kevin 4 Years of living 
up to mine & Keith's; Best of luck to the band & to all my friends, a life 
full of happiness. 

Jamie Horton: Scott the window sill & 4 great years; Bob wooden 
panals for the Dodge: Jean a nonpregnant cat; Kevin a KP life; Joanna I 
leave my jealousy. 

Christine Hovey: Dennis Jacobson the best of luck & a thanks to Mrs. 

Denise Jacobson: EH a dictionary; CH a pass to class; JP a night with 
out driwng: BT a mountain Dew; CS her own place. Doug Johnston; 3 
years of excuses to Kristen. 

Renee Joly: The famous lunch table of Amy K, Lisa A, RJ, Deb & 
Denise W. to the next group of losers to sit atll: Lisa H 1 more year after 
the next and to Pimplena 3 more years of waterobicsl 
Jennifer Keilen: CL unlocked doors; AD, Bonnie, Barry, HW. MD a 
super '9l-'92 track season; MC excellence in every sport she does; TK 
a win over Foxboro in Soccer & Basketball; LK a can of Pringles; KH a 
"Wideload" sign & a space on the Softball bench; DF a smile from SS: 
KG 4 years of vigorous training at Annapolis; HD money for my lunch; 
AL her thoughts & dreams of DW & all her complaints to her teachers & 

Lisa Kenney: JK in hysterics: BT a booth at DQ; XC team my love & 

Jen Kettell: Lovechild a snugli as rusty twine; Len convenience; Karin 
w. a floatie for her water polo horse. 



Chris Killian: SB a kiss trom a great guy; MD 1 more great season. 
Amy Knowles: Amy & Erin (urine) 3 more lousy, stinking years. 
Scott Kramer: The hill to anyone stupid enough to join X-C: a year 
alone in computers to SO an unbreakable hurdle record. 
Karen Kuza: EH a lender" blinker & a gas cap; TL a trash can: HD 1 last 
rapunzel & mv enormous growth spurt to whomever wants it. 
Rachel Lawrey: Any of Dave's strange activities into the faithful & 
■ capable hands of Callaway. 
Tom Lazay: Raid a week defense; HD a big lip; JG a new van; AD a real 
accent; an a book to read. 

Sue Lockwood: JC a brown pencil in the office: The RJ's 2 & 3 more 
awesome vears. 

Krisrie Lucas: All mv friendship & love to LC. Cross trainers to SM: a 
puchase to EG: a jug to HB; a shoe to KA. A ride to BT: A new list to DO; 
& a flinch to MV. 

Aimee Lunn: 4 vears at KPHS to CL: squeaky camper sink to DF; 
another trip to Boston to DW; a carrot to JK. a big mother truck to DW. 
Shannon Mahady: Amy — The Young Riders on Saturday nights. 
Scarlet's red dress: & all bur Bruins seats. Trish — French fries & all the 
lights she wants; Corey D a copy of his favorite Karate movie; Tracey 
G-A clue in Calculus. 

Brian Malagrid: Chris 2 years; Greg. Joe. John — camp Samoset; 
Morgs — "The Bell", mv place in line: Dan a Flat Top. half his sign: 
Stacee a ride home; Kaiie All my college shirts. Trash in the Van; Moni 
mistakes; Kristen a date. 

Bob Mannering: My car to Morgs: a wet Willi to Ali; a ride to school to 
Asha; a KP life to kev; a call from Uncle Elio to Chet & Jamie; a tin to 
Rug & YB; a talk to Bone; Love to Stacee: & good luck to The Clan! 
Nicole Manning: 1 leave 2 vears to my brother Richard Kreis — best of 

Kurt Manila: "The Bulletin Board" to Brian M. & Matt S. 
Tracy McDonald: Alison Grote to be the 4th daughter; JB a pepper & 
onion pizza; DE a bottle of turtle wax; BD 200 forks & a poor little 
animal that might cross his path & I more MW; JC all thoughts "early 
age" times together thanks; SL a piece of her memorie; class of '92 
good luck & happiness were the best! 

Cara McGrath: GW. RC. SB. ML. AC. KJ, SS 1 more year of doing it 
again, my piccolo & section to Sandy. CM 5 more years, the band my 
best & good luck to all. 

JVeiV McGrath: My sister Mimi at KP for 2 more years. 
Jeffrey Mahoney: 1 year to Darren, the hill to X-Country & pride to all 
who join, best of luck to the Posse. & the Calvin Davis Fan Club to 

Laurene Molloy: Mr. Ed as manv vears as he can take with you know 
who. Danielle 1 last chance to get an in-house. & 1 leave all those 
cuties in graphic hickies. 

Tricia Molloy: LB's to people who deserve it; a can full I.M. to T.G. to 
B.K: G.D. his favorite Karate movie; SM a closet full of Bruins shirts & 
clean little Buckaroo. AD a worry free day. 

Colleen Moore: 2 miles & mv "quick little feet" to DB & SC; my serves & 
backhand to SB & MZ & luck to the class of '91. 
Lynne Moretti: A timed 2 mile to all next year's FH players; 1 year to 
Stef & Danielle; 3 vears to Laura. 

Evangelyn Morse: The Low Brass the tradition of greatness. 
Keith Mueller: 5 sousaphones. 2 tubas & a picture of me. Tileston 
riding a fry guy at McDonalds to Jeanine Lennihan: The band room to 
all next years Seniors & Joy Mueller 4 years of school; and finally the 
band of many more victories. 
Susan Murrell: To Melodv 3 great vrs. at KP. 

Asha yadkami: SM a long talk & a screwdriver. HD many sunny days. 
& happiness even in (he rain; AB a life of unbearable joy; BM siddhart; 
AC a Swedish bodybuilder; ME a 1.000 state school b-days; TL an 
entire vear w/o blue moods. 

Carolyn Nagle: Leaving the telephone line to Jim: good luck to SC. 
DB. MM. MW & Bryan. 

Todd Nicodemus: A shirt for Brian that says FMGood; 3 more intense 
vears to Wendy. 

Debbie Noble: 1 more year, & about 1 .000 "one more times" to ML, GW, 
RC. SB. AC. 

Joanne Noble: MZ & ML a mess at Classic Cafe: WK a recipe for 
Creampuffs: BT dreams of the perfect man & reality of the perfect 
torture; BM "one" to himself; SW a smile, a laugh, arid a "fish tasting 

Dennis O'Brien: BT. TL. MU. MV. MM. the luck to make it to 25; 
everyone a big "thanks" that I had good times with; LC everything else. 
Jenny Palos: Mr. Schmidt my mood swings and temper tantrums. JC, 
TK. KH. and KP on the Schmidt list. KF the green bucket. Kim. Kelly, 
Ellen and Jenette Irving to get their ears pierced. Jo spitting up coke in 
my drive way, Kevin burping on tape, and Katie's obnoxious laugh 
penetrating classroom walls. 

Jace Pearson: My footsteps — so people can follow in them. 
Ann-Marie Pelletier: I leave all of my inhouses. 
Mat Pelletier: To all the girls I sat with at lunch. 1 leave you the table. 
Michael Pepin: DM 1 more year of Soccer with Coach C; AC & DM 1 
more year in this great school: JR 2 years.: Good luck to all my friends, 
in whatever they do with their lives! 
James Perrotti: A parking space. 

Ken Phillips: To Jana and Michelle I more year to party along with 
Cindy, mv book's to the incoming freshmen, my locker to these who 
come back to KP. from Tri County even though they didn't want to go 
there in the first place. 

Heather Pickett: MH. MC. & CB I more year, a #2 over lite to some 
luckv person. & good luck to the class of '91. 

Jen Pikarsky: DJ a headlight; CH some cough drops; CS at Great 
Woods: BT a CFB: EH driving lessons and a HJB: KK a radar detector & 
EA 1 more year. Juan, & a few inches. 

Jese Poirier: Max and G. wondering if I'm really gone; Bonnie's 
footsteps filled. 
Tasha Pollard: Blaine Swain a purple suit. Pam a whole new team to 

deal with. Peter 7 more years. JH a "bus girlfriend". Ali parked in Hong 
Kong. & the best of luck & all my love to Brendan! 
Dave Powell: Ken Guay a Miracle Ear. 
Micahel Puccio: Someone to keep looking for trouble. 
Paul Reinhardt: The Sax section to Sharon if she wants it & the horror 
of another season of "do it agains" to Gabe and Rick. 
David Ricci: All the radios lVe ever had. 

Mark Robinson: 2 more years to Matt & good luck to everyone who 
joins the X C team. 

Todd Robinson: DW my balls, & MH I more year of h II. 
Kyle Rockett: 1 more year, lots of luck & hundreds of tabs to Angie. the 
boys X-C team to those who are left. 
Frank Rose: 2 lonely years to Craig Robinson. 
Aaron Rousseau: Lots of luck to classes of 92 94. 
Douglas Rowe: 3 years to BR. 

Dannelle Russell: Lisa A. flapping in the wind. Lisa H. one more after 
the next, Mrs. Tolley a bottle of tranquilizers. 
Tommy Rutherford: JB's B-Day to future JB classes. 
Jennete Sabbag: EG a Christopher Cross Song. AB insanity, true love. 
& a clean room. AC legendary ultimate basketball shoes. JP being 
sexy, suave. & svelt, KH orbs. KA a ride in the blue bomber. KL a cow, 
LC food run, — Jill & Trie 2 vrs. & in the Schmidt House. 
Michelle Salisbury: I year of smoking in the bathroom to Sarah G, 
Becky B, Kelly F. Julie C, Laurie H. Melissa S, Kerri R; Rob F 1 more year 
of inhouse; Tara — her life. 

Arianna Schneider: a lot of inhouses to Michelle Hill & my sympathy 
for all the people who aren't out of here yet. 
Matthew Sekula: 1 more year to DH. TB, JD. CF. 
Jen Shore: Amy and Dave out to eat; a smack for Seth (1 got you last!): 
an exotic place for Kim; Elise a little stick in her bed; Pinch time for 
Laura; Amy at hockey with me in search of Doper, & Amy a piece of 
tatoo gum. 

Laura Siekman: Stephen to graduate in 1997; David two more years: 
Gail a different quote each day; Kim saying "Beauty's where you find 
it"; Jen in the 60s; Tasha at Town Pizza; Chris all my love and to finally 
become Elvis; Becky the perfect boy: Amy to stop complaining about 
John; Amy D a life in Germantown TN; & all the people in NY the wrong 

RoccoSilvestri: The school committee a useless, incomplete, vocati- 
onal education. 

Colleen Silver: CH a real man; SH a punch in the face; BT a tye dye; DJ 
a clutch: JP an F; EH another sign. 

Joe Sparks: Coach Besaw my green sneaker and the shot put from 
Sharon; the school a new record in shot put. 
Craig St. Amand: Many hours of sleep to whoever wants it. 
Michael St. Pierre: JB's class to a lucky Junior. 
Scorr stone: My attitude to all my teachers. 

Mike Sullivan: Many more league championships to the boys CC 

Sofia Svanholt: My sister 2 more years before she will come over to 
U.S.; My love to ali my new awesome friends. 
Derek Swanson: Clay the spots on Coach's car. 
David Thorp: The studying I never did lo anybody who wants it. 
Brenda Tiemey: EH 1 "matching outfit; CH with responsibility; CS a 
never-ending party; DJ a full tank of gas: JP with her own phone line & 
DF a curfew of 1 o'clock. 

Anthony Tirado: The filthy bathrooms to the Junior class. 
Eric Todd: RT 2 more years with 1C. 

Meredith Toll: CH a Liz Claiborne; BD a great senior year: MP a 
Sudafed. & Mr. Webb a livelier homeroom. 
Brian Treeful: The wrestling team a winning season. 
Joanne Triano: A smile a day for Mark Brindly , for Mr. Ed — Good luck, 
you're gonna need it! 

Mike Unterweger: A tin to Vittels; a 1991 Granada to Rick. 
Mark Videto: 2 more years of homework. Mr. Riley, and Bologna and 
Cheese to Bill Singersen. 

Vi'ncenr Villano: A great year to my sister & Mike. 
Marc vitelli: 2 more years for Diego; 1 more year for Carolyn; Jake and 
Caz a cold 12. 

Jeff Wall: 3 more years to Mr. Riley. 
Sue Wallin: Rita 2 more years at KP. 
Francis Weaver: The post to the hockey team. 
Craig Weiss: SP 1400 SCR's: Nancy G. my Cure tapes & CDs: Bill a 
broken Mach 7-7. 

David Wiggin: CW on the side of the road: 1 vear of fun for ED. TB, 8. 

Deborah Wilson: Jen R another 2 years; our lunch table to another 
group of friends. 

Sandy Wood: 1 1 1 ,987 kisses to Billy S; a "lone hug' and luck to BM: luck 
esp. in running to MD; an available tent for Keith anytime; the 
"toothbrush" to Asha; the fireworks w/ JK. 

Jean Yau: Ali, Mitch. & Kates to live with Fox's shorts & bad jokes & the 
Video club catacombs, shopping carts. & memories. I'll miss all my 
friends and I'll always be with them. 



T^M^^ fa>&J 



\ • / 


y> QF 

*-_/■ uSES v SB / *f »c_ 

V x¥ 


yM 3« 

//rt (s/osAW&J 



Bill GiteW 





<§>(^ y * r 7FV7 r> f^ 

^K cX ^ 



CLL^f V3Q. 



„ ^o^? 


Remember When: 62 
Candids: 66, 70, 77 
Semi: 68 
Homecoming: 72 
Europe: 74 
Feature: 75 
Thanksgiving: 76 



■ * * ♦ ** * ♦ 
* ■*♦■*■■♦ 

• ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ * ♦ - 

♦ 1^ ♦ ♦ 

* ♦ 

A. Bender, J. Carter, E. Grady, V. Gardner 

A »'>_ 


Remember When 

i0*^ ^^T^ 

" N, *^^B 




1 ^|| 

A shady character — Sue 

Leah Calleaux, Mike Smith 

"Aren't I cute?" 
Denny O'Brien 

Remember When 


Tara Gallager, Ali Caiazza, Kim Hamwey 

Sfc IMF*** ■ i* '<■* ^P*' 


1*! Mi 

**3m ' •■sP 

'jlPP^ mKm 

3 J 



■L /<i 


Remember When 

New Girls on the Block — Stacee Grote, Carrie Corn- 
wall, Jessie Graff, Heather Dixon, AH Caiazza 

"Leave me alone!" Tom Lazay 

Remember When 


Steven Willey "Where's the party?' 






The freshmen sophomore semi-formal was held at Demetri's the Red 
Snapper on March 23, 1990. The theme was "Faithfully." The lovely 
queen Erin Turner was accompanied by the court princesses Colleen 
Carter, Missy Gallimore, Alison Grote and Neva Lazzara. 



You've got a friend. J. Caizza, D. Digras 

J. Williams, A. Grady, S. Pftihl 

Let's Dance.'! J. Schmirler, B. Thomas 

■Foster, C. Carter, D. Gill, M. Gallimore, E. Turner, D. Pullen, A. Grote, D. Await, N. Lazzara, J. Natoli 



Singin' in the rain — Heather Dixon 

"oooh — that was sour!" Brian Mala- 



he sophomore "men 


K .^ V^^^T ^J^ I i 

"Yeah, can we help you?" 
Elisa Hurder, Mike Ant- 


"Do I know what I'm volunteering for?" Ken 

"Hurry up and take the picture — they're 
killing my back" Heather Dixon, Moni Ely, 
Ali Caiazza 

Future Centerfolds! Steve Rinaldi, Ken Guay 

"What? You don't like it?" 
Ali Caiazza 

"We know we're the best!" 




The October 12, 1990 Homecoming at K.P. was a fierce battle be- 
tween K.P. and the N.A. Rockets. The spirits were high and the 
bleachers were filled. 

The parade with the beautiful Queen, Asha Nadkarni, and Court, 
Joanna Carter and Kim Hamwey brought many cheers and smiles to 
the crowd. The floats were made with much effort and imagination 
and the Seniors showed the most class spirit with their theme "We'll 
chew you right up and spit you to the ground, 'cause what goes up 
must come down! ! ! ' ' Along with all the other excitement of the day, 
we must not forget the K.P. Band and the outstanding performance by 
the Colorguard. 

The winning Senior Float! 



Sophomore class trying to get things together 

Our beautiful homecoming Queen — Asha Nadkarni 

Homecoming Court Joanna Carter, Asha Nadkarni, Kim Hamwey 

Seniors . . . awaiting the winning results. 

Our faithful cheerleaders getting everyone psyched. 

Optimistic Juniors blowing on their whistles. 

Homecoming 73 


«• ii wf ''mm 

■''lib: m fj ir it ■ * m » 

m f. nil ' » ' '!'| s *, 

Fnc/c and Fracfc 

Lorena Levesque, Amy Jones, Tami Clinton, Tara Hall 

"So, Who's climbing to the top with 


~" yl 

L-R Top — Mark Laury, Todd Robinson 
Heather Pickett, David Thorp, Amy Jones 





A " 

n Munich 

From April 12th til April 21st, 1990, 
Fourteen King Philip seniors, ju- 
niors, sophomores and freshmen 
participated in an EF Educational 
Tour of Europe. In ten days the stu- 
dents visited more than five coun- 
tries including Germany, Austria, 
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France 
and England. The tour was chap- 
eroned by both Miss Figuerido and 
Mrs. Knight. 


nomas Phelan, Richard Chamberlain, Craig Hurder, Danielle Taylor, Tara Hall, 
ami Clinton, Lorena Levesque 

Lorena Levesque, Richard Chamberlain, Craig Hurder, Chris Conklin, Michelle 

Europe /^ 


On Thanksgiving Day the King Philip Warriors played their arch rivals the Franklin Panthers. Despite 
the great weather and enthusiastic support from students and alumni alike, Franklin prevailed. The Most 
Valuable Player award went to John Connolly and the Queen was Amy DesJardins. The annual quest for 
the trophy will continue next year! 

"Check this out," Mr. Fairfiesld 

/O Thanksgiving 


s 77 

Juniors: 80 
Sophomores: 88 
Freshmen: 96 



■ • • ♦ ♦• 

• ♦■♦•♦♦"■ ♦ \ 

I / f %■» > 


# ♦ 

!•♦ * ♦ ♦ 

** ♦ •* ♦ 

• ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ 

« * 

♦. * 


1) A license — what is so great about one? Well, there is not one 
simple answer. There are those people who enjoy the increased 
freedom and the ability to avoid those school buses. Then there are 
those unfeeling people; they like "road pizzas". Some will never 
know — they can't pass the road test. 2) Everyone plans to do one 
particular thing after getting a license. Some have a romantic view 
and want to "drive to the sunset". Others just plan to breathe to 
save their life after a breathless road test. 3) For all their greatness, 
licenses do have a drawback — money. Everything imaginable and 
beyond costs money. These expenses are hard to meet if you don't 
have a job or parents who say "Don't worry about the money." 4) 
A license, a piece of plastic with a pitiful picture is an "opener of 
doorways". These doorways can be different things. They're j 
' 'written documents of freedom' ' of a step towards growing up. 5) 
Getting the car — it sounds exciting but is it really? It is for those 
who want to say "Good bye MA". And it is great for those who 
already feel they own the world — now they own the road too. But 
sometimes a car is scary. "It is larger than you are and has the 
power to destroy anything it hits." — Please don't crash. 

Miss Zeigler; Greg Foster, President: Jason Morganelli, Vice-President: Bonnie 
MacDonald, Treasurer: Erin Turner, Secretary. 



Sandra Bontemps 

Charles Booth 

Dawne Booth 

Sarah Braga 

Mark Brindley 

Elizabeth Bristol 




Candace Cherry 

James Connell 

Charlie Davis 

Stefani Clark Stacy Clarke 

HI 9B 

Ar A »^ 1 

Richard Copeland 

Sean Cowley 

Shawn Dearden 

Stephen Desilets 

Joseph Destefano 

Brian DeVitt 

Steven Conlin 





V < 

V /'/ 



Michelle Doane 

Timothy Doire 

Pat Doherty 

Joe Donohue 

Tamara Dooley 

Kyle Doyle 

^HHF^ ~^yVy^l» 

•as, ■ ■ 


Gregory Foster 

Ann-Marie Frechette 

Eric Frizzell 

Heather Gallagher 

Scott Down 

Scarlett Doyle 

Angelica Duczakowski Jennifer Dumont 

Brian Eppley 

Douglas Ford 

Missy Gallimore 

Michael Gamble 



Vicki Kudirka 



Alison Moore 

Helena Norian 

Michael Oliva 



Brain Olson 

Robert Patterson 

Dena Pickering 

Charles Pyne 

Carl Olson 




fi , 


■r-& ■ 

Brenda Operach 

Maurice Ouimet 

Stephen Parastatides 

James Passanisi 

Meredith Pezold Thomas Phelan 

A k 

No Photo 

Philip Rogaris 

Tanya Saunders 

Kimberly Schaier 

Amanda Segersten 

Brice Shepardson 



Janae Sinclair 

* ^u mm 

James Sloper 

\ \ 

Colleen Snow 

Frank Sorrento 

Kerri Stafford 

Melissa Stella 

Kursten Vonhausen 

Donna Wagner 

Sean Walsh 

Brian Wason 

Michelle Weaver 

Helen Whitbread 

^B* •^ 

v. / 


t \ 

Robert White 

Evan Williams 

Gabriel Wolloff 

Robert Young 

Michelle Zasscnhaus 




Mrs. Pavaq, Jeremy Lovely, Kristen Hasenfus, Ann Grady, Jeff Schweitzer 

^detUna tAe '6/r<xMK 

1 ) What does a sophomore feel like? Groovy: ' 'I feel good, I feel 
so good, oh so good. ' ' There are no more freshmen put downs to 
suffer through. Some are blase — everything is the same. Then 
there are those who hate it — they want to be seniors, at the top 
of the mountain. 2) What are the attitudes towards other grades? 
It is the general opinion that freshmen, only 1 year younger are 
wimps and snobs. But then this could well be a stereotype as was 
suggested. Juniors and seniors are not to be feared; they are not 
really out of reach. 3) Do sophomores know it all? There are two 
different ideas. There are those who do. "Didn't I always?" Is 
this true? Or do they just not know there are things yet to be 
learned? Some say there will always be things that you don't 
know that you don't know, such as "Where is the pool?" 4) 
What distinguishes the sophomores from the freshmen? They 
know their way around the school. Power and sophistication are 
evident. No one carries all books all day nor does anyone rush to 
beat the bell. Above all there is maturity. 5) What difference 
does a year make? There are new priorities and goals and more 
sophistication. Self confidence exudes itself. There is a basic 
better taste in everything from music to friends to clothes. 

88 Soph 


Won Pyo Chong 

Tami Clinton 

Todd Clutterbuck 

Richard Coburn 

Katie Cook 

Patrick Cook 

Sophomores o" 

Brian Gallerani 

David Garcia 

yil Sophomores 

Rita Gould 


drawing — 




mm «•' 

' ** in 




Michael Griffin 

Kimberly Gugliotta 

Andrea Hankey 

Melissa Hennessey 

Jason Hoffenberg 




% •! 


7 i 

Alicia Hostetler 

Todd Holbrook 

Craig Hurder 

Tracy Jacob 



Christina LaBonte 




H if 



m i. 


... m 

Colleen Lester 

Stephen Laverty 

Michelle Lavoie 

Neva Lazzara 


Michael Lewicki 

Amy Lehan 

Jenifer Long 

Christine Malagrida 


Ringing into it! With what? Bells? Of course not, try high school rings. The lucky sopho-j 
stone quality, and the shape. There is color: gold or silver and how many karats you! 
and many more to rummage through. Even the rings themselves come in different styles.) 
non-traditional which is not just one ring but has an unending number ,pf styles. Then! 
This may sound simple. But, in the cafeteria there is a mob around an invisible Balfour 
order form. Then you push to the front and give it to the person and start to leave. ' 'Wait.; 
you wait 4 months for a ring. Is it worth it? Of course. 

Brian Marchionni 

Miaki Marcin 

jf L Sophomores 

mores get the books of endless ring options. There are basic stones, the stone cut, the 
want. There are side designs to pick from: clubs, sports, hobbies, mascots, zodiac signs 
There is traditional which is in 4 sizes ranging from mammoth to petite. There is the 
comes the filling out of order forms and adding up the money. Then you place the order, 
table. You wait forever, miss your lunch and your next class waiting to drop off your 
I need some information." You turn around and answer questions for 5 minutes. Then 

Patricia O'Brien 




** 1 


1 " ' Jr " 


m iX 

Marion McGrath 

Brian Miller 

No Photo 

Christine Moore 

Kathryn Palos 

Charles Pappas 



Patricia Plumer 

Mathew Robinson 

A to 

Shawn Powers 




lpF'\ H 

'iia^. ' ' ' 

In. ■ 

Michelle Robinson . 

Justin Shepherd 

"Look at me smile" — N. Willey 

John Simmons 

94 Soph 


Michele Wright 

Renee Zollo 

Sophomores jr3 


Freshmen Class Officers and Advisors: Mr. Finase, Karen Constantine, Tammy 
Payne, Amy Bergstrom, Annie Kledzik, Miss Lumenti 

1 . As the freshmen walked into the high school for the first time 
they each thought a different thought. Some just wished foi 
help, others thought they were dead and still others felt theyj 
were really small. 2. Along with high school comes many ex- 
periences both good and bad. Things like locks and shoes are 
stolen. People go to the wrong classes. They fall up and dowr 
the stairs. To top it off the midyears suddenly surface. 3. There 
is a story that upperclassmen are characteristically rude to the 
freshmen. Well? Most believe that this is no myth. They say the 
upperclassmen "own K.P. " 4. Freshmen, in school don't thini 
much of their new position in high school. They feel small 
being the youngest. They believe that this is something 
everyone has to go through. 5. High school inspires many 
changes. People begin to feel more responsible, smarter ane' 
more confident. 5. High school inspires many changes. People' 
begin to feel more responsible, smarter and more confident. M 
the changes occur, new friends are made. 6. Getting lost is sc| 
easy; all the hallways look the same. The downstairs is confus 
ing and the crowds of people cause chaos. Getting lost is all par 
of the fun. 



I p . 

Brian Aldridge 

Todd Alsworth Tracy Aniserowicz Jessica Antinarella Elaine Antonellis 

Linda Buckley 



Jill Delahanty 

Diana Deschamps 

Gregg Desjardins 

Erik Deveraux 

Liza Digiglio 



Jennifer Hedtler 

Sean Hegarty 

Vanessa Hennessey 

Kevin Herlin 

Daniel Hildreth 



James Kress 


In early September driving 
find many about-to-bfj 
waiting for the big yellovi 
to a known but also un: 
Philip. What would it b| 
rumbling towards them inj 
they climb on, and off the j 
deposited outside the bus lobby and in 
they climb the stairs, find their friend 
They receive their schedules and theij 
the day as they climb the bus stairs for 
have discarded an old status and climbej 
arrive home and begin boasting aboujj 
much better it is than the junior higHI 

Eric Labagh 

Christine Lacourse 

Shannon Lacy 



t L 

No Photo 


« r 1 

Jennifer Land 

Michelle Larkin 

Amanda Lawn 

Eric Lefebvre 

Ian Lemay Jeannine Lennihan 

■ ■ 

Tyler Lindmark 

Nicole Lizotte 

Stephanie Luke 

4 k 

John Macropoulos 


No Photo 








Paul McCann 

Amiee McCullough 

Into '91 

(long the roads, one would 
"reshmen standing outside 
ius to come and take them 
;nown destination: King 
ike? Will I like it? A bus 
rudes upon these visions; 
to. At the school they are 
| tructed to find their homerooms. Then, 
ind together they continue to search. 
■ la\ and it's trials continue. At the end of 
econd time they feel different. They 
nto a new one: the high school era. They 
Low great the high school is and how 
Knd. so it continues. 

Joy Mueller 

Daniel Neske 

James Newton 

Bradley MacDonald 

Aaron May 

Wendy Nicodemus 



Brian Rousseau 

David Rousseau 

Bradford Rowe 

Joseph Salamone 



Stephen Willey 

Jason Wilmot 

Jeffrey Wirtz 

Christina Zundell 



Boys' Tennis: 106 
Girls' Tennis: 107 
Spring Track: 108 
Softball: 110 
Baseball: 112 
Field Hockey: 114 
Girls' Soccer: 116 
Boys' Soccer: 117 
Football: 118 
Cross Country: 120 
Golf: 122 

Girls' Basketball: 124 
Boys' Basketball: 126 
Wrestling: 128 
Gymnastics: 130 
Cheerleading: 132 
Hockey: 134 
Winter Track: 136 


♦ ♦■♦# * ■♦■ + * 

■ - 1 


T T ! T 

— — — 

H — 1 

— i — i — r 

— \ — i — ' — 1 — ■ 


, > 





| ^> 


— i — i — r 

— i — i — r v " 

1 1 L 

— ! 1 1 L__ 


— 1 

— 1 1 — I 

— 1 




K.P. vs. 

W. Bridge water 






N. Attleboro 


Oliver Ames 





















Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

back row; S. Pfiihl, J, Schmirter, M, Gallimore, ]. Page, H. Curtis, A.Legro, L. Hansen, S. Bontemps, J. Connelli, J. 
Manchester, E. AntoneUis, M. Mullen, V. Boyle, C, Moore, B. Andrews, K. Stafford, J. Carter, H. Dixon, M. 

back row: M. Robinson, K. Vonhausen, R. Todd, M. Gamble D. Pisani, D. Vitelli, L. Johnson, Front row: C. Conklin, 
M. Griffin, B. Crocker, R. Anthony, J. Duczakowski, S. Conlin, C. Casiano 

■ / / / / / / 

f , i j i V / / . / / vy 

< / / ./ y / / / // / 


/ ../ ./ y 

/V././3 X/V/ ' 

/,/ / /« 

*«/ / ./ 

7 / /■/ y / / / / / 





S. Con/m 



A. Legro, V. Boyle, J. Schmirler, C. Conklin. 


\ \ \ \ x ^ * ^ > 

\\Wjf \\\A Vf\ S S 
\ V \ N N i Is \ N \ 


W/iere did it go? M. Zassenhaus 

\\\\X^\\\\\\\y^\\N \\n ff\V> 



\ \ \ \ » 

\\\\\\\> S \ \ 


y N \ \ • 

h . \ \ \ 

•* \ \ \ - 
£->. \ s \ 

N \\ N 
V \'\\ 

\ \H \ 
\ s \ \ 

M. Robinson 




scores 1990 


K.P. vs. 

Oliver Ames 






N. Attleboro 


K.P. vs. 
Oliver Ames 
North Attleboro 







73 1 / 2 -62 1 / 2 






Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

Passing the Batton M. Curty, C. Damato 

On your marks, get set 

S. Moore, K. Kenyon, D. Rowe, K. Rockett, M. Robinsoul* 



Oh ... S. Pavao 

What . . . M . Doane 

back row: Coach Bremer, C. Labonte, J. Hunter, N. Willey, C. Strom, D. Digris, K. Hasenfus, C. Carter, L. Kenney. S. Wood, V. Kudirka, B. Dunbar, M. 
Doane, L. Moretti, Coach Front row: T. Bencivenga, L. Tasker, T. Clinton, J. Caiazza, R. Harris, K. Schaier, S. Braga, J. Funk, A. Ducazkowski. J. 
Dumont, M. Curty. M. Ely, A. Caiazza, C. Damato, S. Pavao 

t '.. : 

f 1 


back row: Coach Dagle, K. Rockett, D. Rowe, B. Hunsaker, J. Mahoney, B. Gibson, M. Sullivan, J. Doane, M. Robinson, K. Bogardus, J. Sparks, F. 
Sorrento, M. Grady, T. Holmes, L. Sullivan, mid. row: T. Dovie, D. Mackay, J.Lizolt, J, Gugliotta, S, Hamilton, D. Gill, T. Casey, J. Barrette, S. Kramer, 
J. Connel, A. Longabard, K. Kenyon, front row: S. Moore, E. Sullivan, J. Marland, J. Dougery, R. Kudirka, K. Ayotte, C. Payne 

A feeling! J. Roper 

Team practice. T. Doire, D. Mackey, B. Hunsaker, A. Longabord, K. Ayotte. J. Dougery, M. Sullivan 

Track 109 

K.P. vs. 







North Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 





K.P. vs. 










Oliver Ames 





Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 


The Gang's all here! 
Who's that guy? — A. Braga Any Day Now ... — K. Hamwey 



Patiently waiting — G. Casementi 

ow do I put this on? K. Griswold 



K.P. vs. 
























K.P. vs. 

Oliver Ames 









Oliver Ames 













Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 



back row: G. Theberg 




t ) 

Field Hockey 

Stoughton 0-2 

Canton 0-2 

Oliver Ames 3-1 

i Mansfield 0-2 

Franklin 1-0 

Sharon 0-0 

Foxboro 0-0 

N. Attleboro 0-2 

Stoughton 1-1 

i; Canton 1-2 

Oliver Ames 2-2 

Mansfield 0- 1 

Sharon 0- 1 

Medfield 0-1 

Franklin 1-2 

N. Attleboro 0-4 

Medfield 0-0 

Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 


Gotta get that ball! Veronica Boyle No fear! S. Clark, A. Grote 

Why me? Renee Gagne 

Putting up a fight! B. MacDona \ 

The more we work, the happier we are! Talk to me! B. MacDonald, R. Hofw 

K. Flatley, D. Gulino i 


Field Hockey 

eling up for the next round. Kerri 
fford, Becky Andrews 

E. Turner, H. Whitbread, B. McCarthy, S. Clark, C. Lamothe, B. Andrews, T. Bencivenga, L. Moretti, A. Grote, (missing: Diana Gulino) Front: R. 
Gagne, K. Stafford, B. MacDonald, V. Boyle, L. Moretti, C. Nagle, C. Moore, S. Svanholt, K. Ftatley, R. Harris 

Meditating. Erin Turner 

N. Fieci.A. Sacramona, A. Wessinger, K. Vok, A. Bebe, K. Bremlist, O. Cahill, J. Arsenault, S. Lisauskas, T. Forest, E. Roche, Ms. Walker Front: A. 
4 Conroy, S. Pfithl, T. Clinton, J. Williams, C. Strom, N. Willey, E. Hurney, B. Barry, M. Hall 

'hat are they doing? N. Towers 

o oo 



I ) o o o 

Field Hockey 115 


f ^ 

f ) 

Boy's soccer 

Sharon 0-1 


Canton 1-3 


Stoughton 3-1 


Mansfield 1-0 


Foxboro 1-6 


N. Attleboro 3-1 


Bellingham 2-1 

Franklin 1-0 


Oliver Ames 3-0 


Bishop Feehan 2-2 

Girl's Soccer 

Sharon 3-3 


Canton 2-2 


Stoughton 3-1 


Mansfield 2-6 


Foxboro 0-7 


N. Attleboro 1-1 


Franklin 1-5 


i Oliver Ames 2-7 

Good Job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

It's mine! J. Sabbag 

What form! D. Figurelli 

Determination! B. Todd 



What a save! P. Krajewski 



Mr. Thomas, M. Gallimore, P. Vitelli, D. Mahoney, R. Patterson, R. Todd, M. Pepin, B. Thomas, B. Monahan, M. Griffin, J. Richardson, R. Eppley, K. 
McCasland. J. Vick, Mr. Carneiro 

h, ,.*MF~~ 

Move it, move it! 


T. MacDonald, K. Chandler, M. Zassenhaus, J. Canelli, S. Murrell, N. Hallett, M. Weaver, G. Casamenti, D. Figurelli, K. Hasenfus, Coach Tribou Front: 
L. Hansen, K. Griswold, S. Grote, K. Hamwey, T. Krajewski, J. Palos, J. Sabbag, K. Flynn, K. Palaos, H. Hadfield 

"Ahhhhh!" B. Monahan 

- #\N » I V» 



North Attleboro 
Oliver Ames 
S trough ton 
Lincoln Sudbury 


Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

Eat my dust! C. Dunfey 

Get a clue! D. Pisani 



(back) S. Willey, J. Cornell, J. Booth, M. Peavey, S. Flaherty, J. Newton, Coach Besaw middle: B. Droste, C. Coulsy, M. Antonellis, E. Lefebvre, A Vito 
J. Salamone front: E. Devereaux, P. Borne, B.Vincent, J. Pennini, J. Kettell 












Look Ma, one leg! D. Gill 



-^^—^^ ., ^ KP 

Jpkpvlp KPKPKP KP KP KP KP ff - i i . ■ ■ n «-Kf KP Kf 












Cross Country 

Girls Boys 

Canton 18-41 30-26 

North Attleboro 27-30 28-29 

Stoughton 23-33 24-33 

Franklin 24-31 19-40 

Oliver Ames 15-46 15-50 

Sharon 16-32 19-38 

Foxboro 29-27 28-27 

Mansfield 22-33 16-47 


Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 


Cross Country 

Determination! K. Rockett 

s*MetJ %mm 

Done! L. Kenney 

Running lighter than air! J. Mahone) 

The last time Franklin gets to see the front of King Philip. 

Almost done. S. Braga 

One stride. 
A. Duczakowski, A. Boni 

Who me? 
D. Neske 


(back row) Coach Zeigler, D. Neske, K. Kenyon, K. MacDonaid, M. Crowley, M. Robinson, D. Huneryager, J. Oles, E. Lefebure, T, 
Nicodemtis (front row) K. Bogardus, S. Kramer, M. Sullivan, J. Mahoney, K. Rockett, L. Sullivan 

(back row) coach Zeigler, J. Keilen, L. Kenney, S. Braga, M. Curty, A . Snedaker, T. Poletto, C. LaBonte (front row) A . Moore, Jessie, 
M. Grezenda, A. Duczakowski, A. Boni, 

Cross Country I L I 

The best word to describe the perform- 
ance of the 1990 K.P. Golf Team . . . 
Unexpected ... a season of surprises 
for the golfers. Starting the season with 
low expectations they worked hard and 
strived for the best. 


Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 


.'i, ..„..„:: 

Jace Pearson Who me? 

Todd Robinson 

M. Cosentino Let me show you how it's done! 

Jace Pearson HI MOM! 

C. Pearson Where'd the hole go? t 












Boston English 


N. Attleboro 

Oliver Ames 







N. Attleboro 

Oliver Ames 







Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

M. Hall, M. Megna, L. Buckley, C. Toubeau, A. Beebe, C. Roche, A. Conroy, T. ForesfJ 
Grecho, M. Hunter, J. Delahanty 


Girls' Basketball 

r hink I can . . . I think I can ..." J. Canelli 

"Whoa mama!!" Palos 

"I've fallen . . . And I can't get up!" T. Krajewski 

Girls' Basketball 











N. Attleboro 

Oliver Ames 








N. Attleboro 

Oliver Ames 





Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 


G. Peckham 

G. Peckham 

Stretch! J. Doane 

B. Thomas 


Boys' Basketball 

G. Foster 

Looking for the pass. G. Peckham 

B. Thomas 

Freshman Basketball J. Wirtz, C. O'Brian, R. Vincent, J. Ketlell, M. Gilbert, S. Witley, J. Newton. E. Lelebvre, A. Patel, J. 
Boyce, P. Borne, B. Droste, A. Vito 

Boys' Basketball 127 


■^— <• * ^^ri^ 


5 1 Dedham 



5 1 Scituate 



63 Norwell 



50 Tri Coui 

lty 15 


24 Newton 

S. 36 


63 Cohasse 



39 Foxboro 



28 Durfee 



41 Stoughtc 

n 20 


41 Sharon 



26 Carver 



46 Keefe T 

;ch 24 


59 Lexingtc 

n 13 


37 N. Attle 

boro 34 


42 Needhan 



60 Plymout 

hN. 15 


18 Franklin 


D. Boone 

"Giving it his all" L. Caccapaglia 

Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

Brian Treeful 

12o Wrestling 

Back Row: W. Healy, M. Olszewski, J, Lovely, M. Rogers, K. MacDonald, M. Slobogan, J. Carey, W. Kammerer, R. Kreis, J. 
Destephano, J. Conley, L. Cacciapaglia, C. Pearson, C. Knight, J. Pennini, D. Garcia, R. Davis, Coach B. Cataloni Front Row: J. 
Finley, C. Carew, D. Pisani, J. Pearson, D, Boone, B. Treeful, T. Nicodemus, J. Simmons, T. Collins, M. Lewicks, (missing) J. 

"In a knot," K. MacDonald 

"Planning on a win," B. Treeful 

J. Pearson 




"Chalking Up" H. Dixon, L. McLean 















No. Attleboro 




















No. Attleboro 


















"Whose is Whose?" K. Bourne, K. Alsworth 

Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

"Ta-Daa!" M. Ely 

A%5U Gymnastics 

That hurts! Leah Calleaux 

Up, Up and Away! Heather Dixon 

back row: S. Barry, T. Fumarola, S. Inman, S. Bragg, V. Kudirka. B. Dunbar, J, Ritchie, L. Mclean, K. Constintine, A. Foster, K 
Cook, D. Rabuffo front row: L. Calleaux, K. Schaier. K. Bourne, K. Alsworth, H. Dixon, M. Ely 



i P9 

I i 




^ i 






k * 


} i 




i m 

( tains: 

K. Bo 

ime, K. 






P. O'Brien, L. Deveraux 

K. Alsworth 

Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

1%5Z Cheerleading 

J. Matola 

Cheerleading IjJ 

Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

Fighting for the puck. B. MacDonald 


Ice Hockey 

gJE '^5^ HOCKEY. 

"Warming up before the game" 

Ice Hockey 1»j3 

Supporting the team from the sidelines, Girls Team 


— — V. 




48 Vs Franklin 



37 Foxboro 



34 N. Attleboro 



63 Canton 



58 Stoughton 



57 Mansfield 




27 Franklin 



34 Foxboro 



54 N. Attleboro 



65 Canton 



52 Mansfield 



54 Stoughton 



Good job this year! 
Good luck next year! 

The Joker, K. Kenyon 

Jamie Morris 


Winter Track Page 

Look Mom, One Leg! T. Rutherford 

Boxing in the opponent, A. Race, J. Oles 

Back Row: S. Clark, M. Grazenda, D. Wagner, A . Duczakowski, J. Morris, Coach Daigle Second Row: M. Curty, C. Labonte, A . 
Moore, H. Brown, K. Flatley, B, Harry, E. Hurney, D. Digris, N. Thomas, Third Row: J. Dumont, M. Doane, W. Nicodemus, C. 
Carter, N. Wiliey, R. Harris, S. Lisauskas, B. McCarthy, H. Whitbread, A. Grote, Front Row: N. Giovanoni, C. Nagle, S. 
Svanholt, L. Kenney. J. Keiten, B. MacDonald, C. Lamothe 

Back Row: Coach Bousher, Coach Besaw, Coach Daigle, M.S. Dearden, R. Pandey, F. Sorrento, D. Huneryager, J. Schweitzer, J. 
Sparks, M. Hagerty, M. Brady, J. Lizotte, M. Ouimet, J. Gugliotta Middle Row: B. McCormick, J. Connell, A. Longabard, K. 
Kenyon, B. Gibson, J. Barrette.A. Race, L. Benes, E. Labagh, T. Alsworth Front Row: K. Bogardus. T. Rutherford, B. Gibson, 
K., Rockett, J. Mahony, M. Robinson, S. Kramer, D. Gill, E. Sullivan, D. Collins 

Off to a good start, E. Sullivan, J. Oles, K. Kenyon. 

As she flies over the hurdles, R. Harris 


Winter Track 



Student Council: 140 
DECA: 141 
National Honor 
Society: 142 
Peerleadership: 144 
Art/ Nica: 146 
RS AC/SAC: 147 
Band: 148 

Sachem/WKPH: 151 
Chieftain: 152 
Math league: 153 
Drama: 154 
Boys/Girls State 
Award: 156 
Video Club: 157 
UNICEF; Pre-Med: 158 
Amnesty Int'1/SADD: 159 
Gym Aides: 160 
Candids: 161 

Otttfc &tfdf t/tttwtffe* 

■ * » V ♦ 

♦ * * ■ ♦ 


Student Council consists of a group of 
students who meet bi-weekly to discuss and 
vote upon issues of student government. 
These students plan activities for both the 
school and the community. Homecoming and 
Class Competition are two of the major events 
sponsored by Student council, but throughout 
the year they also sponsor two spirit weeks, 
"Everybody's a Star" day, and other activi- 
ties to build the student's spirit and self es- 
teem. As well as these school related activi- 
ties, the Student Council also participates in 
the Adopt- a-Cottage program, gives Christ- 
mas baskets to needy families, and helps to 
raise money for other charities. 

Just love these two! 

Student Council's muscle 

;&k mam 

This is definitely our favorite form of transportation 


Student Council 

'Ah." This is the life!" 

The youth organization called DECA 
(Distributive Education Clubs of America) is 
very active at King Philip. DECA is the only 
student organization operating careers in mar- 
keting, distribution, merchandising and man- 
agement through experience in the King 
Philip Mini Mall. DECA is further dis- 
tinguished because it is a co-curricular or- 
ganization structured to serve as an integral 
part of the classroom instructional program. 

" ♦^ 

Smile pretty for the camera" 

Pros and cons of having a good breakfast 

King Philip Mini Mall — Open 

DECA And Student Counci 

n 141 


7 ill 

■••■- — * li 

^^H^ . .... 


'W/ien is ft my ftirn?' 

The National Honor Society is a group of 
academically outstanding students exhibiting 
such qualities as character leadership and ser- 
vice. This year's activities included a Hal- 
loween play for the elementary schools, a 
fund raising Rock-A-Thon, Christmas carol- 
ing for the senior citizens and many more fun 
and purposeful events. This is a dedicated and 
trusting club whose members stand as good 
role models for their peers. 

Mr. Fairfield, Rachel Lawry 

14Z National Honor Society 

You don't say" R. Randrey 

National Honor Society 14*5 



mm. : f l g ■ 



144 Peer Leadership 


\ K 1111/ 

PEER LEADERSHIP is a group of 
students from the senior, junior, and 
sophomore classes selectively chosen by 
Jie faculty and administrators. They visit 
i he regional elementary schools educating 
die sixth graders on how to cope better 
vith the pressures of high school, especi- 
ally drug and alcohol abuse. This years 
idvisors are Mr. Pariseau, Mrs. Pheffer, 
lind Mr. Fairfield. 

One of the Peer Leader groups with a sixth 
grade class. 

Oh Boy! Are those kids rough! 

Which class do I get? Mark Robinson 

The Art Club brings together students who 
share an interest in the many aspects of art and 
might possibly enjoy a career in this field. They 
are led by art teachers Mrs. Tower, Miss Lem- 
enti and Miss Ziegler. 

Today K.P. — Tomorrow, La Louvre. Masterpieces by 
Abby Bender and Steve Desilets 

Art Club (first row) H. Dixon, A. Caiazza, A. Bender, Miss Lumenti, Mrs. Tower, Miss Zeigler (second row) B. Thomas, Mr. Zassenhai 
Lennihan, K. Deschamps, A. Levesque (third row) B. Marchionni, M. Sloboggan, T. McDonald, J. Pearson, A. Duczakowski, M. Meny. 
Giovanni, M. Powers, M. Buchanan, E. Morse 

VICA, the Vocational Industrial Clubs 
America is the national organization serv 
trade, industrial, technical, and hea 
students with leadership, citizenship, i 
character development programs and 

(first row) Reubin Johnson (second row) Jake Tirado, Mark Videto, Jeff Wall, Carl Bremlist 


Art Club/VICA 

fhe Regional Student Advisory Committee 

aade up of one or two elected students from 
11 class chosen to represent King Philip once a 
nth at regional meetings. At these meetings, 
<iy Student Council representatives gather to 
iiuss student rights and cares, as well as ex- 
iige school improvement ideas. 

"We've got the best!" 

The Student Advisory Committee is 

made up of one elected, student from each 
class. Each member is appointed to the Stu- 
dent Council. One Member, usually the 
senior, sits on the School Committee Board 
and reports to the Student Council. If the 
board member can't attend a meeting, one of 
the other three fills in to represent the Student 
Council. This program is set up to relay im- 
portant School Committee decisions to the 
student body. 



V * «>•*,*' 

tr, m * 

Bottom Row: Jon Morris, Jeremy Lovely, Matt Slobogan, Kurt Manila, Jessica Shearer, Michelle Teixeira, Sean Greene, Mark Grazado, Alison Pope, Jean Yau, Kate 
Wolloff, Brian Marchionni Row 2: Cara McGrath, Sharon Sundberg, Melana DiDomenico, Karen Wiklund, Tina Udden, Heidi Osterguard, John Sanchez, Jon Fox, 
Cornelius Larrivee, Peter Shearer, Tileston, David Wilcox, Ed Devlin, Elizabeth Shearer, Ray Boucher, Jeanne Page, Wendy Nicodemus, Diana Deschamps, Laura 
Soloway, Megan Kinnear Row 3: Amy Carroll, Erica Sundburg, Todd Clutterbuck, Michelle Berman, Amy Levesque, Debbie Noble, Chris Vrysen, Michelle Hunter Row 
4: Jeannine Lennihan, Sandy Bontemps, Alicia Hostetler, Jon Berman, Kristin Johnston, Cary Crehan, Heather Coulsey, Charlene Copeland, Michelle Lennihan 











Row 5." Ben Montgomery, Matt Kinvin, Melissa Howard, Kim Deschamps, Tanya Tellum, Gabe Wolloff, Evangelyn Morse, Andy Neale, Kristin Johnson, Keith 
Mueller Row 6: Paul Reinhardt, Tricia Lawrence, Abby Swaim, Rick Copeland Row 7: Joy Mueller, Martha Buchanan Top Row: Heidi Curtis, Melissa Morris 

BAND It was a clear warm 
Nov. 3 at Sullivan Stadium when 
this year's band marched their 
way to the 1990 Division 2 
Champions of the New England 
Scholastic Band Association, 
and KP's percussion scored a 
perfect 10. The week before, 
they received the championship 
title of the Massachusetts Instru- 
mental Conductors' Assoc. Also, 
last April the band competed in 
"Music Festivals" in Virginia 
Beach, Va. Receiving awards in 
almost every caption including 
the over all award. Their 
vigorous rehearsals three times a 
week after school and on the 
weekends are full of practices or 
competitions. The KP Band truly 
deserves all the awards and 
recognition it gets. 

choreographed to give a visual 
interpretation of music. During 
Marching Band Season, the 
guard performs on a football field 
with the band. In the winter, the 
guard performs on a gymnasium 
floor to taped music. 

Band/Colorguard 149 

SMALL ENSEMBLES: (back row) P. Reinhardt, J. Morris, B. Montgomery, (middle row) C. McGrath, J. 
Berman, E. Morse, K. Deschamps, M. DiDomenico, (front row) A. Pope, D. Noble, S. Bontemps, A. Carroll, 
E. Sundberg, A. Hostetler. 

CONCERT BAND:(back row) A. Neale, R. Copeland, M. Lennihan, M. Grazado, M. Sloboggan, P. Rei 
hardt, M. DiDomenico, Gerry G. Lovely, J. Morris, K. Johnson, M. Hunter, B. Montgomery, (middle row) ( 
Wolloff, J. Berman, S. Greene, M. Teixiera, E. Morse, K. Deschamps, C. McGrath, K. Mealier, J. Shearer, i 
Kinnear. (front row) Mr. Tileston, L. Soloway, H. Curtis, W. Nicodemus, J. Lennihan, S. Bontemps, D. Nobi 
A. Carroll, A. Hostetler, E. Sundberg, A. Pope. 

\ :. 

COLOR GUARD: (back row) CiCi (Heidi), M. Buchanan, J. Paige, T. Udden, K. Wiklund, A. Levesque, L. 
Soloway. (front row) H. Curtis, J. Meulltr, W. Nicodemus, H. Coulsey, C. Crehan, M. Berman, M. Howard. 




1 ■..■■---■■- 


BAND COUNCIL: (back row) B. Marchionni, M. Sloboggan, M. DiDomenico, C. McGrath, P. Reinhardt, J. DIXIELAND COMBO: (back row) M. Lennihan, B. Marchionni, (front row) E. Morse, H. Curtis, 
Paige, (front row) C. Crehan, H. Coulsey, J. Lennihan, K. Deschamps, E. Morse, A. Carroll. Montgomery, K. Meuller. 



back row: K. Wolloff, K. Johnson, J. Shearer, C. Dimartino middle row: S. Pollock, R. Anderson, C. Holloway, 
M. DiDomenico front row: Advisor M. Zassehaus, C. Nagle, B. Olsen, E. Morse, A. Bender, A. Caiazzza 

Sachem is King Philips literary 
magazine. It is an opportunity for 
the students to make public their 
artistic expressions including 
poems, short stories and artwork. 
Advised by Mrs. Villiard, their 
creative young spirits inspire 
every reader. 

Mr. Fairfield, V. Boyle, J. Luke, A. Brown, L, Sullivan, G. Dratman, H. Curtis, 

WKPH is the school radio 
club. It is composed of three pairs 
of senior students who alternate 
reading the announcements 
weekly. Mr. Fairfield advises the 

Do you smile or talk to that microphone? A. Brown, L. Sullivan 



ESS — Editors Stress Syndrome, L. Siekman, K. Hen 

"Which one do you like better?" C. Crehan, H. Curtis 



This yearbook is the product of many 
minds, many hours and many decisions. We 
sincerely hope that it represents our school, 
and in particular, the CLASS OF '91. We 
hope you feel the same as you eagerly scour 
these pages for familiar faces, great (and not- 
so-great) moments and the special cam- 
araderie of KP students. 

We have done our best to give you a great 
yearbook and some day as you remove this 
book from a dusty shelf, it will remind you of 
the many happy memories of KP. 

Best of luck to all our fellow students where- 
ever life takes you! 

The Chieftain Staff 

The Math League is a group of students who 
participate in competitive math exams against 
other schools in the surrounding areas. They 
have about six meets throughout the school year. 

The "addition" crew. 

Math League/Chieftain 153 

In the olden days, when you couldn't get a date 

"it will be a cold day in —!!" 

The King Philip Drama Club is a group 
of talented young actors and actresses who 
produce at least two large-scale per- 
formances each year. Directed by Mr. 
D'Attillo and Mrs. Huckle, they dazzle 
audiences with comedy and tragedy and 
loving what they do! 


The side of Bonnie and Clyde we never saw 

"It's true! Actors get all the hot babes!" 



Liam's true colors shining through. L. Sullivan 

"Really Buffy, you must try my hairdresser! 

"Housewives! — Get your modeling degree in just 6 months. 
K. Murphy 



The SUPERINTENDENT'S AWARD is presented to a senior 
displaying academic excellence. The standards for this award are 
prescribed by the Massachusetts Association of School Super- 
intendents. This year, because of their outstanding academic 
achievement, Gila Dratman and Jean Yau were the recipients of 
this award. 

Jean and Gila accepting their awards from the Superintendent, Mr. 

Ali Caiazza, Abby Bender, Rashmi Pandey, Gila Dratman 

The BOYS'/GIRLS' STATE program con- 
sists of a group of students representing the 3 
towns of Norfolk, Wrentham, and Plain ville. 
Several students are nominated each year and 
then are voted on by American Legion members 
from their own town. In June, the chosen 
students attend a week long seminar for acad- 
emically notable students from all over the state 
of Mass. There they attend lectures and pres- 
entations on politics, and learn the roles and fun- 
ctions of all the branches of government. Those 
who attend walk away with a greater understand- 
ing and respect for our town government. 

+ *■ ♦ 


Back Row: Mark Robinson, Brian Malagrida, Jace Pearson, Bob Mannering Front Row: Stew 
Droste, Mike Sullivan, Jim Campbell, Jarrod Luke, Todd Nicodemus, Neil Hagerty. 

Sup.'s Award/Boys '/Girls' State 

<p Row: Matt Picanso, Evangelyn Morse, Brian Olson, Steve Parastatides Bottom Row: Mike Carr, Jarrod 
dke, Rachel Lawry, Rob Anderson, Jean Yau, Brian Miller 

AIDES consist of a small 
group of students who help the 
librarians distribute the visual 
aid materials to classrooms. 

The VIDEO CLUB, formed in 1984, 
consists of a group of bright and ambitious 
future leaders in the vast production field. 
While learning the basic skills of verbal 
and television communications, this 
strong and still growing group produces, 
The Access Newsline, Sportsline, and 
local town government meetings. Sorry, 
no Bar Mitzvahs this year. 

We would like to thank Massachusetts 
Cablevision as well as Wrentham and Nor- 
folk Access organizations for their sup- 
port. Good Luck to those who are graduat- 
ing this year and welcome to those who 
will be joining us next year. 

Are you sure you know what you're doing Jean? 

Jerry Canelli, Jessica Shearer, Keith Muller 

It's a difficult job but somebody's got to do it! J. 

Video Club/Audio Visual Aides 157 

Unicef was brought to King Philip by Asha 
Gosh and is still going strong in its fourth 
year. The dedicated members of King 
Philip's United Nations International 
Children's Emergency Fund chapter have 
worked hard to benefit unfortunate children 
all over the world. 

* ■ ■ • ♦ 

■ ♦ 

Pre-Med Club is designed to help give students i 
terested in the medical fields insight on future careeii 
This club was started by Monica Ely and it allows tl j 
students to visit hospitals and explore the world 




♦ v ■ 




worldwide movement of people working 
together to protect human rights. The King 
Philip chapter is active in writing letters, 
signing petitions, holding fundraisers and 
other activities to protect the rights of pris- 
oners of conscience — that is; men, 
women and children imprisoned for their 
beliefs, color, sex, ethnic origin, language 
or religion, provided they have neither 
used nor advocated violence. The King 
Philip group was started in 1988 and con- 
tinues to grow. 

♦ ♦ 


■ •* 

1 Students Against Drunk Driving, better 
lown as SADD, is one of the most important 
ubs in this school. In this special club, the 
;ople promote sobriety and are against 
unk driving. To spread their message, 
ADD had many interesting and original ac- 
dties for the whole school to participate in. 
Dtice how many students joined SADD. 
lis shows you how much we all care about 
ch other by the fact that so many people 
ined together against drinking and driving. 


SADD/ Amnesty 159 

The Gym Aids at King Philip are Ju- 
niors and Seniors chosen by the depart- 
ment for their spirit, leadership, and dedi- 
cation towards physical education. The 
leaders help the instructors and participate 
in the activities. The program gives the 
freshmen and sophomores the opportunity 
to make friends with the upperclassmen, 
and in turn the leaders get to meet many of 
the incoming students. The leaders are 
positive role models for the students to be 
involved with. That is what makes this 
program a success. 

Back Row: John Conley, Craig St. Amand, Tommy Rutherford, JeffMahoney, Kathy Griswold, Marc Devereaux Middle Row: Darren Mahoney, Mi 
Tibbetts, Ali Grote, Joe Destafano, Todd Nicodemus, Scott Kramer, Joe Natoli Front Row: Brian Malagrida. Greg Foster, Keri Stafford, Erin Tumi 
Brian Thomas, Kelly Flynn, Chris Killian, Tom Lazay 


♦ " A 




"Where's the sand?" gym aide, Chris Killian 

Gym class with aide Scott Kramer 

160 Gym- Aides 

Miss Szczepaniak, Mrs. Barrett, Mr. Radziewicz, Mr. Kummer, Mr. Petty, Mrs. Neubauer, Mr. Webb, Mrs. Erickson, Mr. Lepere, Miss Strekouras 

Mathematics. Mathematics is a foundation discipline for other disciplines and grows in direct 
; proportion to its utility. At King Philip we believe that the curriculum for all students must 
provide opportunities to develop an understanding of mathematical models, structures, and 
simulation applicable to many disciplines. Changes in technology have caused the mathema- 
tics curriculum to be everchanging. These changes are reflected in our courses at King Philip. 

Computer Science. Students are required to 
take a basic computer class in order to graduate. 
For those who want to go beyond the basics of 
computers and continue to more advanced 
classes, Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, programming 
and applications courses are offered. 

K. Hamway and E. Grady 

Faculty 1 1 I 


Artists and musicians do it best! 

C. Killian — Yeah! 



The Music and Art department. The music program at King Philip 
is one that competes with a high standard of excellence. It consists of 
the marching band, jazz band, concert band, and colorguard which are 
all ranked as gold-medalists groups. Their objective is one of excel- 
lence with an incredible amount of time commitment and participation 
from both the students and their families. They are known throughout 
New England for their competitiveness, style, and class and this 
year's marching band field show, Ivan the Terrible, was another step 
toward greatness and was greatly achieved by all. 
The art department offers a wide, yet versatile, selection of courses 
ranging from Foundation Art to advanced Placement Art. The depart- 
ment offers instruction in the following areas: foundation art, drawing 
and painting, art history and appreciation, graphic design, ceramics, 
art for non-majors, fashion design and textiles, advanced art 1, and 
advanced placement art 2. Over 300 students are now enrolled in the 
art program and it continually changes to suit the needs of King Philips 

Qtfaft !k \l>< 



^" f4l ^ l . J , ''t/ -l~-, _ 

Miss Zeigler, Mrs. N. Tower, Miss Lumenti 

Mr. Tileston 



C. Nagle — A hole in one! 

Let's say HI to the camera! 



Industrial Arts. Industrial art classes 
allow the student to explore a variety of 
occupational areas for the purpose of 
aiding in making intelligent educa- 
tional or career choices. Students may 
elect to take basic courses in a variety of 
technical areas and pursue more ad- 
vanced sequential courses in any of 
these areas. At King Philip, we offer 
courses in drafting, technical drawing, 
architecture, graphic arts, and technol- 
ogy education. 

Mr. Menoche, Mr. Pillarella, Mr. Riley, Mr. Croteau, Mr. Sumner 

The Business Department. King 
Philip's business department provides 
an opportunity for all students to obtain 
business, computer, and marketing 
skills that will be useful to them 
throughout the 1990's. We offer 
courses valuable for students seeking 
employment right after graduation and 
for those planning to further their edu- 
cation after high school. Students get 
on-the-job training situations and the 
skills they learn will always be with | 

Mr. Lavallee, Mrs. Tolley, Mrs. Raymond, Mrs. Maxell, Mr. Guillemette, Mrs. Dombkowski, Mrs. Stankiewicz, 
Mrs. Campos 

180 Faculty 

Special Needs is a program set 
up at King Philip to help children 
who want to learn, but cannot 
compete in the faster classes. The 
special needs teachers offer in- 
struction in English, math, phys- 
ical education, and counseling. 
The teachers are very kind and 
patient and are a great asset to the 
teaching staff at King Philip. 

Mrs. Pavao, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. D. Tower, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Wernborg, Mrs. Dire, Miss Turco 

Mr. Hartley, Mr. Carneiro, Mr. Pariseau, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Pfeffer 

Physical Education. The physical education program is set up to meet the needs of all students 
regardless of their athletic ability. The students participate in a variety of individual and team 
activities from climbing to touch football. Students spend one quarter in the health class entitled 
"Skills for Living" which deals with self esteem, feeling, family, peer pressure, interpersonal 
relations and current health issues. The internship program is for juniors and seniors planning a 
career in physical education. They will assist in various phases of the present program. 

Faculty 181 


Parent Patrons: 184 
Teacher Patrons: 185 
Brickwall: 204 


• • ■ ♦*♦♦ ■ ■ ♦ ^ 


* ♦ 

Parent Patrons 

Gretta Atkinson 
Donna and Jerry Bender 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bogardys 
Charles and Connie Buckley 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caizza 
Herb and Marilyn Can- 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carter 
Arnold and Geni Casamenti 
Chianca Family 
James and Mary Crehan 
Ralph and Bobbie Curtis 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dixon, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Droste III 
Joseph and Barbara Ferrone 
Roberta and James Foster 
Jeffrey and Carolyn Franklin 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Frey 
Mr. and Mrs. George Gallagher 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Genovese 
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Gibson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gill 
Ed and Jane Giovannucci 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Grote 
Mary and Joseph Grzenda 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gulino 
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius T. Hagerty 
Robert and Kim Hall 
Susan and Richard Hallett 
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Harcovitz 
Richard and Ann Hender 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Holland 
Mr. and Mrs. David Holster 
Paul and Judi Horton 
Frank and Christine Jacobson 
Mark and Cynthia Keilen 
Paul Kenney, Cheryl Herman-Kenney 
Ms. Beth Killian 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kramer 

Mr. and Mrs. William Kuza 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lazay 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luke 

Karol and Richard Lunn 

Daniel and Linda Lupfer 

Dave and Dianne Mahoney 

Jean and Rick Mattila 

Marsha McCormick 

Mr. and Mrs. John McDonald 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Molloy 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Moretti 

Paul and Cindy Nagle 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Neale, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson 

Bob and Emily Nicodemus 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Noble, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Palazzo 

Mrs. Kathy Palos 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pearson 

Mr. and Mrs. Armand Pepin 

Barbara and Bill Pikarsky 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Pollard 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Powell 

Randy and Marie Shore 

Al and Mary Siekman 

Marcia Silvestri 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Sloper, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Swanson 

Mr. and Mrs. William Smith 

Alan and Marlene Sparks 

Mr. and Mrs. Girard L. St. Amand 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Todd 

Mr. and Mrs. D. Unterweger 

Paul and Kathryn Vitelli 

Bill and Judy Wysocki 

Mr. and Mrs. Chiou Yau 

Parent Patrons 

Teacher Patrons 

Richard F. Ahern 

Ms. Janna M. Bremer 

Margaret G. Casper 

Helen Cooper 

Mr. William Costa 

June R. Coutu 

Mr. Ed Croteau 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Erickson 

Winston L. Fairfield, Jr. 

Mr. John Fitzsimmons 

Mrs. J. Kamon 

Mr. Joseph P. Lojko, Jr. 

Miss Lumenti 
Mrs. K. McDonald 
Mrs. Roberta Negus 
Mrs. Jean Neubauer 
Ann T. Resca N.C.C. 
Paul Riley 
Constance P. Ryan 
Jane A. Southworth 
Mrs. Sullivan 
David M. Sumner 
Elizabeth Villiard 





OEA No. AN 122Z479 

No. Dr. 

"Good Luck 
Class of 91" 


BuMor the Himm Racer 





Children's Place 

I & II 


1943 West St. 


23 Randall Road 

Wrentham, MA 02093 


E. Susan Arsenault 
Exec. Director 





Name Brand Athletic Footwear & Clothing 

546 Kelley Blvd., N. Attleboro 

Next to RoJacks 

(508) 695-4499 

Driver Education 

(508) 660-2650 


944B Main Street 
Walpole, MA. 02081 

Michael J. Towle 

Best wishes to the class of '91! 

(508) 384-2320 

Woe/ate Cat Caee Center 



NORFOLK, MA 02056 

Good luck class of '91! 




60 SCHOOL MIS rod 






Safely transporting our school children mlnom 1932- 

22 Myrtle Street 
Norfolk, MA 02056 








^ *Q nn\? U=tOQud 



"»M gggj ■* Q 



TP-v^nyl^r -Hi>, [p ub 


^ igiaaL, 

p^./, ■# 

/..»>(' X/e , gg/£ 

jtgafiL, K-"-* 



j(2 - 



X KcCC iv£ l\«iXt>t<. ^ r C^f' l '^-'iC, -M^J^-t^j,X Jt/s-H. y^a^- 




GOOfc* Luck l. *:irtLPJ x^ touch n 




i j g ^ A 





Brick Wall 191 


Certified Public Accountants 

Specialists in accounting, 

auditing, tax and 

financial management service 

to human service 


Non-Profit Accounting 

Government Accounting 

Management & Computer Systems 

Tax Services 

Rate Setting 

7 Wells Ave., Newton, MA 02159 
(617) 965-7610 


Water mill Center. 800 South Street. 

Post Office Box 9161, Waltham. MA 02254-9161 
(617) 894-8800 Telex: 92-4479 

f/751 Waste 
Ifcfj Systems 


Rubbish Removal Service 


• Sweeping services • Asbestos removal 
• Construction/Demo removal 

• Steel containers available from 2-50 cubic yard capacity 
• Prompt, reliable service • Modern, efficient equipment 

• Compactors and containers of all sizes • Free estimates 

For Professional Solutions To Your Waste Problems, Call: 





1 800 322-1710 

115 Washington Street • Holliston 



(617) 528-5837 

Oflain Stzeet 76azdwaze <& Suppiy 
of Otozfoe/z, One. 



NORFOLK. MA 02056 

Congratulations Kim! 

Sennott Roofing Co. , Inc. 

Good Luck! 

TEL. 762-0420 

^|| just right cleaners inc. 




Good Luck Class of '9V! 

Specializing in Marine Controls 

Marie-Claire Robinson 


206 Dedham Street, Norfolk. MA 02056 
Tel. (508) 384-5186 Fax (508) 384-5833 

Good Luck '91'! 

patriot iptjarmacp, %nt. 



PHONE 384-7788 

HOURS: MON.-SAT.: 3 A.M. -3 P.M. 
SUN. 3 A.M. -3 P.M. 

Bridal Illusions 
13 Messenger Square Plainville, MA 695-4887 

G. Cronin & Sons, Inc. 
5 George Sll. Norfolk, MA 528-0731 

North End Deli 
5 Man Mar Dr. Plainville, MA 695-4221 

Rocky' s Auto Body 
79 Pond St., Norfolk, MA 384-7883 

Kathy Ryans Dance Studio 
206 Main St., Norfolk, MA 520-3623 

Best Wishes Class of '91 

Craig A. Woodhams 




Custom Hom e's 
Single & Multi-Family 

Robert L. Wyler 

P.O. Box 858 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Best wishes from 




Celebrating 50 Years of 
Service to the Community 


Blank the trees stand 

against the sky; streaked 

in fitful lines of pink and blue 

and yellow--eolors 

of the last raging wish 

of the sun. Defied by those tree 

"■dark and unmoved 

by the fall 

of their mother, their heat 

the binding force of their life. 

They see nothing 
of the night 
and little 
of the day. 

**sha. Nacfcami 

And the world came crashing down 

Right on top of her head 

And it hurt 

But she pushed her way through the rubble 

And she made her way to sanity 

Then to the top - 

She earned her happiness. 

n r? 





but Only-- 

but Only — 

in summer 
when the air 
floats us syiupy- 
sweet through 
thick daysandnights 

with the foolish certainty of the 

(in response to e.e. cummings "in Just--"). 

Asha KocCfeamv 

What an I supposed to think 

To hear 

To see 

To believe 

What have we done 

To the peace He gave us 

To trees 

To water 

To us 

Oh my God, What have we done? 


i look 

and there it is again 

all ready and willing 

to snap and claw at me 
i stare 

the innocent thought interrupted 

and i suppose to myself that 
i must stop 

or get eaten by her touch 

Cosette nercler 

Les Grandes Personnes 

when they were carefree and had 
hopes and dreams and unicorns, 
were they smart? 
Does the stupid hide until we 
forget our dreams? 

X ri«la 

¥ith an outaeratchad 
to touch tfta itui 

9raa»lna Ma now- 





if i were taller 

my smile more lopsided 

Maybe then 

i could follow my mind 
to where my eyes refuse 
to see 

But I'm small 
too small 

with only the ineffectual 
beauty that sees nothing 
in the rain. 

Truth must always remain 
to me a glimmer, 
a glimpse of watery- 
sun, squinted at 
through the 

.-tafia. f<adkarni 




hey where do we go 
days when the rain came 
down in the hollow 
playin a new game 
laughing and a running hey hey 
skipping and a jumping 
in the misty morning fog 
utLttituuucj , we U an are hearts thumping 
and you my brown-eyed girl 

you my brown-eyed girl 
whatever happened 
Tuesday is so slow 
going down the old man 
with a transister radio 
standing in the sunlight laughin 
hiding behind a rainbows wall 
slipping and a slidin 
all along the waterfall with you 
my brown-eyed girl 
you my brown-eyed girl 
do you remember when 
we used to sing 



sha na na na na na na na na 

na na na na 

so hard to find my way 

now that I'm all on my own 

I saw you just the other day 

my how you have grown 

cast my memory back there lord 

sometimes I'm overcome thinking 

about it 

makin love in the green grass behind 

the stadium with you 

my brown-eyed girl 

— Van Morrison 

We walked on the beach beside that old motel 
They're tearing it down now 
But it's just as well 

I haven't shown you everything a man can do 
So stay with me baby 
I've got plans for you 

This is the time to remember 
Cause it will not last forever 


These are the days 

To hold on to 

Cause we won't 

Although we'll want to 

This is the time 

But the time is gonna change 

You've given me the best of you 

And now I need the rest of you 

Did you know that before you came into my life 

it was some kind of miracle that I survived 

Someday we will both look back 

And have to laugh 

We've lived through a lifetime 

And the aftermath 

This is the time to remember 

Cause it will not last forever 

These are the days to hold on to 

Cause we won't although we'll want to 

This is the time 

The time is going to change 

I know we've got to move somehow 

But I don't want to lose you now 

Sometimes it's so easy to let a 

Day slip on by without seeing 

each other at all 

But this is the time you 
turn back to and so 
Will I and those will 
be days you can never 

And so we embrace again 
Behind the dunes, this 
Beach it's so cold on 
Winter afternoons 
But holding you close is 
like holding the summer sum 
I'm warm from the memories 
of days to come. 


In February, the Second round of the 6th annual bridge 
break competition took place in Mr. Riley's Drafting or CAD 
program at King Philip. 

The object of the Bridge Break is to design a bridge that 
will hold the most weight. Each student designs a bridge on 
the computer using AutoCAD. The students are allowed 30 
linear feet of 3/32 squre pieces of bass wood and one tube of 
glue. The design is plotted out, and a blue print is made to be 
used as a pattern to build the bridge. 

Over the 6 years of the Bridge Break the record has in- 
creased each year. It has gone from 14 pounds 6 years ago to 
57 pounds earlier this year. This year Braden Andrews' (70 
lb) bridge shattered the record held by Rich McNiel's 57 
pound bridge. Congratulations Braden! 

Marc Vitelli, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vitelli of 485 South 
Street, Wrentham, has recently broken the King Philip High 
School record for the amount of weight held by a structure 
made from a box of toothpicks. 

Each year Mr. David Sumner assigns his engineering 
graphics and architectural drawing classes a project whereby 
the students must build a structure which will hold the stu- 
dent's own weight. The maximum number of round birch 
toothpicks which can be used is the contents of a box — 250 
toothpicks. The design must be an open structure, as opposed 
to a solid block, and the advantages of basing the design on 
the triangle — the strongest geometric shape — are dis- 

This year Marc Vitelli set out to break the school record 
which was 645 pounds set in 1988 by Richard Ross of Plain- 
ville. Marc used Elmer's Wood Glue. After his project un- 
questionably held his own weight, the participants adjourned 
to the weight room where the structures were loaded to the 
breaking point. Marc's structure held a total of 940 pounds 
before splintering. 

Another senior, Rachel Lawry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
David Lawry of 20 Boardman Street, Norfolk also broke the 
school record with a design which held 825 pounds. 

Congratulations Class of 1991 



Wrentham Center 


Mon.-Fri. 7:00-5:30 

Sat. 8:00-5:00 

Good Luck Kim! 

And to the 
Class of 1991 


Mom, Dad, Ricky, 

Karyn, Tommy, and Timmy 

Plainville Insurance Agency 


119 SOUTH STREET — BOX 1627 
PLAINVILLE, MA 02762-2047 

Of vOONOtP, 

Music lo^ Ul£ 

all feel this wpr' s pain ^ 




» r^Sftids 

America is at war 
























Operation Desert Storm 
Persian Gulf 1991 



-^ <^ Support Our Troops 3 

fljjj^llk •fcePersian Gulf 
^ x?-fi&J »2 Vlia two I^Q 1 ngiters 

1st ir lj3 


eart earned ound 

There have been times 

when you didn't have 


any timet 

and yet, you took the time. 

There have been times 

when you had enough cares 
of your own, 

and yet, you cared. 

There have been times 

when you had given 
ail you had to give, 


d yet, 

you kept on giving. 

V^W^. \^r^-*a^J 



the Class of 1991 

Continued Success! 



Dad, Mom, 

David & 



We, the Yearbook Staff would like to dedicate this book to Mrs. 
Helen Cooper. "Coop," as she is affectionately known, has been 
there when we needed a helping hand, advice or just someone to 
talk to. She is not only our teacher and advisor, but also a good 
friend. We have learned so much from her . . . not only about year- ) 
book, but also, about life. We would have been lost without her. ' 

Thanks for all you've done, love always, Kim, Laura and all the j 
1991 Yearbook Staff. 



Editor's Note 

1st row Debbie F, Yean Y, Michelle D, Heidi C, Front Row Kim H, Jen S, 3 ace P, Amy D, Laura S. 

1991 Chieftain Staff 

Co-Editors-in-Chief and 
Senior Section 

Undergraduates Editor 

Sports Editor 

I!lubs & Activities Editor 

\ds Editor 

^acuity Editor 

Student Life 

Art Editor 

Kim Hender 
Laura Siekman 

Heidi Curtis 

Michelle Doane 

Amy Desjardins 

Debbie Ferrone 

Jean Yau 

Jen Shore 

Jace Pearson 

typists, lifesavers and eager assistants . . . 

lara Hall, Brenda Tierney, Jen Pikarsky, Denise Jacobson, Becky Holster, Ami 
iealy, Elise Herman, Tricia Molloy, Danielle Taylor, Carolyn Lamothe, Carrie 
Irehan, Keri Crocker, Sara Magill, Liz Powers, Liz Bautz, Jess Brewer, Denise 
•tVilson, Aimee Lunn, Wendy Boone, Lorene Molloy, Amy Brown, Heidi Oster- 
?ard and Merry Toll 

No one could really know how difficult it is for one 
page in this book to be done, except for someone on the 
staff. Only a selected few could know how to turn a 
blank piece of paper into a finished page. It starts with 
a "layout" and then "copy," "captions," and "art." 

We would like to thank all the dedicated few who 
helped with all the long nights and last minute dead- 
lines. Also we would like to thank everyone who 
stayed until the end and did not quit halfway thru and 
helped to complete all pages that were supposed to be 
done by others, but abandoned. 

A special thanks to Tara Hall for her dedication and 
coming every Monday night; Michelle D. for always 
coming through (barely); Amy D. for dedication on her 
section; Jen for being clueless; Debbie for trying so 
hard; Jean for being the first done; Jace and Michelle Z 
for their ability to draw and Heidi for always being on 

Above all we would like to thank Coop for all the 
pizza, candy, cookies, soda and especially for her little 
notes; Marie for all the long nights; Arnie Lohman for 
all the help and fun times; Joe Geoffrey for all the pic- 
tures and Jacqui Bazin in Winston-Salem, North Car- 
olina for going to all the trouble that she didn't have to. 
And to everyone else not mentioned, you have not 
gone unnoticed. Thanks again. 


Laura Siekman 
Kim Hender 
(co-editors in chief) 


Alsworth, Keri: 12, 45, 130, 131, 132, 133 

Andrews, Braden: 12, 45, 202 

Aniserswicz, Lisa: 12 

Arado, Christopher: 12 

Arnold, Andrew: 8, 12, 39, 112, 113, 119 

Atkinson, Brian: 8, 11, 12, 44, 45, 119, 127, 129, 

Austin, Sarah: 12, 45 


Baker, Heather: 12, 66, 111, 141 

Bender, Abby: 10, 13, 43, 45, 62, 64, 66, 67, 142, 

146, 151, 156, 155, 174 
Bogardus, Kirk: 13, 39, 109, 121, 137 
Boone, Daniel: 10, 13, 41, 45, 126, 129, 165 
Bourne, Karolyn: 13, 43, 45, 130, 131 
Boyle, Veronica: 13, 45, 106. 107, 114, 115, 151 
Bremilst, Karl: 13, 111, 115 
Brown, Amanda: 13, 45, 151, 176 
Buchanan, Robert: 13 
Buckley, Thomas: 13, 126 


Caiazza, Alison: 8, 10, 13, 44, 45, 64, 65, 67, 71, 

109, 141, 146, 156, 174 
Calleaux, Leah: 8, 13, 44, 45, 63, 67, 131, 175 
Campbell, James: 13, 156 
Carr, Michael: 13, 157 

Carter, Joanna: 13, 40, 45, 62, 65, 66, 68, 106 
Casamenti, Gina: 13, 45, 62, 111, 117 
Castelo, Richard: 13, 11, 41, 179 
Chamberlain, Richard: 13, 74, 75 
Chianca, Jason: 13, 40, 45. 119 
Collins, Dennis: 13, 137 
Collins, Keith: 13 
Connolly, Craig: 14 
Conley, Keith: 14, 42, 165 
Coulsey, Heather: 14, 133, 150 
Crehan, Carrie: 14, 45, 150, 156 
Cress, Jennifer: 14, 45 
Curtis, Heidi: 14, 39, 46, 106, 107, 142, 149, 150, 

151, 152,205 


Ferrone, Deborah: 15, 46, 152, 205 
Figurelli, Deborah: 15, 46, 65, 110, 117 
Flynn, Kelly: 8, 15, 111, 125, 140, 160 
FrankUn, Derek: 15, 40 



Gallagher, Tara: 16, 44, 64, 65 

Gardner, Vicki: 16, 62 

Genovese, Susan: 8, 16, 46 

Ghosh, Ashapurna: 16, 142, 171 

Gibson, William: 16, 109, 137 

Gill, Daniel: 11, 16, 43, 46, 69, 109, 111, 

137, 143 
Giovannucci, James: 11, 16, 46, 165 
Grady, EUen: 16, 46, 62, 125, 175, 177 
Graham, Tracey: 17 
Grecho, David: 17 
Griswold, Kathryn: 7, 41, 46, 110, 111, 136, 142, 

Grote, Stacee: 17, 46, 65 
Grzenda, Michele: 17, 46, 111, 121, 
Guerra, Lana: 17, 65, 66, 67 
Gulino, Diana: 17, 46, 114 



Hagerty, Neil: 17, 142, 156 

Hall, Tara: 17, 46, 74, 75, 152 

Hall, William: 18 

Hailed. Lisa: 18 

Hallett, Nina: 8, 18, 116, 117, 141, 179 

Hamilton, Steven: 18, 109 

Hamwey, Kimberly: 8, 18, 39, 44, 46, 64, 110, 

111, 112, 125, 172, 177 
Harcovitz, Chris: 18. 179 
Hazel, Christian: 10, 18, 46, 119 
Hazlett, Mia: 19. 64 
Healy, Amy: 19. 40, 46 
Hender, Kim: 19, 46, 62, 152, 205 
Herman, Elise: 19, 42 
Holland, Gail: 19, 8 
Holland, Stacey: 19, 40 
Holster, Rebecca: 19, 46 
Horton, Jamie: 11, 19, 44, 46, 77, 119 
Houstan, Marcus: 20 
Hovey, Christine: 20 

Konowitz, Tim: 21 

Kramer, Scott: 21, 109, 121, 137, 160 

Kuza, Karen: 21, 47, 67, 142, 174 


Lawry, Rachel: 21, 142, 157 

Lazay, Thomas: 21, 47, 65, 141, 160, 165 

Lockwood, Susan: 22, 63, 64 

Lucas, Kristie: 8, 22, 67, 175 

Luke, Jarrod: 22, 40, 42, 47, 142, 151, 156, 157 

Lunn, Aimee: 22, 47 


MacDonald, Keith: 22, 47, 121, 129 

Mahady, Shannon: 8, 22 

Mahoney, Jeffrey: 22, 108, 109, 121, 137, 160 

Malagrida, Brian: 23, 11, 70, 119, 156, 160, 165 

Malouin, Shawn: 23, 39 

Mannering, Robert: 23, 41, 47, 119, 143, 156, 

Manning, Nicole: 23 
Mattila, Kurt: 23, 40, 148 
McDonald, Tracy: 24, 39, 40 
McGill, Michael: 24, 39, 42 
McGrath, Cara: 24, 47, 148, 150 
McGrath, Neil: 24 
Molloy, Laurene: 24, 39, 47 
Molloy, Patricia: 8, 24, 47, 62 
Moore, Colleen: 24, 47, 106 
Moretti, Lynne: 24, 47, 109, 125 
Morse, Evangelyn: 25, 41, 42, 146, 149, 150, 157 
Mueller, Keith: 25, 149, 150, 157 
Murrell, Susan: 25, 40, 47, 117, 141 


Nadkarni, Asha: 8, 25, 43, 66, 67 
Nagle, Carolyn: 25, 47, 111, 137 
Neale, Andrew: 25, 149, 150 
Nelson, Diane: 25, 7 
Nicodemus, Todd: 26, 121, 156 
Noble, Deborah: 26, 47, 62, 150 
Noble, Joanne: 26, 42, 47, 142 
Noonan, Doug: 26 

Pepin, Michael: 27, 47, 117, 127..129 
Perrotti, James: 27, 47 
Pickett, Heather: 27, 75 
Pikarsky, Jennifer: 28, 47, 62 
Pollard, Natasha: 28, 41, 47 
Powell, David: 28, 42, 66, 48 


Reinhardt, Paul: 28, 42, 149, 150 

Ricci, David: 28 

Robinson, Mark: 28, 106, 107, 108, 109, 137, 

145, 156 
Robinson, Todd: 29, 39, 75, 122 
Rockett, Kyle: 29, 107, 109, 121, 137 
Rose, Frank: 29, 40, 67 
Rousseau, Aaron: 29 
Rowe, Douglas: 29, 102, 109 
Russell, Dannelle: 29, 48, 62 
Rutherford, Tommy: 29, 137, 1 19, 160 

Sabbag, Janette: 29, 48, 116, 125 

Salisbury, Michele: 30, 40, 41 

Scheider, Ariana: 30 

Shore, Jennifer: 30, 42, 48, 152, 205 

Siekman, Laura: 8, 30, 42, 48, 62, 65, 77, 152, 

165, 176, 205 
Silver, Colleen: 30, 48 
Sloper, Andy: 30 
Silvestri, Rocco: 30 

Smith, Michael: 30, 41, 44, 63, 65, 109, 179 
Sparks, Joseph: 30, 48, 137 
St. Amand, Craig: 41, 160 
St. Pierre, Michael: 30 

Sullivan, Liam: 30, 44, 109, 121, 137, 151, 155 
Sullivan, Michael: 30, 109, 121, 137 
Svanholt, Sofia: 31, 115, 137 
Swabson, Derek: 31 


Thorp, David: 31,48, 74, 75 
Tierney, Brenda: 31, 48 
Tirado, Anthony: 31, 43, 129, 146 
Todd, Eric: 31, 48 
Toll, Meredith: 32, 48 
Treeful, Brian: 8, 32, 126, 129 
Troiano, Joanne: 32, 40 

DesChamps, Kimberly: 14, 41, 146, 149, 150, 172 
Desjardins, Amy: 8, 15, 41, 44, 46, 110, 111, 

140, 142, 143, 165, 205 
Dixon, Heather: 15, 46, 65, 66, 70, 71, 106, 130, 

131, 146 
Down, Christina: 15, 46 
Drake, Heather: 15, 46 
Dratman, Gila: 15, 39, 46, 142, 151, 156 
Droste, Steven: 15, 42, 46, 119, 127, 129, 142, 


Ely, Monika: 15, 42, 43, 46, 71, 109, 130, 131, 

140, 141 



Jacobson, Denise: 20, 47 
Johnston, Douglas: 20 
Joly, Renee: 20 


Keilen, Jennifer: 20, 111, 121, 137 
Kenney, Lisa: 21, 47, 109, 121, 137, 142 
Kettell, Jennifer: 21, 42, 66, 119, 165, 171 
Killian, Chris: 11, 21, 42, 44, 47, 77, 134, 140, 

141, 160, 165, 172, 178 
Knowles, Amy: 21 

O'Brien, Dennis: 26, 63 
Ostergard, Heidi: 26, 150 

Palos, Jenny: 8, 26, 41, 43, 47, 125, 156, 174 

Pandey, Rashmi: 26, 47, 143, 142 

Payne, Richard: 27 

Pearson, Jace: 27, 41, 43, 47, 122, 123, 129, 146, 

156, 205 
Pelletier, Ann Marie: 27, 43 
Pelletier, Mat: 27, 48 


Unterweger, Michael: 32, 48 


Villano, Vincent: 32, 41, 48 
Videto, Mark: 32, 146 
Vitelli, Marc: 32 


Wall, Jeffrey: 33, 48, 146 
Weiss, Craig: 33, 123 
Wilson, Deborah: 34, 48 
Wilson, Denise: 34, 48 

Wood, Sandra: 34, 142, 148, 157, 172, 205 



Abril, John: 81 

Acord, Jason: 81 

Andersen, Robert: 81, 151, 157 

Andrews, Ann: 81 

Andrews, Rebekah: 81, 106, 115 

Andrews, Sharalyn: 81 

Antoneliis, Emily: 81. 106 

Asci, Jeffrey: 81 


Bailey, Rebecca: 81 

Barrette, Jamie: 81, 109, 137 

Bell, Thomas: 81 

Bencivenga, Steven: 81, 115 

Berman, Jana: 81 

Beutler, Timothy: 81 

Bliss, Michael: 81 

Blood, Heather: 62, 81 

Bontemps, Sandra: 81, 106, 150, 173 

Booth, Charles: 9, 11, 81 

Braga, Sarah: 81, 109, 121 

Bristol, Elizabeth: 81 

Brown, Danielle: 82, 111 

Bryant, Melissa: 82 

Buchanan, Bruce: 82 

Doire, Timothy: 83, 109 

Duczakowski, A.: 83, 106, 109, 121, 137, 146 

Dumont, Jennifer: 83, 109, 137 

Dumbar, Rebecca: 83, 109, 131 

Dunfey, Christopher: 83, 112, 113, 118, 119, 127 

Eppley, Brian: 83, 117 

Foster, Gregory: 68, 69, 80, 83, 112, 119, 127, 


Gallimore, Melissa: 69, 83, 106, 117 
Gamble, Michael: 83 
Garrity, Christopher: 84, 127 
Giovanoni, Nancy: 84, 137, 146 
Grote, Alison: 69, 84, 114, 115, 137 
Guay, Kenneth: 66, 71, 84 
Gugliotta, John: 84, 109, 119 


Hagerty, Michael: 84, 119, 137 
Hanssen, Lorraine: 84, 106, 117 
Holmes, Timothy: 84, 109, 135 
Hunsaker, Bradley: 84, 109, 127 

Lawrence, J.: 84, 119 
Lennihan, Michelle: 85, 150 
Levesque, Lorena: 74, 75, 85 
Lizotte, Jeffrey: 85, 109, 119, 137 
Longabard, Anthony: 85, 109, 119, 137 


MacDonald, Bonnie: 80, 85, 111, 134, 137 
MacEachern, Darin: 85, 165 
Mohoney, Darren: 85, 117, 160 
Malcolmson, James: 85, 119 
Manchester, Jebecka: 85, 106 
Marino, Jason: 85, 127 
McCarthy, Barri: 85, 111, 137 
McCasland, Kevin: 85, 117 
McDevitt, Brian: 85, 127 
McLellan, Noel: 85, 127 
Menyo, Maria: 85, 146 
Monahan, Brendan: 85, 112, 113, 117 
MorganeUi, Jason: 68, 80, 85, 119 
Moore, Alison: 85, 121, 165 


Natoli, Joseph: 69, 85, 160 
Norian, Helena: 85 


Oliva, Michael: 85 
Olson, Brian: 86, 151, 157 
Ouimet, Maurice: 86, 137 

Stafford, Kerri: 87, 106, 115, 160 
Sundberg, Sharon: 87, 148 

Taylor, Danielle: 75, 87, 111 

Thomas, Brian: 69, 87, 112, 113, 117, 127, 129, 

146, 160 
Tibbetts, Matthew: 87, 118, 119, 160 
Turner, Erin: 68, 69, 80, 87, 115, 160 


Vick, Shadwrick: 87, 119, 127 
Vonhausen, Kursten: 87, 106 


Wason, Brian: 17, 87 
Weaver, Michelle: 87, 111, 117 
Whitbread, Helen: 87, 115, 137 
Wolloff, Gabriel: 87, 149, 150 

Zassenhaus, Michelle: 75, 87, 106, 107, 117, 146 



tanelli, Gerard: 82 

Carew, Christopher: 82. 129 

Carlson, Julie: 82 

Carroll, Amy: 82, 150 

Casiano, Christina: 82, 106 

Clark, Stefani: 82, 111, 114, 137 

Clarke, Stacy: 82. 1 15 

Cleveland, C: 82, 119 

Conklin, Christopher: 75, 82, 106, 107 

Conley, John: 82. 119, 160 

Conlin, Steven: 82, 106 

Conell, James: 82, 106, 137 

Copeland, Richard: 82, 150 

Crista, Brandie: 82. Ill 


Daley, Darren: 82, 119, 135 

Dearden, Sean: 82. 137 

Desilets, Stephen: 82. 146 

Destefano, Joseph: 82, 119. 129 

Devereaux, Marc: 82. 119, 134, 135, 160 

Dewitt, Brian: 82 

Doane, Michelle: 83, 109, 137. 205 


Arsenault, Jesine: 89, 115 

Inman, Stephanie: 84, 131 

Johnson, Kristin: 84, 141, 149, 150 
Johnson, Leah: 84, 106 


Kudirka, Vicki: 4, 84, 109, 131 

Lamothe, Carolyn: 84, 115, 137 
LanglaLs, Eugene: 84, 127 

Parastatides, S.: 86, 157 

Patterson, Robert: 86, 117 

Phelan, Thomas: 75, 86 

Picanso, Matthew: 86, 157 

Pisani, Dana: 86, 106, 118, 119, 128, 129 

Pollock, Sean: 86, 151 

Power, Michelle: 86, 146 

Pyne, Charles: 86, 119 


Race, Alex: 86, 137 

Richardson, Jason: 68, 86, 117, 135 

Robitaille, Carl: 86, 127 

Schaier, Kimberly: 86. 109. 131 
Shepardson, Brice: 86, 119 
Sorrento, Frank: 87, 109, 119, 137 


Baker, Tracy: 89 
Bautz, Donald: 89, 119, 127, 129 
Bencivenga, Tina: 89, 109, 125 
Bergman, Richard: 89 
Berman, Michelle: 89 
Bigelow, Michelle: 89 
Birkbeck, Matthew: 89 
Bolinger, Zachary: 89. 1 19 
Boni, Andrea: 89, 111, 121, 125 
Bozza, Albert: 89 
Brady, Leah: 89 
Brady, Marc: 89, 119. 137 
Branstrom, Kurt: 89 
Bremilst, Karyn: 89 

Buchanan, Martha: 89, 91, 111. 125. 146. 149. 


Index 207 

Cacciapaglia, Luke: 89 

Cahill, Olivia: 89, 115, 125 

Caiazza, Jennine: 69, 89, 109, 151, 172 

Callaway, Christopher: 89 

Cameron, Jeremy: 89, 119, 127, 179 

Canelli, Jill: 89, 117, 125, 157 

Carey, Joseph: 89 

Carlson, Kirsten: 68, 89 

Carter, Colleen: 69, 89, 109, 137 

Castelo, Christine: 89, 111 

Chandler, Kerri: 89, 117, 125 

Chong, Won Pyo: 89 

Clinton, Tami: 74, 75, 89, 109, 115, 172 

Clutterbuck, Todd: 89 

Coburn, Richard: 89, 119 

Cook, Katie: 89, 113 

Cook, Patrick: 89 

Crocker, Keri: 6, 90, 179 

Crowley, Michael: 90, 131 

Curty, Mary: 90, 108, 109, 121 


Darling, PhUip: 90, 127 

Davis, Ann-Marie: 90 

Deberry, Lisa: 90 

Dei, Justin: 90 

Devereaux, Leigh: 90, 132, 133 

Dicarlo, Michele: 90 

Didomenico, Melana: 90, 151, 150 

Digris, Dianne: 90 

Dillon, Sean: 90 

Dimartino, Christine: 90, 151 

Doane, Jeffrey: 90, 109, 119, 126, 127 

Doherty, Patrick: 90 

Downhill, Lucas: 90 

Dynan, Jeffrey: 90, 119, 127 

Elliott, Alexander: 90, 119 
Ellis, Melody: 90, 125 


Hankey, Andrea: 91 

Hanson, Melissa: 91 

Harcovitz, John: 91 

Harris, Rachel: 91, 109, 114, 115, 137 

Hasenfus, Kristin: 91, 109, 117, 125, 176 

Hatch, Dena: 91 

Healey, Julie: 91 

Healy, Seth: 91 

Heinselmeyer, Jason: 91 

Hennessey, Melissa: 91 

Hoffenberg, Jason: 91 

Holbrook, Todd: 91 

Holster, Keith: 91, 176 

Hosteller, Alicia: 91, 150 

Houle, Stacie: 91 

Howard, Maura: 91 

Huneryager, David: 91, 137 

Hunter, Deirdre: 91, 125 

Hurder, Craig: 75, 91 

Jocab, Tracy: 91 
Johnson, Reuben: 92, 146 
Jones, Amy: 74, 75, 92 
Jones, Michael: 91 


Keays, Brian: 92 

Keene, Matthew: 92, 113, 127 

Kehrmeyer, Kevin: 92, 119 

Kenyon, Keith: 6, 92, 108, 121, 136, 137 

Kile, Kristen: 92 

Kleimola, James: 92 

Knight, Christopher: 92, 129 

Krajewski, Patricia: 92, 111, 117, 137 

Kreis, Richard: 94, 119 

Mullen, Margaret: 6, 106 
Murphy, Kerry: 155 


Nagle, James: 179 

Page, Jeanne: 106, 150 

Palos, Kathryn: 111, 125, 176 

Parastatides, Ricki: 94 

Pearson, Clay: 94, 122, 129 

Peckham, Eugene: 70, 94, 126, 127 

Peterson, Eric: 94, 107 

Petrie, Natasha: 94 

Pfuhl, Tammy: 94 

Pike, Tammy: 94 

Plumer, Patricia: 94 

Polechronis, John: 94 

Poletto, Joseph: 94 

Pond, Jeffrey: 94 

Powers, Shawn: 94, 119 


Richard, Christian: 94, 119 
Richardson, Cheri: 94 
Rinaldi, Steven: 94 
Robinson, Craig: 94 
Robinson, Mathew: 94 
Robinson, Michelle: 94 
Rockenstein, John: 94, 127 
Roderick, Jessica: 70, 94 
Rogers, Mark: 94, 119, 129 
Ross, Jennifer: 94 
Ruf, Collette: 94 
Rumley, Bob: 94 

Todd, Ryan: 95,-106, 107, 116, 117 
Turner, Tricia: 95 


Udden, Christina: 95, 150 


Verduchi, Cal: 95 
Vinson, Danielle: 95 
ViteUi, Diego: 95, 106 


Wachtel, Derek: 95 
Weir, Patrick: 95, 119 
White, John: 95 
Wiklund, Karin: 95, 150 
Willey, Nicole: 95, 109, 115 
Williams, Jessica: 95, 115 
Wolloff, Kate: 95, 148, 151 
Wright, Michele: 95 

Zollo, Renee: 95 



Finley, Jason: 90 
Finley, Justin: 90, 119 
Flatley, Kathleen: 90, 114, 137 
Fluckiger, Marcy: 90 
Fumarola, Theresa: 90 


Gagne, Renee: 90, 114, 115 
Galindo, Matthew: 90 
Gallerani, Brian: 90 
Garcia, David: 90, 129 
Gately, Shannon: 91 
Gentile, Lee: 91 
Gould, Rita: 91 
Grady, Ann: 69, 91 
Grant, Deri: 91 
Griffin, Michael: 91, 117 
Griswold, Patricia: 91 
Gugliotta, Kimberly: 91 


Labonte, Christina: 92, 109, 121 

Lambley, Adiesorn: 92 

Lasascus, Sarah: 68 

Lazzara, Neva: 68, 69, 92 

Lehan, Amy: 92 

Lester, Colleen: 92 

Levesque, Amy: 6, 92, 111, 146 

Lewicki, Michael: 92, 123, 129 

Lisauskas, Sarah: 92, 115, 137 

Long, Jenifer: 92 

Lovely, Jeremy: 92, 129, 148, 150 


Mohoney, Lisa: 92 
Malagrida, Christine: 92, 111, 125 
Marcin, Miaki: 70, 92 
Marchionni, Brian: 92, 148, 150 
McCormick, Brian: 93, 137 
McKeon, Christopher: 119 
Morris, Johnathan: 137, 148, 150 

Schold, Ross: 94 

Schweitzer, Jeffrey: 94, 119, 137 

Shepherd, Justin: 94, 1 19 

Simmons, John: 94, 129 

Singersen, William: 95 

Slamin, Jessica: 95 

Slobogan, Matthew: 68, 95, 129, 146, 148, 150 

Soloway, Laura: 95, 150 

Spoor, Paul: 95 

Stanfiekl, Julie: 95, 111 

Strom, Christina: 95, 109, 115 

Studley, Matthew: 95 

Sumner, Jason: 95 

Tasker, Lori: 95, 109, 133 
Teixeira, Michelle: 95, 148, 150 
Thomas, Brooke: 95 
TU1, Chris: 95 

Aldridge, Brian: 97 
Alsworth, Todd: 97, 137 
Aniserowicz, Tracy: 97 
Antonellis, Elaine: 97 
AntoneUis, Michael: 71, 97, 119 
Antonitis, Kevin: 97 
Archambault, Michele: 97 


Barry, Elizabeth: 97, 115, 137 
Barry, Kristin: 97 
Bartle, Harry: 97 
Bassett, Stacey: 97 
Bautz, Elizabeth: 97 
Beebe, Alison: 97, 125 
Benes, Lucian: 97, 137 
Bergstrom, Amy: 96, 97, 133 
Berman, Jonathan: 97, 150 
Berteletti, Kara: 5, 97 
Bogardus, Evan: 97 
Bolinger, Megan: 97 
Boomer, Dorian: 97 
Boone, Wendy: 5, 97 
Borne, Paul: 97, 119, 127 
Boughner, Christel: 97 




Like the sampling of humanity that we are, each member of the class of 1991 is a unique personality... each different, 
each created for a singular purpose. Hardworking, outgoing and striving to lead happy, healthy lives, we have created for 
ourselves a community of friendship during our four years at King Philip Regional High School. 

As a class, we have been remarkable for successful responses to challenges. May we always recognize challenges as golden 
opportunities as our lives unfold. 

What we, members of the class of 1991, should most be proud of, however, is our compassion. 

Let us ever be sensitive to our friends, to all people, to the earth itself, fellow classmates. May the world forever say we 
are beautiful people. 

Graphic Arts Class of 1991 

We would like to thank the following companies for their time, effort, and support: Superior Printing Ink Co. Inc., Lindenmeyr 
Munroe Paper Co., CAT Publication Inc., Zimmer Dean Forest Graphic Arts Supplies, Pioneer-Roberts Paper Co., Jay Prin- 
ting & Lithographing Co. Inc., TBJ Graphic Arts Supply Inc., Milford Daily News, Jostens School Products Group,and Louise 
Lind Free- Lance Writer. 


King Philip, victim of the English colonists' lust for land, was once sachem of the Wampanoag Indians 
and chief of all the lesser sachems from Cape Cod to Narragansett Bay. May the name of our school 
remind us always to treat men and women with justice and respect so there will be no such tragic figures 
in the future. 


i Kevin: 97 
I, Kevin: 97 
rfohn: 97, 127 
nbach, C: 97 
Jessica: 97 
Kimberly: 97 
Heather: 97. 137 
, Linda: 97, 125 

a, Jeffrey: 98 
i Steven: 98 
( Christine: 98 
titer, James: 98 
,1, Vanessa: 98 
[ Lisa: 98 
,., Amanda: 98 
.;, Thomas: 98 
y, Amy: 98, 115. 125 
inline. Karen: 96. 98. 131 
and, Nancy: 98 
tt. Jessica: 98 
111, Jeffrey: 98. 119 
>:y, Cory: 98. 119 
I Eugene: 98 
, Patrick: 98 
faro. Aaron: 98 


i, Jaqueline: 98 
len, Eric: 98 
ae, Tina: 98 
ird, Christina: 98 
anty, Jill: 98 
tamps, Diana: 98 
rdins, Gregg: 98 
eaux, Erik: 98. 119 
lio, Lisa: 98 
hue, Michael: 99 
e, Brian: 99, 119. 127 
-ne, Emily: 99 
roody, Deirdre: 99 

ti, Michael: 99 
k, Jackline: 99 
dahl, Jenna: 99 

Gilbert, Michael: 99. 127 
Graham, Melissa: 99 
Grazado, Mark: 99. 148. 150 
Grecho, Lisa: 99. 125 
Greene, Sean: 99. 148. 150 


Hall, Kristin: 99 

Hall, Melanie: 99. 115. 125 

Hedtler, Jennifer: 99 

Hegarty, Sean: 99, 121 

Hennessey, Vanessa: 99 

Herlin, Kevin: 99 

Hildreth, Daniel: 99 

Howard, Melissa: 100, 125, 149, 150 

Hunsaker, Whitney: 100 

Hunter, Michelle: 100. 150 

Hurder, Elisa: 71, 100 

Hurney, Erin: 100. 115, 137 


Ip poll to, Tracy: 100 

Johnson, Courtney: 100 
Johnson, Matthew: 100 
Johnson, Nicole: 100 
Johnson, Rachel: 100 
Johnston, Jessica: 100 
Johnston, Kristen: 98, 100 
Jordan, Melissa: 100 
Joyce, Bethany: 100 


Kearns, Ken: 100 
KeUey, Jeremy: 100 
Kerr, Melissa: 100 
Kerr, Rebecca: 100 
Kettell, John: 100, 119, 127 
Ki linear, Megan: 100, 150 
Kleszik, Ann: 96, 100 
Kleimola, Julie: 100 
Konowitz, Aimee: 100 
Kress, James: 100 

Lizotte, Nicole: 101 
Luke, Stephanie: 101. 133 
Lukens, Jeffrey: 101 


MacDonald, Bradley: 101, 114, 115 

Mat; ill, Sara: 101, 176 

Majewski, Joanna: 101 

May, Aaron: 101 

McCann, Paul: 101 

McCullough, Amice: 101 

McLean, Leah: 101, 130, 131 

Megna, Mary: 101, 125 

M-chalowski, J.: 101 

Montgomery, Benjamin: 101, 149, 150 

Moretti, Laura: 101, 115 

Morris, Jayme: 101 

Mueller, Joy: 95, 101, 149, 150 


Neske, Daniel: 101, 121 
Newton, James: 101, 119, 127 
Nicodemus, Wendy: 101, 137, 150 


O'Brien, Chad: 102, 127 
Oakes, Gary: 102 
Oles, John: 102, 121, 137 
Oliva, Lisa: 102 

Pandey, Rajesh: 102, 137, 142, 152 

Pantazi, Nicholas: 102 

Parsons, Nancy: 102 

Patel, Ankur: 102, 127 

Paul, Eric: 102 

Pavao, Scott: 102 

Payne, Tamara: 96, 102, 133 

Peavey, Michael: 102, 119 

Pechavar, Dennis: 102 

Pennini, Joseph: 102, 1 19, 129 

Peters, Edward: 102 

Poletto, Christina: 102, 121 

Poletto, Michael: 102 

Pope, Alsion: 102, 148, 150 

Powers, Elizabeth: 102, 176 

Sacramona, Alexis: 102. 115 

Salamone, Joseph: 102. 119 

Salvesen, Edward: 103 

Savage, Megan: 103 

Schmidt, Mads: 103 

Shearer, Jessica: 103. 148. 150. 151, 157 

Smith, Kathryn: 103 

Sundberg, Erika: 103 

Swenson, Elke: 103 

Thomas, Nicole: 103, 137 
Toubeau, Coryn: 103, 125 
Turnbull, Brian: 103 


Vick, Felecianna: 103 
Vincent, Robert: 103, 119, 127 
Vinson, Danielle: 103 
Vito, Anthony: 103, 119. 127 
Volz, Kerri: 103, 115 
Vrysen, Christopher: 103 


Wagstaff, Maureen: 103 

Ward, Jarrod: 103 

Wessinger, Alison: 103, 115 

Ward, John: 103 

White, Alison: 103 

White, Cammy: 103 

Willey, Stephen: 66, 103, 119. 127 

Wilmot, Jason: 103 

Wirtz, Jeffrey: 103, 127 

Zahner, John: 103 
Zundell, Christina: 103 

Nicole: 99 
erty, Sean: 99, 119 
:tt, Christopher: 99 
est, Tara: 99. 115 
er. Amy: 131 
icis, Michelle: 99 


rgio. Russell: 99 
son. Bryan: 99, 137 

Labagh, Eric: 100. 137 

I, ai nurse, Christine: 100 

Lacy, Shannon: 100 

Land, Jennifer: 101 

I, ark in. Michele: 101 

Lawn, Amanda: 101 

Lefebvre, Eric: 101. 119, 121, 127 

Lemay, Ian: 101 

Lennihan, Jeannine: 100, 146, 150 

landmark. Tyler: 101 


Roach, Ellen: 102, 115 
Roche, Carrie: 102 
Rollins, Clifford: 102 
Rousseau, Brian: 102 
Rousseau, David: 102 
Rowe, Bradford: 102 







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